2020 has just started,

Australia has ushered in the "closed store tide",

Many brands have closed stores one after another,

In just two weeks,

161 retail stores across Australia have closed,

There are even many international companies!

The sluggish economic situation has severely hit the retail industry, which also means that the new year has just begun.Many people will face unemployment...
Economic downturn, many companies closed stores

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I thought that the economic situation in 19 years was bad enough. Who would have thought that there will be so many companies that "cannot survive" in the beginning of 2020!

Tech giant Bose announces store closure

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Bose on 1964Established, and on 1993Opened the first store.
It isHome audio systems, noise-canceling headphones, professional audio products and car audio systemsFamous.
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And this shocking news was released the day before yesterday afternoon:
Its119 physical stores in North America, Europe, Japan and AustraliaWill be closed in the next few months.
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The exact number of Australian stores that will be closed is not yet known.
The company stated that it will provide "placement assistance and severance payments" to affected employees.
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The company largely blames this problem on"The shift to online shopping".
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This news also surprised netizens. After all, for things like headphones, it is necessary to go to a physical store to try the sound quality.


Jeanswest closes 146 stores

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On January 1th, Jeanswest officially announced that
All 146 Australian stores will be closed,
Has now entered the voluntary custody process.
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Jeanswest (Jeanswest) in 1972Opened the first store in Perth,
And in80 eraExpand to the east coast,
Followed by 1994Acquired by Hong Kong company Glorious Sun.
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The company employs 988 employees across Australia, including 40 stores in NSW, 32 stores in Victoria, 28 stores in Queensland and 23 stores in Western Australia.
All stores will be closed in the next few weeks.
Source: abc news
KPMG’s James Stewart said: “Like many other retailers, this business isSevere market environment and online competition pressureChallenges. "

EB Games closes 20 stores

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The boss of the gaming industry couldn't stand it either. On January 1th, the company sent an email to its EB World members about closing the store:
Closed 20 unprofitable EB Games stores in Australia.
Simultaneously,20%-60% discount on all products on clearance, Interested friends can pay attention to it.
Source: 9 news
However, their spokesperson said,We still have good news for everyone!
"In 2020, we will open some large stores and also cooperate with Zing Pop Culture.This will enable EB Games to continue to be one of Australia's largest specialty retailers. "
The stores affected by the closure have 6 stores in New South Wales, 5 in Queensland, 4 in Adelaide, 2 in Victoria, 2 in Western Australia, and Australia 1 home.
Source: 9 news
Specific closure list:
Source: 9 news

Clothing brand Bardot closes 58 stores

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Women's fashion retailer Bardot will close in the next two monthsIn most shops, 530 workers will be unemployed by then.
Source: abc news
Bardot will close 58 stores,Only 14 stores will remain open, Only in New South Wales and Victoria.
Source: abc news
KPMG executives stated that they are still pursuing the sale of surplus products, and closing the store is “a very difficult decision”.
The administrator has now confirmed thatDue to the closure of shops, 530 workers will lose their jobs.

Harris scarfe closes 21 stores

Source: smart company
Harris Scarfe will be in the next few weeksClosed 21 stores across Australia,
Deloitte Restructuring Services Vaughan StrawbridgeThat 440 people will face unemployment.
Source: smart company
"This is a difficult decision, but it is necessary to maintain the Harris Scarfe business and continue operations," Strawbridge said in a statement on Monday.
Source: smart company
"All employees who leave the company will receive full salary and entitlements after closing individual stores. "
Source: 7 news
The management said,44 stores remain in operation. The closed stores will also be cleared, and everyone can go to the store to pick up the leaks.

143-year-old wine merchant McWilliams

Enter the voluntary escrow program

On January 1, the audit team of KPMG (KPMG) stated that Australia’s McWilliams Wine Group has enteredVoluntary custody.
Changes in drinking trends in recent years have had a great impact on the company.
And the last straw that crushes the camel isThis deadly wildfire.
New South Wales, where the company’s vineyard is located, was affected by the fire.
But its chairman Jim Brayne said
"Many factors have contributed to the decline in business performance, including evolving structural market dynamics and capital constraints."
Experts say: this is just the beginning...

Source: daily mail
Experts warn that Bardot and Harris ScarfeIt was just the beginning of the collapse of well-known Australian brands,
Even Coles and Woolies will receive threats afterwards.
Experts say that Australia’s retail industry is declining.This is inseparable from Amazon and Aldi.
Source: daily mail
In the past year, household names such as Harris Scarfe, Bardot, Roger David and Napoleon Perdis,Dozens of shops are closed, and there is a lot of unemployment.
Source: daily mail
This may be just the tip of the iceberg, now,
Australia’s retail growth is
The worst level since the recession in the early 1990s.
Source: daily mail
The well-known entrepreneur Dick Smith believes that Australia’s sales industry prospects are very dire.
He told: "We will eventually be left with Amazon and Aldi, and basically all Australian companies will go bankrupt."
Source: daily mail
Some of them may only exist in name, but will be taken over by overseas companies. "
The change in consumption habits at this stage is undoubtedly a fatal blow to many traditional retail industries, and the wave of store closures in the first year will bring many people unemployment risks.
But at the same time, this is also a good "opportunity" for consumers. If you shop around, you may get a lot of good things at the price of cabbage!