Teacher Xiaolai often compares the operating system of a computer to our brain. He once mentioned a very interesting computer term:

The abbreviation is "GIGO" and the full sentence is "Garbage In, Garbage Out."

which is,The input is garbage, and the output can only be garbage, no matter how hard and efficient the entire processing process is.

This term actually illustrates a very critical issue, for everyone, this may be the most important issue in life:

How to control the quality of your input?

Just as the root cause of many people's inability to speak is that they have not learned to listen at all, the root cause of the poor decision-making quality of many people is that they have never really learned to examine the quality of their daily input.

Although it is difficult to accept, the fact is: most people live in a very poor information environment every day-just as most people eat junk food every day, and the nutrition is simply substandard.

Just as our body needs nutrition, the nutrition for the brain is also important. We need to have a balanced intake of knowledge and nutrition in a way to abandon low-quality sources of information.

The problem of a person's information flow is most directly reflected in a person's money flow.The problem of parental information flow is directly the ceiling of the next generation.

Decision-making on information is actually two issues:

First, the quality of input, that is, the source of information and knowledge.
Second, the input gesture is the processing power of our brain.

"Is my XXX information source the highest quality in this field? How can I have a better judgment on XXX? Where do I spend my time every day?"

These need to be asked repeatedly.

The so-called "1% high input quality", but so.

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Information rich and economic rich

Is a positive relationship

In the past three years, I have been hoping to use classic media and communication theories to explain to you the problem of input quality affecting decision-making quality, but now I have found a particularly good example: money.

Using money as an example, everyone will feel the pain and learn some seemingly boring but profound essence.

In the field of communication, the "digital divide" is a special concept, which shows that in the era of information explosion, the way we obtain information has become much more convenient and cheap, but the Matthew effect caused by the channels and postures of content consumption is still ineffective. avoid.

Data show that information rich and poor is positively related to economic rich and poor, and it gradually affects the quality of life of many people.

This is what Teacher Xiaolai said"Attention is a person's most precious wealth"the meaning of.

I mentioned many times in the "New York Times" survey of the "new digital gap between rich and poor": on average, teenagers from low-income families spend about 8 hours and 7 minutes on the "screen", while their peers from higher-income families are about It only took 5 hours and 42 minutes.

In the era of information explosion, most people’s time is unknowingly spent on entertaining games that can’t be remembered after watching them, but ignore themThe key points of the Internet's investment in our attention:

We can fully invest our attention in places where 1% of the people invest.
Learn 1% of input sources.
Imitate 1% of input gestures.

Where your attention is invested, what kind of person you will become.It determines how your daily time and energy are arranged, and how your wealth is accumulated.

The compound interest curve of wealth is based on the compound interest curve accumulated by our attention.

The miracle of compound interest, the difference is 5% a year, and the accumulation over decades is astonishing as a snowball. It's just that you are standing at the above inflection point, and it is generally difficult to see the curve behind because you are busy dealing with it.

I went to Oxford University at the end of last month and met an Oxford professor of communication studies. I was deeply moved.

He mentioned in the latest media research,Although the media systems of various countries around the world are different, it seems that class consolidation has never been eased by technological progress, but has become more extreme.

This is why I keep saying:

A person's media literacy is very important.

Because it can help you see a lot of things, because it can essentially help a person judge what is most important and what is more important.

On the way back to London, I thought, I must write something and do something this year, or at least explain the truth to my readers.

I thought for a while, simply making all my usual attention to all kinds of information internal references public, it should solve some problems, after all, it has helped the team and the people around me.

But this does not solve the fundamental problem.

Isn't this the form of traditional education? The teacher said, the students listened, did not listen to it, don't know.

Going home after class, all the attention is still occupied by the explosion of games, social and entertainment media.

Just as no one can stare at another person and eat well three times a day for the rest of his life, only one party is actively inputting and outputting while the other party passively accepts it, which does not conform to a healthy form of communication.

Receiving information passively is the definition of the most negative audience status in communication studies.

Some students read the previous article on how to acquire more voice through communication and asked me how to express myself to attract attention, including at work and online.

But before you learn to run, learn to walk.Need to lay the foundation on the input first, which determines the quality of the output.

Some classmates read my recent articles about bankruptcy, and left me a long message in the background, saying that he still owed more than XNUMX foreign debts for doing business and was working hard to pay off the debts recently, hoping to sign up for classes.

Can you tell these classmates that they don't work hard?

The fundamental reason is that when they made a certain decision based on certain information, there was a complete problem, but they felt that they were right.

Everyone has worked hard enough, but the latitude to solve the problem is too single.

So how do you start to really solve your current problems?

The first step is actually very simple:

Stop typing garbage.

Just as your body will gradually return to health, your brain will gradually return to wakefulness.

If there is a problem, don't hurry up.

Brainwash first.

Lose relationships, lose things

Protect one's attention

In order to discover the problems of students (that is, users), I have taken many classes on the front line myself as a customer service.

It turns out that students who study English, finance, programming or blockchain will exclaim in exclamation:

"Teacher, I have no time!"

Every time a student asks something like this, I will remember that the teacher Xiaolai wrote "Take Time as a Friend", which was also to solve the student's problem about time. It was angry and funny.

It's just that the students I meet now are not just college students who are looking for a job.
There are also professionals from all walks of life who hope to influence the next generation of parents, graduate students who are rethinking their directions, and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises who have graduated for many years. They indeed have reasons to say they are busy.

My answer to this question is:

It's not that you don't have time, but your attention is wasted.

Attention needs to be cut off before your brain has time and space to invest in other things.

Just like your house is full, this year's Double Eleven is still buying. You can use the time to read a book just by disassembling the courier and organizing it.

Every girl who loves beauty knows how painful it is to organize clothes during the season.

The explosion of personal belongings and information can have a terrible psychological impact on a person, change our subconscious mind, and ultimately make us feel that our lives have been out of control.

Here I will focus on two aspects of distracting attention. If you start trying before 2020, I believe you will spare yourself a lot of time:

Many people encountered in life are actually not important. A lot of things and information around you can be lost.

Let me talk about things first:

Most people's homes are in an explosive state, and the delivery force on Double Eleven is still on the way.

There are less than 2020 days left in 60, and today you can start to lose things:

You can throw away things that you haven't touched in the past three years or give them away.

You will suddenly find that the space at home can be directly at least 30% larger, and people will feel much more comfortable after returning home.

Most people’s mobile phones and computers are also in a state of explosion. They are constantly buying books and classes. They are "extremely busy". When opening the glory of the king, they feel that they have time to make a couple of games.

The Internet itself exploded, butEach of us makes more noise than high-quality information every day, and is often caused by ourselves.

You can delete the data you haven't touched in the past three years or the apps you haven't touched in the past three months or find a cloud disk to save it. Don't expect "I may want to see it soon".

Starting today, at least fix your so-called relaxation time within a certain time (can be used for cooking, eating, chatting, watching dramas, etc.); turn off the push of apps that can be turned off as much as possible, mute most group chats, and avoid attention Being interrupted constantly.

Try to improve the quality of your entertainment, and try to parallel the entertainment with another thing. For example, you can cook while watching an American TV show and finish eating by the way. You can centrally process WeChat messages when you are on the subway, and try to be as little interrupted by the conversations on WeChat as possible.

The world immediately became quiet.

Let’s talk about people who can be thrown away:

a lot of.

There are many people in your life that you don't need to contact anymore, especially those who have brought you a bad experience.

In view of the fact that everyone's situation is different, here is a general definition:

People with high communication costs.

It is a waste of life to communicate with people whose communication costs are high. In order to save their lives, people who can't talk don't have to talk, no matter what the relationship is.

People who choose to bully or leave you when you are at your lowest point can even be lost.

The subtle thing is that this kind of people are often cluttered, and they often come back to you. You can delete it with a smile.

You live your whole life, but you don't actually owe anyone.If you can figure this out, you will suddenly find a lot of time.

Many WeChat accounts do not need to reply, many parties do not need to go, and many people do not need to stay in the contacts. Don’t answer questions you don’t want to answer, and don’t laugh when you don’t want to.

A classmate asked me on Weibo before, but what if this person is my friend or relative?

think it yourself.

In fact, it is a matter of input-output ratio. Is it more painful for you to invest, or is it more painful to lose?

If you can't figure it out temporarily, you can keep it first. Time will tell you.

This process itself is a value thinking process:You finally start to think about what is most important to you? What kind of life do you want to live?

If there are such classes in school, we may all take less detours.

Ion Buravcenco, a learning consultant at Alpha College, is an attentional minimalist. The suggestions above are all from his help, which actually originated from a discussion we had last year.

I said it was great, you should write it down.

He has been a professional trader for many years, serving global financial institutions and exchanges, mainly dealing with money and algorithms. But he said that what made him learn to beat the market was mainly behavioral finance-first to pay attention to and understand people's irrationality.

Then I started to lose things and relationships, and a year later I felt very healthy.

In fact, we are not scarce at all, but we always feel that we are short of things, so we have been in the morbid state of hoarding, and we are struggling to deal with it.

Regarding the relationship, I understand, it is actually hard to lose. Because we all have reasons to let go.

But for the good old people who can't bear to face the real problem, the truth is this:

All good people are using little favors to please others to cover up real problems.

Ion also told me the classic lines in "Rick and Morty" before:

"Being nice is something stupid people do to hedge their bets. "

Almost meaning.

Over time, the personality of a good person will bring a "victim mentality" to the other person.

The result is that you have paid a lot, and the other party has become more and more only asking. Whenever there is a problem, you will ask "how can you do this to me", and both parties feel very hurt.

Then you will ask, what is a great favor?The big favor is to slap you, help you recognize the cruel truth of the world, hold your hand and become a better person together, and prevent you from being lazy.

In fact, you can survive and live well without any person or any item.

Take a moment to clear out the obstacles in your mind. Leave time for the really important people and things, and turn your attention to them.

You will find that happiness and control are slowly coming.

If you don’t break it, you can’t rebuild it.

Scientifically understand and observe oneself

Is the root cause of all problems

Let's look at the questions I mentioned at the beginning of the article, which we have to ask ourselves repeatedly:

Is my XXX information source the highest quality in this field?
How can I have a better judgment on XXX?
Where do I spend my time every day?

With these three questions, let’s give you an exampleThe three principles of my attention input are to see the larger world first and see myself in it at the same time:

  • First, keep an eye on the world

Choose long-term output, credible, and reputation-guaranteed media and research institutions as their source of information, and read the same event through Chinese and English comparisons, and stay sensitive to the world's political and economic trends, so as to avoid being blindly blind. Fighting for physical strength.

I mentioned it before the futurist Raymond KuzweilLaw of Accelerating ReturnsTo help everyone understand the accelerated development of mankind.


If Kurzweil and others’ thinking is correct, the world in 2030 may be able to shock us, and the world in 2050 will become completely unrecognizable.

In today's world, information technology and biotechnology are drastically changing our lives. You have to admit that many things are so complicated that they are completely beyond your understanding.

Most of us live in the field we know well, thinking that what we are familiar with is the whole world. But that is just a small piece of the world.

this worldNot only is it constantly challenging your ability to process information, not only your ability to perceive trends, but also your mental model—the way you perceive the world.

Therefore, we must not run with our eyes closed.

  • Second, stay focused on your area of ​​interest

It is really a field of interest, whether it is related to your current career or not, just go directly to the 1% of the people in this field and pay attention to their trends, works and choices. You are looking for global Chinese and English speakers.

Close attention does not mean that you must add a WeChat to meet up.The core is to actively input their input and actively think about their thinking.Li Ka-shing and Buffett both like to read the newspaper every morning. Wouldn't it be good for you to read it when you get up early to eat?

Many people often complain about the solidification of social injustice, but when it comes to attention investment, as long as you want to do it, it is very cost-effective and does not require anyone's approval.

Don't feel "too far away from me", the world is already flat.

So everyone found that I have been interested in media, communication and Internet research since I was a child. This year I finally went to Oxford to find a top professor to talk to?

But I also spent at least ten years studying, working, starting a business, failing, getting up again, and crossing some of the gaps in my heart.

I really want to meet JK Rowling, the author of "Harry Potter", but I need a suitable opportunity and I need to prepare myself.

  • Third, keep paying attention to yourself, this may be the most important

We directly input what Li Ka-shing and Buffett are reading every day, and it will not become Li Ka-shing and Buffett.

This is why it is difficult to invest in attention, because attention itself needs to be matched, and everyone’s background cannot be replicated, and their own circumstances vary greatly.

Emphasis on communicationOnly by matching the content and the audience channels can the content flow, otherwise the content will not generate any value.

Any standard, opinion, information, or evidence may be very useful for one person, but for another person it may be input garbage.

It's like a person who obviously has a brain problem, but has been looking for a sports rehabilitation expert to train his muscles.

If knowledge alone can have an effect, there will be waves of tulip fever and Ponzi schemes in the history of mankind, and people in various countries around the world will be quite similar on this point.

Even Teacher Newton himself lost 90% of his savings in the Nanhai company scam.

Wouldn't Newton be smart and use information? Why did you make a garbage decision?

Because we are all human beings, we will all stumble in front of human nature.

If we cannot understand ourselves more deeply, all efforts will be based on illusion.

What’s more frightening is that because the Internet has connected everyone to the Internet, because our technology has been extremely advanced, we understand human nature, and we are still maintaining intelligent learning. It is often difficult for us to escape the virtual reality created by technology and business. Reality).

In this reality, each of us has been staring at the screen, just like falling asleep, entertainment to death.

Need to mention one hereInformation CocoonsThe concept of the law was proposed by Keith Sunstein, a professor at Harvard Law School and President Obama’s legal adviser.

It refers to the phenomenon that people's information field will be habitually guided by their own interests, thus fettering their lives in a "cocoon house" like a silkworm cocoon.

The more developed the Internet, the more personal the communication system, which leads to the closure of our information. What we input makes us what kind of person.

If you want to break through the information cocoon, apart from the three basic principles I mentioned above, I suggest that you start learning behavioral finance.

Be sure to start. The sooner you start, the better. It helps the brain to wake up and helps us discover ourselves.

becauseScientific understanding and observation itself is the source of solving all problems.

Don't follow the bestsellers, don't follow the chicken soup, don't join in the fun, it is more reliable to follow the science.

Behavioral finance has repeatedly won the Nobel Prize in Economics in recent years because it explains the irrationality of human behavior in the financial market. It is an intersecting discipline of finance, psychology, behavior, and sociology, which is especially suitable for us to understand our own fundamental problems.

Only by realizing our irrationality can we make better decisions.Irrationality is human instinct and the hidden power that dominates human behavior and decision-making.

Understanding yourself can make the best decisions about health, wealth and happiness, which is the prerequisite for any attention investment you make.

In this way, you may escape the shackles of virtual reality created by technology and media.

What is the state of the process of jumping out?

I use a classic analogy of "The Matrix" that Ion often said to explain to you:

Just like Neo chooses to swallow the red pill, chooses to wake up and learn the truth.

The classic part in the movie is that Morpheus gives the protagonist Neo two pills:

Blue means "waking up from a dream, sinking into the illusory world, thinking that what I saw was just a fake dream"; red means "follow me and lead you to see the truth".

The meaning behind these two pills is that the red pill represents the truth, but at the same time it is unacceptable; the blue pill, after eating, you can forget everything and return to the illusion to continue to be satisfied.

In the movie, Neo chooses to swallow the red pill and begins a painful journey to find the truth.The real world is like a down the rabbit hole. The person who chooses to wake up keeps falling down, falling down.

Just like all the severance of attention, loss of relationship, loss of things, loss of addictive entertainment and games, they are all saying goodbye to myself in the past period of time.

For organic life forms, it means cutting off the damaged parts, and the feeling of spiritual isolation is often deeper, and ultimately it is the experience of the brain.

The whole process is very painful.

Someone in the movie woke up and would rather go to sleep again.

The typical paradox can almost reach the deepest part of human nature.Do you choose to be sober and cruel, or do you want to be confused and stable but actually lost your life?

Ion specifically discussed this issue in the Medium column. From the perspective of behavioral finance,The most difficult thing is to make sober choices for yourself continuously and actively:

We have the possibility to be better, but for that we have to take the hard decision of taking the red pill, making the process of active thinking a daily thing, find the contradictions that keep us from being better, and just being ready for changes that might be painful.

Once you start to rebuild your brain continuously and steadily, you will find that staying awake will become easier and easier. Just like going to the gym for a period of time, you will no longer feel that exercising is a tiring thing.

Ion also mentioned a famous dialogue by the horse male Pojekeri:

Isn't this subtle?

The way to make the cruel world easier is to work a little bit every day.

It's the same as the truth of growth.

The truth is,Growing up is painful. The greatest pain comes from a clear understanding of one's current situation and a real feeling of the distant goal.

We can only rely on accumulation and accumulation, patience and patience.

And we often underestimate our ability to adapt to this world.

In our dreams, we feel that the top of the mountain is on the other side of the real world. If we just walk down, we will be able to climb one day.

But we have to rely on ourselves to walk step by step and grow.

But you have to wake up first.

The pill is right in front of us. You decide which one to take.

What software do you spend the most time outside of work?

Author of this articleTotal sugar, Reproduced from WeChat public accountTotal sugar(id:clairetangmedia).High-quality information, codes, and assets are all high-quality media, and they are also the leverage behind the newly rich.Use them well and find your own Alpha.Media Matters.

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