This man with a round head and big face, honest and straightforward

Looks very ordinary

I'm afraid no one can think of it

His life label turned out to be:Drug lord

he isYe Zhen

Born in China in January 1963Shanghai

Graduated fromEast China University of Political Science and Law

He created the largest amount of drug money seized in history and is a truly rich man.

However, his neighbors didn't know, but occasionally saw him walking his German Shepherd on the tree-lined road outside, speaking kindly and with a gentle face. Lives at 515 Sierra Madre Street, Mexico City, not far from the Presidential Palace, in an upscale, quiet neighborhood hidden in the shade of plane trees.

In the first 27 years, he was just a bland little Shanghai man

There is almost no record of his life

Until 1990, he was sent to Mexico by a pharmaceutical company

Here he finally found a way to realize the value of life

How did Ye Zhen get rich? He said by himself

He was initially engaged in the import trade of textiles, clothing, footwear, etc. in Mexico

Later he made a fortune by reselling items confiscated by Mexican customs

But such a statement is obviously unconvincing

More people associate it with drugs

The first signs of methamphetamine in the drug business in the 90s

Ye Zhenzhen keenly discovered:

The raw materials used to make methamphetamine are forbidden abroad,

But in some Asian countries it is not regulated,

You can buy it in any chemical market!

So Ye Zhen opened a pharmaceutical factory in the suburbs of Mexico City in 1997

"Mexico United Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd."

He began his crazy drug production road.

He bought chemical raw materials from India and other places,

And then shipped to the U.S. for a round,

Then affixed a fake trademark and shipped it to Mexico,

Pretend to produce cold medicine in a pharmaceutical factory.

But in fact, these raw materials are all refined into pseudoephedrine,

Become the most direct raw material for making methamphetamine.

American investigators found:

Only in 2005 and 2006,

He imported a total of 96 tons of chemicals from China,

The raw materials provided to drug dealers are enough to produce 41 tons of methamphetamine.

At least 1.85 million doses,

Obtained at least 2 million U.S. dollars in windfall profits.

It's the Mexican Chinese version of Breaking Bad!

Ye Zhen doesn't take drugs himself

He likes to drive a Lamborghini supercar,

Take the lady around to play.

His preference is gambling

He is the VIP of the Las Vegas Casino,

He loves playing "Baccarat", betting $15 at a time.

Because of the generous shots,

The casino he frequented also rewarded him with a Rolls Royce

He allegedly lost at least in Las Vegas$ 1.26 billion

There is also news that on the day the Ye family was raided

Ye Zhen is still betting on Las Vegas casinos

However, in 2007,

The good days of this Shanghai man are over,

Mexican authorities claim: Ye Zhen is the leader of an international drug trafficking organization

Engaged in ice processing and production

Participate in illegal acts such as drug trafficking, money laundering, possession of weapons, gang crimes, etc.

The Mexican government copied Ye Zhenzhen’s home

After his mansion was exposed, it shocked all the police

Because there is money everywhere

There are a lot of weapons hidden everywhere

Now, this is his pet

Let's go see what it looks like

This room looks ordinary

The glass is bulletproof

The bullet can't get through

Enter the gate

You can see all kinds of wood art

All masterpieces

These crafts fill the living room

He Xiaoting

Even the toilet must be decorated with crafts

It is said that these crafts

They are all cultural relics and are of great value

I will see the bedroom and bathroom on the second floor

Some money can't let go

In the bookcase

Down from the slide on the second floor is the backyard, where there are two swimming pools

A big

one small

Go back, there is a yard

This parked full of luxury cars are tens of millions

In his house,

Expensive art can be seen everywhere

As a big drug lord, you must have a vault

He dug a tunnel specially in the house and went down from here

Go through a gate and you can see the vault

This is simply a gun museum

These weapons

All pure gold

Gold rifle

Gold-studded pistol

Even bullets are gold

Each of these machine guns is expensive

Even the police are eye-opening

How much money does Ye Zhen have?

I guess he can't tell

Ye Zhen earns 9500 million yuan a day

The money earned can’t be spent,
Hiding at home and stuffed everywhere

under the bed

In leather suitcase

All money

Can't fit it, put it in a plastic bucket

Piled up, like garbage,

I really see money as dirt...

He drives a luxury car every day

Wear a watch

Walk his big pet everywhere

Also, he likes to gamble

One lose is 8 million!

The money the police transported from his house

To be loaded with a big truck

25 police cars escorted

In order to count the money, the police worked overtime for half a month

Later statistics are:2 million dollars in cash

20 euros left

Calculated, there are 14 billion 158 million yuan

But these are bloody black-hearted money

I don't know how many people were killed

How many innocent families

But people are watching

His fate

Is to spend a lifetime in prison