Complementary or complementary to management?
To maintain, but also to "equal dialogue"
Speaking of Peng Lei, perhaps the most familiar aspect is that sturdy remark:
No matter what Ma Yun’s decision is,
I have only one task,
Help this decision become the most correct decision.
This makes Peng Lei almost a model of the "ideal partner" of the bosses, but in fact this is a "misreading".
At that time, the background of this sentence was actually--
2013Years1June, Jack Ma announced that5Retires from Alibaba GroupCEOLater, there was much speculation in the industry about who the successor was. At that time, the group’s chief human resources officer and AlipayCEOPeng Lei's voice is very loud. To this end, Peng Lei wrote a special article in response, in which he wrote: "Maybe it has really been decided. The whole world knows it. Anyway, I don't know. No matter who takes over the groupCEO, I have only one task to help this decision become the most correct decision. "
In other words, this is just an attitude that Peng Lei showed under special circumstances. In the daily "partnership" process with Jack Ma, Peng Lei emphasized that it is more "run-in", sometimes it is unconditional maintenance, and sometimes it is "equal dialogue."
such as,2017In XNUMX, Peng Lei confessed when he taught at Lakeside University--
"Frankly speaking, he (Ma Yun) has many unconstrained thoughts, we can digest some of them in the end, but there are still some of them after his insistence on three and five times. I may not fully agree with it, but I will still do it, and it will be true. Just do it."
On the contrary, in the course of "Alibaba’s Organizational View", it talked about right, or rightCEOManagement, Peng Lei also called, dare toCEOThe same dialogue is the ability to doCPO(Chief Talent Officer)’s first ability--
"sometimesCEOI don’t think when he needs to do something,Then needHRRemind him in a very wise way, even if you have the courage and courage, tell him that if you don't do this, I can't do it.
When you have the ability and courage to followCEOAfter this kind of dialogue, I think you can doHRThe first ability. If today you don’t have to followCEOThe ability of dialogue, in fact, it is difficult for you to make a match with him. "
So, here comes the problem,How to deal with the relationship with the "boss" in the workplace?Is it "obedient" or "disobedient"? Is it "auxiliary" or "zuo"?
There is a WeChat article "Peng Lei as a supplement to Lu Qi as a supplement", the author Lu Hongyan's analysis is very interesting, you can feel it:
"The auxiliary is to follow, and I will work harder in your direction. Zuo is the opposite, you go east, and I will tell you what is bad in the east and what is good in the west. I don't want to let You change your decision to go west, I just let you go more confidently and steadily after deciding the direction.
If you see the bottom line at a glance and make the right decision,'assistance' is very important. However, in a chaotic situation, it is easy to go the wrong way and change at any time, so the "sor" is very important. There is a word called'Wang Zuozhicai', but there is no one called'Wang Fuzhicai'. Jiang Ziya and Zhuge Liang turned the tide, Wang Zuo's talent. The remonstrative Wei Zheng, Wang Zuo's talent. To trust the gu's minister, it must be Wang Zuozhi.
The second-in-command in the real big Internet company, Zuobi Suke has a bigger composition.With Zuocai's top leader, it is easier to break the game. "
In other words, the workplace situation is complex and changeable, and whether it is supplementary or supplementary, specific issues must be analyzed in detail. It is important to recognize the different pros and cons of these two "situations" in order to be truly comfortable.



Figure 8 Talent View
Smart, pragmatic, optimistic, introspective
What kind of hardcore kung fu should be practiced when upgrading and fighting monsters in the workplace? The business environment is changing faster and faster. Is it good for frequent job-hopping?
Peng Lei, who has read countless people,2015In a speech at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in XNUMX, he suggested thatEither you don't choose. Once you choose, as long as the job is not uncomfortable, you can't bear it. You really have to wait for five years before making other decisions.
As for talent, Peng Lei’s definition is very simple, just8The words are smart, pragmatic, optimistic, and self-examined.
The following is her detailed exposition, which is very incisive, let's take a look:
There are two levels of smartness, one isIQLevel, one isEQLevel.The first level of intelligence, IQ (IQ). You have to have enough physical and mental power to use your professional knowledge to create value for customers. Without that diamond, you can't do porcelain work. If one asks three questions, and the thoughts are chaotic and incomprehensible, the one-inch-deep horizontal line can be seen through at a glance, this is not enough.The second level of intelligence, emotional intelligence (EQ). This is not about seeing the wind and observing your words and colors. Emotional intelligence is the process by which you can walk into the hearts of others and open your heart to let others walk into you.

We must have a radar that can perceive what is changing in this aura, be able to adjust my communication methods in real time, and be able to let others go in and out.A person with high emotional intelligence is open-hearted and has contacts. He will not reject people thousands of miles away. At the same time, he also knows how to connect with others in a suitable way.
When we first talked about Pishi, many people understood it as being able to withstand beatings, withstanding exercises, and making him suffer all the hardships. "Heaven will give you the power to take responsibility for the people in Sri Lanka, you must first work hard on your mind and your muscles", this is indeed a kind of skin.
But there is another one, which is about"To kill".
I never believe in generals that always win. When I look at the team, I prefer to choose the one that has really gone through a lot of setbacks (of course, you can't succeed at once, and that kind of thing is not good).If he has never failed, I would be very worried. You don't know how you killed the kind of kid.
Looking back, an antonym of "Pishi" is"glass heart".Sometimes there are such people in your team, and you are afraid to say things seriously, let alone make any adjustments to him. For example, if you think he is not reliable, if you want him to move, he can’t wait Just crying and wiping tears with you, this kind of thing will also be a headache.
Can Pishi always keep this patience, This is a life experience. No matter how others praise you or humiliate you, you know who you are in your heart, and you are very determined in your heart. Whether you are praising you or beating you, the external situation will not harm you, this is what Really skinny state.
3. Optimism
Optimism is very important. You can understand if you have a group of people around you since you were a kid. Anyway, when you say anything to him, it feels quite boring. Some people always see negative things. We are not talking about the ability not to think, some people sayLucy, Don’t you just need to sing hymns? not like this.
We have to be rational, but weWe must be rational and hopeful. We must be rational, objective, and wise. The most important thing for us is to be hopeful for the future.. If many people were so pessimistic, then Alibaba would have died seventeen or eight times.
When starting a business in XNUMX, Teacher Ma came back and said that we had rejected the XNUMXth venture capital investment in Silicon Valley. In fact, it was rejected by others for the XNUMXth time. Who can be so calm and optimistic, we We must always see difficulties, and we must always cherish inner hope.
The importance of an optimistic person and a pessimistic person on the value of the team is self-evident. why? Now some people, no matter what you tell him, he first lays out the difficulties and says that he can't do it. Our team now has such a person, and his opening remarks will always be: "Tsk..." I said as soon as I heard your mouth smash it, I knew the following "but" was coming.
It is very important to be open to curiosity and full of fun in life, otherwise you will decline before you get old.The most rare life state and state is that it will last forever. He will always have new things and is willing to see new opportunities.No matter how bad things are for others, he will think that we can break through here and there. I think this is the person who makes our entire organization and the entire business direction full of impetus.
But I also want to say that we admire optimistic people, and we must also be wary of whether we will avoid illnesses and doctors. Life is always both yin and yang. If we are only optimistic, we are particularly unhappy when someone says what kind of situation might be going on today. We feel that everyone is very happy today. Why do you say such a disappointment? Then over time, no one dared to tell you the truth.
So, what is the definition of optimism? After we fully understand the current situation objectively and rationally, we are still full of curiosity and optimism. This is the complete explanation for optimism, especially how to balance the two, it is especially wise and methodical, rather than just an advocacy.
4. Introspection
My day reflects my body. If you don't know how to introspect, if you don't repent, then you won't be saved. I will reflect on my life three times, even if it has nothing to do with me, how can I do better personally.This reflection is as precious as gold,It is also very valuable to our personal growth.
Some people never introspect, and others are always wrong. I am the most upright, the highest, and the most correct. In this case, you have actually built a dam to give you the voice from the outside and take yourselfBlocklive.
The ability of self-reflection means that you see any bad things around you, or when you feel frustrated, or when you have less chance or hope, including when you see bad surroundings. , First look at myself, what I can do, can I change something, can I change some situation.
If a person is very smart and optimistic, but lacks the ability to introspect, it will be catastrophic. He will always feel that he is right, always point to others and say that it is his problem, and never review himself. So when one of your fingers is pointing at someone else, you must point the end of your finger to yourself and find the reason from yourself.



The ultimate pursuit of HR
Manage people by touching the soul
In the industry, there are many headhunters who complain about it, and Ali’s people are the most difficult to dig. Behind this, Peng Lei contributed a lot.
She has been in charge of Alibaba's human resources department for more than ten years, and she has built Alibaba's unique organizational culture system. Some people even commented that in Ali, other executives are like "Saint Seiya" who is attacking the city, and Peng Lei is more like "Athena" who guards the holy city-she has a special power to gather people and care for the soul.
So, how does Peng Lei defineHRWhat about this profession?
Transforming AlipayCEONearly a year later,2010At the end of the year, Peng Lei gaveHRThe department gave a speech and stated his professional ideals——
"Hope to find aThe way to touch people's hearts, To promote the growth of employees and the growth of the team and organization, thereby driving the growth of the business, thereby creating value for more people and making more people’s lives better. "
"Art can touch people’s most fundamental desire for beauty, But does human resource management have anything to do with the desire for beauty, the enjoyment of music and even other arts? It may not seem to matter, but I especially hope and believe that we can create an atmosphere in the workplace: not only work together, but also live together, sharing the same spiritual realm. "
So, what should we do? Want to be a goodHR, What is the most important thing?
Peng Lei put forward an assessment at Lakeside UniversityHROfTwo "axes" : Core staff turnover rate and talent echelon construction——
"After so many yearsHRAt work, I never look at the number of recruits or how many people are recruited. This is the least technical indicator, because what kind of people may not explain how the company is, but what kind of people will definitely reflect the company’s organization. The problem.
I don’t like looking at the churn rate in general, butLook at the turnover rate of core employees, that is, the turnover of the employees with the best performance and most potential in one year. If these excellent people leave, it means that the company or the team has a big problem, there must be management problems or some deviations in the business direction, so this must be focused on.
At the same time, we will also watchThe turnover rate of new employees often reflects some of the problems in recruitment.There is a flash marriage in marriage, and the loss of new employees is called Shanli. He resigned within three months or six months of his arrival. This shows that there is a problem with the soil of the landing, and he did not give him good resources to support him and let him integrate well. The company environment, which also reflects some management problems of the team.
measureHRAnother quantitative indicator of work is the depth of the kanban bench (referring to the strength of the bench lineup or team members). This is a popular saying. Take Alibaba as an example. When doing a talent inventory every year, the president of each business must answer: How many successors will you have within a year? Who is inside the company, who is outside the company, and who is there in two, three years.
Many of you here are entrepreneurs, and many times the problem is actually related to the lack of breath of the team. When there are not enough substitutes, you will be particularly constrained by others, especially worry and anxiety because of the uncertainty of the candidates for some key positions.
When the company’s employment environment is “the waves behind the Yangtze River pushes the waves forward” instead of “the waves before the Yangtze River pushes the waves behind”,CEOIt will not be so anxious, and at the same time, this kind of talent team will form a benign competitive atmosphere within the company.
Alibaba’s assessment of all directors and above has an433'System, that is, the proportion of business-related indicators in the entire assessment40%; The percentage of team building is30%, Here refers to the stability of the team and the health of the talent echelon; the remaining30%It is whether he teaches by precepts and deeds, and how the team members evaluate him. "



Two invisible secret weapons
From university teachers to cross-border corporate administration, in charge of human resources, to transformation of business lines as AlipayCEO, To open up the Southeast Asian e-commerce market... It seems that every professional circuit change is smooth, but Peng Lei said in an interview with the "People's Daily" that he didn't seem to be particularly familiar with any circuit——
"For example, when I work as a manpower in Ali, I have never done it before. I have always learned by doing. I have never felt that my past experience is a kind of wealth or burden for me. When doing anything, I think the first thing I should pay attention to is you Who are the targets in this field and what their needs are, we must start thinking and proceeding from here."
And speaking of successful experience,Peng Lei even confessed her strengths, but in fact-she had no ambitions.such as2015In his speech at the "Global Conference of Women Entrepreneurs" in XNUMX, Peng Lei said -
"I think my entire development experience is actually two different things from the so-called success model. If the criteria for a successful person is that he has lofty ambitions and very clear goals, he also has very rigorous plans. , If there is a very powerful execution, then when I compare myself, I find that I am not right.
I have been in Alibaba for so many years, whether I have held meetings within the company or the staff meeting, the most frequently said sentence, I said, "Actually, I am a person with no ambitions", including joining this team that year. I joined the army with my husband, because my husband was in General Ma’s entrepreneurial team. I used to be a good university teacher. Because I wanted to marry a chicken and a dog and a dog, I resigned from school and joined Mr. Ma’s team. . "
So what is it that supports her all the way through? Still in this speech, Peng Lei sharedTwo invisible secret weapons-
"The first weapon is aInvisible ladder.
There is a song called "Invisible Wings". I said I don't have invisible wings, but I have invisible ladders.
What is this invisible ladder? I can use it to build a bridge at any time, to enter the current field, to enter the hearts of others, and when encountering difficulties, I imagine a ladder to help me, and when it’s a little too close, I can use it to help me Overcoming, whether it is practical obstacles or psychological difficulties, this ladder is always there.
What is the second function of this ladder? It feels very fluttering to me. When it is praised a lot, I can immediately go down this ladder.
There is a saying called climbing along the pole. I’m walking down the ladder. I’m a Virgo. One feature is that praise intolerance. I and minePRI told the team that what I am most uncomfortable with is that others treat you as a strong woman. At that time, I told myself what you are and what you are.
What is the second one? No matter how busy, no matter how stressful, you must have one in your heartThe garden of the soul.
What is this garden of the soul? It may be a book, it may be music, it may be a movie, it may be a trip, it may be the time you spend with your family, or it may be a Bapo drama...
What makes you the most relaxing, what can make you get along with yourself for a while, don't give up, find it. "

Final words:

To sum up, from the above combing, we will find that Peng Lei’s greatest characteristic isDeep understanding of people, Just as its successor, the chairman and chairman of Ant FinancialCEOAccording to Jing Xiandong, "She is very knowledgeable and good at employing people, and she is good at combining the mission, vision and organizational capabilities of the entire organization."
Jack Ma’s comments are more accurate, thinking that Peng Lei is really attractive, namelyCareHuman ability, this is the first element of outstanding leadership——
"She is really attractive, she did it with meHRCome out, we spent a lot of time (run-in).If it's true charm, it's usCare(Caring about) Others, despite quarrels and scolding, we stillCarethey.
I think when you goCareWhen you are human, you are attractive. When you care about things, when you only care about this matter and only about money, no one wants to do it with you.
I believe in oneGreat Leader(Excellent leaders) To manage tens of thousands of people, one must pay attention to people and things, and the core of people and things is to focus on the future, which we all think is better.Future(future)."
Alibaba18On her birthday, Peng Lei once wrote a post, and there is a very good saying——
"There must be something in your life worth burning for him. No matter how far away, the innocent and stubborn child in your heart has not lost his way, and does not give up the freedom to run with blood and tears. This is something to be proud of.
Pay tribute to all persistence that has nothing to do with fame and wealth.
Forever18Year-old salute. "