That's great! Melburnians will not go to work for 115 days next year! The most comprehensive counterfeit strategy of 2020 is here!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


Looking back at this year, many restaurants in my favorites have not had time to check in, many travel plans have been forced to shelve, and many things I want to do have not had time to plan.



In 2020, Melburnians will have 115 full days of vacation!

Your annual leave is not included yet!

One-third of the time every year without going to work! So happy too!


In the first month of 2020, we will have two holidays

1New Year's Day

Australia National Day on January 1

Pinyipin can have a small holiday of 12 days + 4 days!

The New Year holiday is really amazing!

If you fight with the previous Christmas holidays, you can even fight for a long holiday!

From 21st to January 1st, there are 1 days!!


With this holiday, all countries in the world have enough time to go there. Even going to Europe for the New Year is more than enough~

During Australia’s National Day, it also happens to be the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The 25-27th happens to be the first, second and third day of the new year

What a coincidence!


If you ask for leave on Friday the 25th, there will be a four-day holiday, so you can prepare a rich New Year’s Eve dinner~


Although there may not be a public holiday in February, there are

Lantern Festival

This year’s Lantern Festival happens to be on Saturday, February 2. You can invite family and friends to reunite and eat dumplings to guess lantern riddles~



Labor Day March 3

Go out and enjoy the last summer with your family and friends~~


In this month we have 5 public holidays! !

Good Friday, April 4
Easter from April 4th to April 11th

May 4 AC Day

The entire Easter holiday has 4 days!

复活节假期正好也是Small and medium秋假的开始,爸爸妈妈们是时候带上小朋友出门郊游了!

If mom and dad ask for leave on the 14, 15, 16, 17,Can get a 10-day long holiday!

It’s a good time to take children to the other side of the earth to enjoy the spring. It’s time to see cherry blossoms in Japan or to see rape blossoms in China.

This year'sAC Day就是在一个普通周六,就没办法跟复活节假期拼假了。

墨尔本的大应该非常开心了,Mid-term holiday followed by Easter holidayComing afterwards.


Most Melbourneans are "busy" in May, but there are no public holidays. You can only continue to work hard, and the days will come soon!


March又回来了,这个月有一个Long Weekend!

Queen's birthday on June 6

This day is not only a public holiday, but also a good time to buy and buy!


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