A tragedy happened at Kmart in Chatswood, Sydney.
A little Chinese girl in an accidentAlmost blind!
The girl's name is Cecilia and she is only 6 years old.
In an interview with Australian media, her mother restored the entire accident.
Last Wednesday, Cecilia was shopping in Kmart with her grandmother, and she was attracted by a pink T-shirt next to her. Cecilia stopped and reached for the dress. Because the position was not high, grandma looked at her from the side.
As a result, a tragedy happened!
Cecilia lost her balance for an instant and dropped her head on the metal hanger below.The protruding hook on the hanger (marked in the picture) instantly pierced her eye sockets, and blood ran!
The grandmother on the side was stunned by the scene in front of her, and she was at a loss for a while. Thanks to a passerby who called an ambulance, Cecilia was rushed to the hospital for treatment.
After admission, Cecilia accepted4 hoursSurgery.
Fortunately, her eyeball was not injured, only some muscles and nerves in the right eye socket were injured, causing damage to the lacrimal gland and tearing of the eyelid.
But doctors are not sure if this will cause permanent damage.
The injury is shown in the picture below, the picture is bloody, please pay attention!
Cecilia's mother became very worried, because day by day, Cecilia's right eyelid became more and more drooping, and his eyes became smaller and smaller.
Therefore, Cecilia's mother exposed this tragedy to the media and wanted to attract Kmart's attention.
Because this is not the first time such a tragedy has happened!
In July 2018, a baby girl who was only 7 months old suffered a similar tragedy while visiting Kmart with her mother.
The small hook used to hang clothes pierced the eyes. Although the injury was not as serious as Cecilia, it was also very dangerous!
These tragedies fully show that Kmart did not take child safety into consideration when displaying products!
Similar sharp objects are often exposed within the height range of children.
There are no effective protection measures at all!
What makes Cecilia's mother even more angry!
After the tragedy,
The mall still did not take any protective measures for the accident site!
Or safety warning!
Finally, I want to say,
If Kmart does not make changes,
Cecilia will never be the last victim!
I hope that Kmart can always put safety issues in the first place!
I also hope that parents are optimistic about their children and prevent similar tragedies from happening again...