The picture can be used as wallpaper...


finally come!

this time

Sydney cost650Ten thousand Australian dollars

Preparation lasted 15 months

AgainStunningThe world

This also becomes

The most gorgeous, dazzling and shocking firework show

Australia isThe earliest new yearOne of the countries

For Australia炸裂Cool way

Declare to the world

2020 starts with a shock!

This is global

The most dazzling way to open the New Year~

Beautiful enough to remember a lifetime

The following picture

Every picture is so beautiful

Yes, every one...

Climax of fireworks

OnAt the moment of 2020,

reach the peak!!

Countdown to zero,

Excited everyone:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

2020 is here!!!

The whole Sydney is completely lit by this gorgeous firework!!!

As the Australian wildfires are raging,

This year’s fireworks show was once cancelled

Australian media

"Fireworks and Fury"

To describe this new year

Previously, Parramatta, Wollongong and Orange in NSW had cancelled New Year’s Eve fireworks.

As the largest New Year's Eve fireworks show in Sydney, it was decided to hold it as scheduled after going through various twists and turns.

However, this decision was not easy. The social media that night was once surrounded by the anger of netizens.

Netizens believe that this fireworks show costing 650 million Australian dollars is like giving people homeless due to the fire."A resounding slap."

After all, one side is booming for the New Year

On the other side, it is also booming,

But will live like years

This night

Some people leave home and gather to the beach

Welcome the year of transshipment

some people
Had to leave home

Hide to the beach

I don’t know what will happen next year...

A fire, two destinies.

The Australian media concluded that there were 4000 people who fled their homes and were forced to flee to the sea. Here, on this New Year’s Eve, the beach became their last stop.They are going to "defy the situation".

Sea water on one side, flame on the other side

this holiday

Happiness and pain

Hope and pain coexist

For this reason, the City of Sydney

Define the theme of the New Year's Eve fireworks show as



And after the fireworks show started, it raised donations from the public, and through the Red Cross, raised money for the people affected by the Sydney wildfire.

The following are the donation channels

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In any case, I believe that the disaster will eventually pass and the beauty will come soon.

May the brilliant fireworks really drive away all the unhappiness of the past year and let people greet the best year with hope.

2020, here we are!

At a time of disaster

You can also bloom the most beautiful smile!

Is Sydney dedicated to the world

The greatest romance!

See you in 2019!

2020 happy meeting!

Such a baptism, I am willing~

In the past year, whether you are glorious or rough

Regardless of success or achievement

Whether the dream comes true

May 2020

Everyone is treated tenderly

I hope everyone who sees this article

Good luck in 2020!

happy New Year! Happy New Year!