The liar is not a person, the liar kills people

Who is the most imaginative person in Melbourne?

Mid-term stage, rely onLeft hand made up.Right hand out of nothingThe international students who waded through the duel could be regarded as having a battle against the competition for this position.

But if you want to talk about it, compared with a class of people, I'm not targeting anyone. All of you here are younger brothers.

That is Melbourne's most rampant telecom fraudster.

They have taken a close look at the fat of foreign students and use their powerful ability to "perceive words and colors", as long as your first reaction after picking up the phone is not to talk fun, but to try to have a conversation with him.

In just a few words, you can investigate a series of background stories clearly, and the "time point" of the international students is stuck in coordination with your extremely powerful imagination to create countless popular stories"Script Kill".

They provide one-to-one services every time before and after the "visa expiry date""Consulate staff".

Before and after semester, freshmen came to life where they were unfamiliar. They found out that financial problems occurred at home as soon as you left the country."Police Captain".

And if you and your boyfriend are in a foreign country, your thoughts can't swim in this ocean.

"Hello, this is DHL, you have a courier to sign for."

Annoying, really annoying!

This year, these rampant scammers have even aroused the attention of Australian regulators, and specially issued a message to remind everyone to be careful"Virtual Kidnapping",Telecom fraudAnd other similar crimes.

And telecommunications fraud is not sure if it is also facing the bottleneck of creation and the exhaustion of inspiration. It seems that I have not heard of their script update for a long time.

However, recently, I heard that after they organically combined several scripts, the deception has brought new "business opportunities".

Yesterday, my platform received a submission from a Melbourne female student, Xiao Y,She said that she was negligent and misbelieved the liar, which caused her family to suffer a huge loss of more than 60w!

She said that at around 11:27 noon on November 11, she was preparing to cook at her home in Melbourne, when she suddenly received a call. (All calls are normal Melbourne numbers)

It is said that Xiao Y has an express delivery from Canberra's DHL express company (why is always DHL injured) to Guangzhou Yuexiu District, which was detained by Guangzhou Customs.

She was drawn to the blacklist and asked her to report to the police as soon as possible, otherwise it would affect her departure.

Where did I send this courier...

Little Y really felt inexplicable when she heard it, but because she was curious, she took down the so-called Guangzhou Public Security Bureau's police number provided to her by the phone.

When she finished copying and wanted to hang up and call herself, she was "caring" and directly transferred to the so-called"Guangzhou Public Security Bureau Telephone".

However, at this time, she still didn't know that she was completely hooked.

The person responsible for the case of Little Y is the so-called"Officer Zhao"After a self-introduction, he recorded Xiao Y's personal information and family situation.

Originally, Xiao Y had some doubts about the identity of Police Officer Zhao.But after reporting Xiao Y's ID number accurately on the phone, she began to believe that this was the real policeman who could help her resolve her grievances.

I have to say that the policeman’s method of handling cases is really "advancing with the times."When I came up, I asked Xiao Y to add his WeChat account, and then started the video.

In the video, Officer Zhao was dressed in a police uniform and also proactively showed his police credentials, further deepening Xiao Y's trust in him.
Then, without giving Little Y any reaction time, he started working on his own.

Call Xiao Y back, saying that Xiao Y’s exit issue has been filed and reported to his superiors.Ask Xiao Y to download Dingding, this "police-specific app" as a communication medium with himAnd wait patiently.

It turned out to be a "bad news".The superior sent a document to Xiao Y, which contained her wanted book.

It was said that Xiao Y was involved in a transnational case. The main suspect and other accomplices were all people in the bank. They used copies of Xiao Y's ID card to forge a "real" ID.

I got a card at ICBC and got it16 people each with more than 200w of stolen money, The total amount is several hundred million, and victims have already come to report the crime.

In the face of these, it is absolutely impossible for Little Y to express that he does not have this card, let alone do such a thing.

But over there, she asked her to think about whether she knew the people in the criminal gang and said that they had mastered several suspects, and they all agreed.The money was transferred to the bank card handled in the name of Little Y.

Then they asked Xiao Y to log in to a website, claiming that the case had not been solved yet and it was a state secret, so the website needed to log in with numbers.

After clicking in, it was the website of the Public Security Bureau of "Serious Eight Hundreds". After entering the so-called case number he told him, he saw his criminal record and certificate.

The "superior" said that Xiao Y's innocence that he kept shouting was of no use before the law, because the law was about evidence.

Little Y said with his mouth, but the evidence provided by others is conclusive. Tomorrow he will extradite him back to China with a wanted warrant.

At this time, Xiao Y has completely entered the "role" under the guidance of the fraudster. She has been crying for fear. The first reaction is to tell her parents.

As a result, he was "carefully" blocked by the liar,It is said that telling parents will only increase their worry. Once they choose to report, it will only disrupt the progress of the whole case and delay the time for Xiao Y to prove his innocence.(Reporting will affect...Aren't you the police?)

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"Do you want your parents to worry about you more?"

After experiencing rounds of brainwashing, Little Y felt that it made sense, so she didn't have the first time to communicate with her parents.

I opened the WeChat interface and wanted to tell a friend around me, but the "policeman" said that this is not okay!

In case the accomplice hides somewhere in your "circle of friends", once you know that the matter is revealed, just run away, you are not even more confused...

In a tense and helpless situation, Xiao Y accepted rounds of brainwashing.

The other party told Xiao Y over and over again that all the bank accounts of Xiao Y and her parents would be frozen in just a few days, and she would be extradited to the domestic police station immediately.

There are currently 268 people under investigation, and she ranks behind more than 200 people. The "police" said that it might take three years or more to wait for her turn to investigate.

Just when Little Y was almost desperate, the other party offered a life-saving straw.Said that if Xiao Y fights with the leader now, he may get a chance to be released on bail pending trial.

Once this opportunity is missed, the only thing waiting for her is the police station!

Little Y's spirit came in an instant, adjusted his emotions, and dialed the contact information of a so-called procuratorate leader, wanting to firmly seize this opportunity.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the call was made, the leader would be scolded.The leader said that the social problems caused by Xiao Y's personal problems could not be forgiven. If she was given this opportunity, it would be unfair to the other 267 victims.

Little Y was frightened, and even told the fake police that he wanted to give up.

But at this time, the fake police filled her with chicken soup again, saying that Xiao Y was not up to date and really wanted to hurt her parents and other family members after entering the detention center?

"You watch them cry for you, do you really feel good in your heart"

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At this time, the fake police continued to act as the trust of the good guy Bo Xiao Y, sayingAt the risk of resignation, he also pleaded for Xiao Y to beg their leader to give Xiao Y a chance.

Xiao Y also regrouped and dialed the "leader" a second time. During this period, the directors and officials from all walks of life were talking to the leader. The scene was extremely real and Xiao Y believed that only they could help himself.

In the end, Xiao Y was finally eligible for bail pending trial, but the conditions for obtaining this qualification were really not cheap.


It is estimated that little Y alone will not be able to pay so much money. The scammer also gave a reason to DIY for little Y by the way, and asked little Y to ask his parents for the money, which means that he has lost his passport and needs a deposit.

"If you don't work hard, no one can help you"

Under the manipulation of the fake police, Xiao Y cried and called his parents, deceiving 35w at home.

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And because I learned that Xiao Y's parents bought her an off-plan property in Melbourne and paid a down payment, the fake police said that the house was bought before the police and there are suspicions that need to be investigated.

Once it is found to be illegal, blabla must also be frozen...

Little Y at this time can hardly think,Obviously, I have paid 35w of bail pending trial as required, so why do I have to pay?

But after hearing the fake police explain very carefully, she believed again...

He sold miserably in front of his parents and cheated 32.5w.

Later, Xiao Y returned to the country, and even if the money was already in his hands, the arrogant liar had not even "evaporated". On the contrary, he always encouraged Xiao Y to adjust his mentality, saying at what time he would come to the house and sign confidentiality with Xiao Y’s parents. protocol.

And Xiao Y has been believing, until they didn't come to the last day, she realized that she was cheated...

Calling the police right away will not help, and the whole family feels heartbroken.

Having opened the perspective of God, we look back at the whole incident, which can be said to be full of loopholes.

The police who contacted WeChat, taught cheating people, the prosecutors who "gave the money privately", and the banks that ignored the "seeing by three relatives" system and gave them their ID cards.

Not to mention the blatant guilty behavior of the police who received the report for not letting friends and parents report the crime.

But if you are a classmate of Little Y, starting from picking up the call and tentatively accepting the other party's setting, step by step sometimes threatens and sometimes guides, you will inevitably not fall into this trap.

Actually this"DHL+ Police Officer"The two plus one scam is not new.