The highest temperature in 143 years!

The largest forest fire ever recorded!

Today, each data is shocking...

Friends who are still staying in Melbourne

I don’t know if it should be unfortunate or lucky


Have witnessed the moments in the annals of history

At this moment, the thermometer in Melbourne CBD has soared to 43 degrees!

From this morning to now

Just one morning

Temperature alreadySoaring 26 degrees!

From winter to summer

Melbourne only needs one morning...

40 degrees is already the limit that many people can bear. However, the hottest time in Melbourne has not yet come...

The temperature continues to soar

Peak at three or four in the afternoon

More than 45 degrees!

Highest temperature in 143 years

Friends in Melbourne, this is not your usual high temperature! What you are experiencing now is the hottest day in December in 143 years!

This afternoon

The maximum temperature of Melbourne CBD exceeded 45 degrees!

And the worst place in Victoria

The high temperature exceeded 47 degrees!

The body temperature has already exceeded 50 degrees!

Moreover, even if the sun goes down, this high temperature will still not abate!

Rush hour

A high temperature of 44 degrees can cause heat stroke!

And the high temperature of more than 40 degrees

Will continue until late tonight!

What does the highest temperature in 143 years mean?

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Victorian Emergency Center issue high temperature warnings and fire bans every 5 minutes!

The Victorian government issued an AMB alert: remind all parents not to leave their children in the car!

Because of this high temperature

The child can be smothered in a few minutes!

Victorian train issued a delay warning!Due to the extreme high temperature, the train slows down, and therefore, the train line will be delayed extensively!

Of course, the most terrible

It's a fire!

Ten years ago, when the tragic Black Saturday fire broke out, the highest temperature in Victoria was 46 degrees.

Today, this record was broken!

Now Gippsland in eastern Victoria has a raging fire! The fire is rapidly spreading around!

The entire burned area

Bigger than a Melbourne

The fire is taking advantage of the wind

Spread to the east!

Gale + extreme high temperature

Woods and haystacks around Melbourne

Burn at one point!

Firefighting volunteers across Victoria have Stand by!

Helicopters and fire trucks are all waiting seriously!


Seeing the thermometer in Melbourne keeps going up!

40!42! 43! 44...

Where is Melbourne

This is Turpan at all!

The air is heavily polluted

The high temperature is enough to suffocate people, and today Melbourne has suffered a second blow!

Right now

Melbourne has been shrouded in smoke!

From 11:XNUMX

The smoke and dust over Melbourne is getting thicker!

Right now

PM 2.5 broke the table!

Air pollution has become severely dangerous!

What is lip death and tooth cold

Melburnians really experienced it today!