In less than 2 weeks, the Spring Festival is coming.

Friends who are going to return to China, have they received WeChat bombing from relatives and friends with New Year greetings?

"Hey, bring me your UGG when you return home?" "You will get a good deal at the end of the year, and help your aunt and aunt each buy a set of Chanel skin care products."

Friends who are going to buy and buy for family and friends pay attention.At this moment when Chinese from all over the world returned to China for reunion, the domestic customs had launched a "luxury encirclement and suppression" operation...

1. The local tyrant was bloodbathed

On December 12st, Wenzhou Longwan International Airport, Wenzhou Customs found abnormal items in two suitcases during a routine inspection of the luggage of incoming passengers.

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After the customs found the owner of the suitcase, he found that the latter was panicked and very suspicious.

Therefore, the customs officers present decided to open the box on the spot for inspection!

I really didn’t know if I didn’t check it, and I was shocked when I checked it. The contents of the box blinded the customs on the spot...

(Image source: Tencent News)

Take a look, there are LV bucket bags in the box; Marmont chain bag from GUCCI; classic plaid scarf from Burberry; Lamer's magic cream, the lady's favorite; there are a lot of Sisley lotion, Clarins essence...

The customs counted, these luxury bags, accessories and skin care products totaled more than 200 pieces!

Almost all of the items in the box are hot-selling luxury goods, this configuration, it is not an exaggeration to say that Bai Fumei’s treasure box...

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It was confirmed that the owners of the two suitcases did not declare the luxury goods they were carrying and intended to smuggle them into the country.

For this reason, more than 200 luxury items were confiscated by the customs on the spot, and even Rimova suitcases containing luxury items were not let go...

According to the customs report, the total price of the seized luxury goods is estimated to be 18 yuan, and the owner of the "Treasure Box" has also been handed over to the anti-smuggling department.

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Coincidentally, on December 12th, Qingdao Liuting Airport also brought "luxury goods into the country" without declaration.

According to reports, Qingdao Customs seized 223 "big-brand luxury goods" on the spot!

(Image source: Peninsula Net)

Including Chanel, Burberry, GUCCI, Cartier, Apple, etc., from bags to trendy shoes, from watches to mobile phones, it can be said to have everything.

(Image source: Peninsula Net)

Qingdao Customs not only confiscated these "luxuries", but even worse than Hangzhou Customs, they destroyed these "valuable" "luxuries" on the spot!

"Kang Dang" hit the hammer and directly smashed the "tens of thousands" watch!

(Image source: Peninsula Net)
How much hatred do they have with these "luxury goods", why should they be such a cruel hand? !

It turns out that these "luxuries" are actually high imitations!

Because these items were suspected of infringing on brands such as "Chanel", "Burberry", "Gucci", "Cartier", and "Apple", Qingdao Customs destroyed them all on the spot.

It can be seen that there are risks in bringing luxury goods when returning to China, and the consequences of bringing fakes are even more serious. If you are not careful, you may violate the intellectual property law!

After all, no one wants to let such things happen to them during the New Year...

2. Pay attention when returning home

Here is also a review of China Customs regulations:

01. For individual travelers entering the country, the tax exemption for goods purchased abroad is 5000 yuan. Inbound items for personal use in excess of 5000 yuan will only be subject to postal tax for the excess part, and for indivisible single items, full postal tax will be levied.

02. When there is an entry duty-free shop at the port of entry, the tax-free limit for individual travelers entering the country can be increased to 8000 yuan.

03. For cross-border e-commerce, retail imported goods are no longer levied on postal tax, but within the shopping limit, tariffs are levied on goods and import value-added taxes, consumption taxes, and tax rates enjoy a XNUMX% discount.

04. For cross-border e-commerce, the single transaction limit is 2000 yuan, and the personal annual transaction limit is 2 yuan.

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Regarding the common issues of customs regulations, the editor has also sorted it out for everyone here, you can refer to it~

01. If I am not a Chinese citizen, do I need to pay taxes when I enter China?

The answer is yes, and the tax allowance is only RMB 2000. However, if you do not stay in China, you will not need to pay customs duties to China for items that will be taken away when you leave the country. In case of customs inspection, just declare truthfully.

02. Do I need to pay taxes on goods for my own use?

Many Chinese are struggling with this issue. In fact, there is no legal basis for "self-use items without paying customs duties".

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All imported goods need to be declared and taxed in accordance with regulations.However, in actual operation, as long as the luggage brought back to the country is within the scope of reasonable personal use, the customs staff generally do not check.

For example, 10 bottles of health products may be reasonable for personal use, 100 bottles are hard to convince, and 5 pieces of clothing may be reasonable for personal use. Of course, it is up to the customs staff to decide whether it is for personal use.

03. If I return to China with my family, is the tax exemption limit 5000 yuan in total or 5000 yuan per person?

The answer is that accompanying family members declare together, and the tax exemption limit is calculated together, totaling 5000 yuan.