Today, Australia confirmed the first case of new coronavirus infection,

Right in Melbourne!

A 50-year-old Chinese man, from Wuhan via Guangzhou, arrived in Melbourne at 1 am on January 19 to visit relatives, Wuhan to Guangzhou flight number CZ9, Guangzhou to Melbourne flight number CZ3706.

He had no symptoms on the plane at the time. This Thursday, he went to see the GP, but the diagnosis was not linked to the new type of pneumonia. Later, his symptoms worsened and his family sent him to the hospital yesterday. He is currently in Clayton. The Monash Hospital received isolation treatment.

However, the Victorian Department of Health told the public that there is no need to panic too much. The patient has been quarantined. He has been at home since he arrived in Melbourne, only contacting his family, but did not disclose which district they live in.

Every passenger on the man's flight will also be contacted urgently, and his family members are also being closely monitored.

At present, Victoria Airport will be closely monitored for passengers, and a public hotline about the new type of pneumonia will also be established.

"Australia has experience in combating influenza and SARs, and our system can handle such situations very well," the Victorian Minister of Health said.

There are currently 7 suspected cases in Australia, 5 of which are in NSW and 2 in Queensland.

Melbourne Microlife also continued to appeal:
So returning to Australia Chinese
Don’t conceal, don’t avoid doctors
Volunteer to stay at home for two weeks
All employers and schools please approve
The epidemic is brought under control as soon as possible
Is our greatest contribution to Wuhan


Of the 15197 close contacts tracked so far, 13967 are still under medical observation.

Australia issued a four-level warning overnight-the travel advice for Hubei Province, including Wuhan, is "no travel", and the new coronavirus is listed as having major epidemic potential and can strengthen border measures.

(Previously, a passenger at Sydney Airport was taken away, suspected of carrying the new coronavirus)

Now all flights departing from China will be checked by passengers when entering Australia, and information brochures in both Chinese and English will be issued.

Researchers at the University of Queensland are working day and day to develop a vaccine for the virus within six months.

Australia has already stockpiled millions of masks.