If you have to use a picture
To prove that Australia is now
The Australian media announced the following:
Now throughout Australia,
All surrounded by fire
Such flames have burned this beautiful land!

And today,

Our topic is still wildfire

After the wildfire,

The worst scene in Australia!

NowadaysWas revealed...

This morning, a report came into view:
The last scene in Australia that I want to see,
It was revealed at this moment!
(The picture below may cause discomfort,
Read carefully)
On January 1, according to Australian media reports, an Australian man photographed the situation on the Australian highway:
The carcasses of countless animals are lined up on the roadside...
If it is not clearly known, this is the "act" of the wildfire
Maybe you thought it was"massacre".....
On both sides of a accustomed Australian highway, it is actually piled up
So many dead animals...
From kangaroos, koalas, cattle and sheep to birds...
We can no longer see where these hundreds of millions of corpses came from...

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(From Facebook)
Yes, humans have escaped,
And they are still here.
The photographer said:
"I'm sorry, but I must share these photos."
Maybe countless people are still paying attention to the future and direction of the fire...
But it should not be more concerned,
Behind this terrifying fire, these lives...
This is a young kangaroo,
Before he was alive, it tried to get out of the gaps in the fire net
However, at the beginning of 2020, it still failed to get out of this piece
The land where it grew up...
And where is its mother now?
How we hope to see this burnt kangaroo,
Not the mother of the little kangaroo above...
It's head tilted back before death,
How unwilling!
A lamb fell by the forest on the highway to Victoria,
It burned black spots all over,
May have entered the "dream" of looking forward to the future...
4 cows in the field,
There is no fire moving fast, so I can only lie there quietly in the end...
Their mouths are slightly open, as if they are shouting the injustice of fate!
They are a whole flock of birds,
Because of the fire, they have been unrecognizable
But the curled up body has told us: we tried our best.
This weak koala,
With a circular gesture, probably before his death,
It is also trying to hug the trunk that he thinks will never break for a lifetime...
In fact, in the forest covered by this fire,
There have been so many unrecognizable bodies...
And they all showed the same posture in unison:
look up,
Running limbs
Powerless and frightened eyes
This disaster,
It is a disaster for all living beings!
This too
"Silent Death"
How many creatures left because of the fire,
Isn't this worthy of human attention?!
In fact, the living are still lonely.
The above kookaburra, which belongs exclusively to Australia,
Staring at the burning sun in the distance,
Are you remembering your home? Still complaining about the fire?
Also standing next to the forest net,
A little koala tried hard to support himself and opened his eyes...
It wants to see the blue sky above it more!
And its companions,
Maybe it's still running between countless fires...
Across the pictures, you can hear their babbling shouts!
Little koala covered in blood,
Hiding in the blood-stained white bedding...
Until it got to a safe place, it still did not dare to put away its paws
It seemed to be afraid, "Will the fire come back to me?"
Facing the wildfire, the three giraffes can only watch silently,
Are they guessing that it’s too late to run...
In the wildfire circle like "Silent Hill",
A lonely lamb, lost his family and friends,
It can only go far away, wondering what is waiting for it in the future?
Facing these creatures, our firefighters...
Running through the wildfire
Holding a water gun is going to be angry
Even ordinary residents have joined the "rescue"
However, in the face of all this,
There is a set of data that everyone needs to know!
In Australia’s 300 million burned area, there are currently:
5200Ten thousand mammals

6200Million birds

3.89Billion reptiles

Lost in this fire!

Just the north coast of NSW
30%, about 8400 koalas
Died in a horrible fire
"Born to be human,
we are very sorry!"

Once the blue sky and clear water Australia,

It has become like this now.

The whole people are nervous!

How can this not be this country in the southern hemisphere

The scene most afraid of appearing?

In fact, the wildfire is not far from us...
Melbourne to Canberra

Chinese tourists snapped to a horror

Yesterday, on the Qantas flight from Melbourne to Canberra, the passengers experienced a terrible moment. It turned out that they passed over the wildfire.
A Chinese passenger posted this frightening experience on Facebook:
"The scariest flight I have ever experienced so far-
Today's flight from Melbourne to Canberra. We hit a storm formed by thick smoke. The outside of the window was originally orange, but suddenly it becameall Black, Followed by a violent bump..."
"We encountered a violent current,
I even jumped out of my seat! "
Source: Facebook
"We wandered around Canberra for a while, and the captain told us that we would even fly back to Melbourne if we couldn't land."
Scenes taken by passengers on the plane
Except for a golden color
See nothing
"I'm pretty sure that at that time, I really didn't want to stay in the plane for another hour. It was really crazy! We planned to land in Canberra around 6 o'clock. I am very grateful that I can get out of the plane. It was already 7:XNUMX. Everyone on the plane thanked the pilot very much."
Source: Twitter
Another passenger, Matt McIntyre, also posted on Twitter that the flight was within minutesThe moment the day turns to night.
Source: Stuff
McIntyre said in an ABC interview: "The scenery outside the window became grayer and whiter and suddenly turned black. At that time, the plane still felt a little falling."
McIntyre said that some people can no longer calm down. He heard a man cursing in front of him, and someone in the front row even started to vomit.
The pilot told the passengers that the clouds did not appear in the radar detection, and after being trapped by the clouds, they would do their best to navigate the aircraft.
Source: ABC
Thick smoke from the fire rose into the sky and formed a cumulus fire. In the definition of Wikipedia: Fire cumulus cloud is formed when air from the surface is heated to extremely high temperature.
High heat will cause atmospheric convection to raise the gas to stable areas, and these areas will have a certain humidity. …There is strong turbulence in the fire cumulus cloud, so strong gusts of wind will be generated on the surface, making the fire more intense. Huge fiery cumulus clouds, especially those formed during volcanic activity, are more likely to produce lightning.
Source: Twitter
On another flight from Melbourne to Sydney, passengers also photographed thick cumulus clouds.
She said that it felt like flying over an erupting volcano.
"This is extremely devastating, and the scale is unimaginable."
Source: Stuff
In the sky, the plane was so bumpy when passing through the cumulus cloud, and the condition on the ground was not very optimistic.
Australian magpie called out "fire engine sound"

The fire not only affected the natural environment, but animals also showed abnormal behavior.
For example, Australian magpies can already imitate the sound of the fire horns in NSW.
Source: The Guardian
As the bushfire crisis intensified, the sound of fire trucks whistling lingered in most parts of Australia. An Australian magpie was photographed by NSW netizens imitating the appearance of a fire truck horn.