Some people’s work trip is a picture | teach you 3 steps to make a “travel blockbuster” that stunning your circle of friends

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
When you are traveling, you must also want to make a blockbuster film on the Internet.
Now, I take Uluru as an example to share how I took pictures of my friends while traveling.
It’s okay if you don’t come to Uluru, becauseMany photography techniques are common, this article is very suitable for you to save.
Before we start, let me talk about a concept in this article:
The approximate position of the height of the camera (take the person's height as a reference):
High camera(Head up and down),Middle position(Waist up and down),
Low camera(Up and down the knees),Ultra-low camera(At the ankle).
This article will take the following 3 photo spots as examples:
Uluru(Ayers Rock)
Kata Tjuta National Park(Kata-Tjuta)
Uluru's starry sky

Uluru (Ayers Rock), located in the center of the Australian mainland. It is the largest monolithic rock in the world, with a height of 335 meters, a length of 3 kilometers, and a circumference of about 9.4 kilometers. (Source: Baidu Encyclopedia)

Photo location(Red box position) :
▼Uluru Car Sunset Viewing Area
Photo time:Afternoon, sunset
Seat:Medium/high position
Props:Cars, hats, sunglasses, etc.
Photography skills:
▼Look into the distance (front and back)
▼Hand strokes hair, bowed head thoughtfully. Referred to as "headache"
▼Look at the big rocks (interact with scenic spots). Can be shot from different angles
▼Support the object with both hands (looking or not looking at the camera)
▼Sit cross-legged (looking or not looking at the camera)
1. You can shoot at noon, but only for boys. The top light makes the edges and corners of the face more distinct, pay attention to brighten the dark parts in the later stage;
At sunset, the light is soft, suitable for both men and women;
2. When sitting, keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed;
3. All postures, bend joints, avoid stiffness;
4. When looking into the distance, stare at an object, so that the eyes are more powerful;
5. Characterstry not toIt overlaps with key attractions, such as the following two are not good;
6. Pay attention to the camera position. For example, the picture below is suitable for "high camera position" rather than "medium camera position".
7. If you are traveling alone, you can mount the camera on a tripod, or place it on a tall object, and take time-lapse shooting.
8.Travel shots are mostly landscape portraits, where people blend in with the scenery.Pay more attention to the overall feeling of the picture and the artistic conception conveyed.
9. Because it is a landscape portrait, it is necessary to explain the travel environment, so there is no need to use too many large apertures to blur the background very much.
10. Mobile phone photography is enough, what you need more is the shooting ideas (then bookmark this article).

Photo location(Red box position) :
▼Mala Walk 
Photo time:2 hours before sunset
Props:Sunglasses, backpacks, etc.
Seat:Low camera position, shooting from inside the cave (arrow position)
Photography skills:
▼Walking capture

Photo location(Red box position) :
▼Kuniya Walk
Photo time:Within 3 hours after sunrise
Seat:Middle/low position
Props:Hats, backpacks, etc.
Photography skills:
▼Walking snapshot
Did not catch a good expression, type a code
Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta (Oga Stonehenge) means "many heads" in the aboriginal language. Unlike Uluru, it consists of 36 boulders and is located about 32 kilometers west of Uluru—— Approximately 55 kilometers (110 kilometers round trip). (Source: Baidu Encyclopedia)

Photo location(Red box position) :
▼Walpa Gorge
Photo time:3 hours after sunrise
Seat:Low camera
Props:Hats, mobile phones, messenger bags, etc.
Photography skills:
▼Look into the distance (standing or sitting)
▼Wild hike (look down at the road under your feet)
▼Interact with the scenery
1. This is very suitable for taking photos of "big scenery and small people" (the proportion of people in the screen is less than 1/2);
2. The size of the characters is different in the screen ratio, and the feeling is different. Compare it.

Photo location(Red box position) :
▼Valley of The Wind (Valley of The Wind)
(The prototype of Hayao Miyazaki's "Nausicaa" is taken from this)
Photo time:Within 3 hours after sunrise
Props:Backpack, hat, sunglasses, mobile phone, etc.
Seat:Shoot from bottom to top, shoot from top to bottom
Photography skills:
▼Wild Hike/Run
▼Shooting scenery
1. Sometimes the composition is slightly tilted, the picture is more impactful;
2. Frame ratio: three different ratios (3:2, 16:9, 21:9), which give people different psychological feelings. (In travel shooting, the wide format looks more atmospheric)
3. If the temperature exceeds 36℃, the walkway in the park will be closed;
4. Be sure to bring more water during the journey. There are drinking spots in the park, but they are far away;
5. There are so many flies in the Northern Territory, prepare a fly cap;
6. Pay attention to sun protection.

The starry sky of Uluru is known as one of the most beautiful in the world. Come here, don't miss the starry sky.
Photo location(Red box position) :
▼Yulara town, small hills in Tinka court staff area
(This is far from the center of the town, there is no artificial light interference. And the view is very wide, you can see the Ayers Rock.)
Photo time:Within 3 hours before sunrise
equipment:Camera, tripod
Photography skills:
shutter:10~25 seconds
aperture:According to the shooting content
ISO:1000 ~ 3200
Manual focus:Infinity
▼3 hours before sunrise
▼1 hours before sunrise
1. The camera cannot have any shaking;
2. Many cameras can be wirelessly connected to mobile phones, so you can remotely shoot with mobile phones. If not, set the camera to timer shooting;
3. Prepare your jacket. There is a big temperature difference between day and night in the desert, sometimes 20+℃;
4. Beware of wild animals;
5. The Imalung lookout of the small town is also suitable for shooting, but there will be slight light interference.
Final Thoughts

In fact, it is not difficult to take good photos while traveling. Simply put:
When taking pictures, interact with the scenery more,
Look at the camera, look into the distance,
Walking, running, sitting,
Shoot the front, shoot the back,
Take more shots, the photos will look more natural.
In addition to the above 3 attractions, Uluru also has"The Wilderness Light Show", Is also very suitable for taking pictures, interested friends can search for understanding on Google.
The above is all the content of this issue.If you have any questions or suggestions, just send me a private message in the background.
Photography / Author: Johnny
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