What can one million Australian dollars do in Australia?

It can be a beautiful villa in the surrounding cities of Australia.

A suv + a sports car, cool and crooked

More than 30 Apple 3-piece sets? Or 100 iphone 11pro.

But an Australian brother cut down a few trees on his door without permission!Was fined $100 million.

The thing is from this young brother named Michael Vincent Baker, from Queensland Eidsvold, under his own name, there is an area of ​​350 hectares (3500000 million square meters) of land.

On such a vast land, there happens to be a large area of ​​primitive forest! Most of the ways to put out fires in virgin forests are to divide the isolation zone to let the fire burn within a controllable range.

△Isolation belt schematic diagram

In order to prevent trouble, Michael Vincent Baker got a friend to get two bulldozers and quietly razed a small piece of wood that he was not satisfied with! Free up a piece of land as a barrier.

This push does not matter. The staff of the Australian Forestry Department immediately spotted Michael Vincent Baker who was cutting the tree and immediately filed a lawsuit against him!

Because in Australia, trees are not something you can cut down. Without permission, cutting down trees is an illegal act by the Australian Forestry Department!Even if the tree is in your house, it is a tree you planted yourself.

It cannot be felled without a permit. Although he had applied before, but did not get consent, so Michael Vincent Baker was sued by the local forestry department for 7 violations and fined$ 276,000Australian dollars! I have to pay$ 720,000Land clearing costs and legal litigation costs! almost$100There will be no more.

His lawyer Tom Marland said that this is the most stringent treatment in Queensland for illegal tree felling, expressing their determination to defend the protection of natural resources.

In fact, such things happen occasionally among Chinese. A Sydney homeowner named Yueling Liu (transliteration) cut down two neighboring trees and was fined $8.3.

The direct fuse of the fine was that Ms. Liu saw them very uncomfortable. The branches of the trees growing on the neighbor's land were prosperous, and the branches and leaves were constantly falling into the swimming pool of Ms. Liu's house, which was quite troublesome to clean.

In addition, according to Ms. Liu, these two trees were "trees inviting thunder", and they would be smashed into fire during thunderstorms. However, although the tree grows on the border between her and her neighbor, it belongs to the neighbor's side. Ms. Liu did not communicate well with her neighbors, nor did she report an application for cutting trees. In the end, she hired a tree-cutting worker to do it directly, and was witnessed by the staff who came to the site.

The staff felt that she knew she needed approval to cut down trees, because she had already applied to cut down 10 trees a few years ago, and the process should be very familiar. Cost, but also plant two more trees to take good care of.

Don't comment on the right or wrong of this policy, you must abide by local laws locally.

Some people think, then I will go through the process to apply for tree cutting.

1. Apply to the City Hall. If you need to cut trees, the City Hall usually requires you to give enough reasonable reasons. For example, this tree threatens the safety of your house, blocks the scenery or has a negative impact on the surrounding landscape. If family members have special allergies to plants, it is also very easy to get approval.In any case, the approval of the city hall must be obtained before construction can begin.

2. Cut the tree by hand, you can do it yourself, first saw off some branches, and then start from the crown of the tree and cut it in sections from top to bottom.

3. Plan the roots and remove the garbage, that's it.

But if the tree is too big to deal with, then you have to ask someone to help cut the tree, it is not cutting the tree, it is throwing money into the water, and there is no noise.

The price of a tree is about $400 to $700 per tree. If the trees happen to be flourishing, it may cost several thousand dollars.

Now the tree that made you restless has fallen, but the matter is not over yet. Now you need to remove it completely by rooting. Just digging a root requires an additional $300.

In the end, I finally got rid of the big troubles, but you still need to pay a part of the "green compensation fee". The price of the compensation fee varies. However, it has been set once. A family in Melbourne planned to cut down 11 dead trees on their land. "Green Compensation Fee" is quoted at $17,000.

In other words, if you want to cut a tree, the application fee, tree cutting fee, compensation fee... all kinds of miscellaneous fees add up to a few thousand dollars as little as tens of thousands of dollars!

A few trees are cut down, and one year’s salary is gone...

At the end, I will give you a suggestion,Don't buy a house with lots of trees, and you must follow the customs and abide by local laws and regulations.