I believe everyone is thinking

How to spend a good Chinese New Year with your family happily!

But just as this new year is approaching

There is bad news:

A new type of coronavirus pneumonia

Hundreds of people have been infected!

It suddenly broke out yesterday afternoon

A man from Brisbane, Australia

I was quarantined just after arriving in Australia from Wuhan

Today, his isolation has been lifted

So, first of all, don’t panic
This new virus is not a SARS virus
It can be treated!
But it should be noted that it has now been determined
The mode of transmission of the new disease is from person to person!
So everyone needs to pay more attention in daily communication!
As of this writing, the number of confirmed cases in China has reached 440
And the number may continue to rise
On January 1, the Australian Department of Health issued a notice to the Australian public regarding this new virus outbreak.
In the announcement, the Ministry of Health stated that so far, although the epidemic has not posed a direct threat to Australia, it still needs to keep close attention.
Airlines must also promptly report any symptoms of infectious diseases such as fever, sweating, and chills that appear to any passengers in accordance with the law.
But the latest news on January 1
A man in Queensland, Australia
Symptoms similar to new coronavirus pneumonia
Currently quarantined!
Queensland government official stated
Waiting for the results of further examination of this patient
It is reported that this man has just returned from visiting relatives in Wuhan!
What is a coronavirus?
Coronavirus is a type of virus that exists widely in nature

The virus is named because it looks like a crown under an electron microscope
Found so far
Coronavirus only infects vertebrates
Can cause human and animal respiratory, digestive and nervous system diseases
The point is coming!
The new coronavirus discovered this time
It is very different from SARS coronavirus and MERS coronavirus
Like humans, different viruses are close relatives
But temperament, attitude, and handling are very different
Although the new coronavirus is a close relative of SARS
But it has not yet shown the terrifying characteristics of SARS
Therefore, don't panic about this!
The World Health Organization has named it
"2019-nCoV, the 2019 novel coronavirus"
What are the clinical manifestations of patients with this infection?
General symptoms:Fever, fatigue, dry cough, dyspnea gradually

Some patients have mild onset symptoms but no fever
In severe cases:Acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock, difficult to correct metabolic acidosis, coagulation dysfunction
Most patients are moderate to mild, with a good prognosis, and a few patients are critically ill or even die.
Is the current epidemic controllable?
Experts believe that the current epidemic is still preventable and controllable.

However, the source of the new coronavirus infection has not been found, the transmission route of the epidemic has not been fully grasped, and the mutation of the virus still needs to be closely monitored
Is there a cure now?

No vaccine, but curable

For the disease caused by the new coronavirus
Doctors usually give symptomatic treatment
Deal with the various symptoms of the patient accordingly
How to protect?
Fewer people, wear more masks

1. Avoid crowded places
2. Wear masks when going out
3. Avoid close contact with patients with cough and fever
Do not touch poultry and wash hands frequently
1. Wash your hands with running water, soap or hand sanitizer
2. Do not go to the seafood market, live poultry market or farm
3. Do not touch wild animals, birds or their droppings
4. Do not eat raw milk, eggs and meat, they must be thoroughly cooked and no game
How to choose a mask?
Anti-smog masks cannot protect against flu viruses

There are all kinds of masks on the market, and young people like to buy and wear masks with their own personality.
But a closer look shows that many masks are made of cotton or chemical fiber. This kind of mask can keep warm and prevent smog, but it has no protection against influenza viruses. The fabric has a large pore size and cannot filter viruses.
There are also people who wear masks with breathing valves, mistakenly thinking that these masks are more protective. In fact, they are also anti-smog masks and cannot block the virus.
To prevent influenza, we need to buy medical surgical masks at the pharmacy to prevent influenza
The nose clip must be shaped during use, and the mask must always fit the nose and face.
It is necessary to avoid touching the outside of the mask (contaminated surface) during use, wash hands after touching the outside (contaminated surface) before wearing, before and after taking off. It must be used once and avoid re-wearing the used mask.
The filtering effect of N95 masks on viruses is equivalent to that of medical protective masks, but the level of protection is higher
People with extremely low immunity can also choose. Those with low immunity need to take oseltamivir and peramivir within 48 hours after exposure to flu patients without mask protection for post-exposure prevention.
The most authoritative information

Information about this epidemic is now available on almost the entire network
So where is the most authoritative and accurate information?
Just last night, CCTV connected via live broadcast and interviewed
Leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission responsible for handling the epidemic
Academician Zhong Nanshan

Maybe some friends are not familiar with Zhong Lao
But he was already a big name more than ten years ago
Zhong Nanshan, a well-known respiratory disease expert in China, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
During the SARS epidemic
Known as the first person in China to fight SARS

During the 15-minute interview, Academician Zhong Nanshan expressed the following views based on the latest situation currently available:
1. The new coronavirus pneumonia can be transmitted from person to person
2. The virus is likely to come from game, such as bamboo rats, badgers and other wild animals
3. The novel coronavirus is different from the SARS virus.Virus infection is climbing. The current case fatality rate cannot explain all the problems. It depends on the development of the disease.
4. Ordinary people should be more vigilant, do not go to Wuhan under special circumstances, go to the fever clinic if you have a cold
5. It is not necessary to wear N95 masks, ordinary (surgical) masks can also block the spread of droplets

Approved by the State Council
The National Health Commission will pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus
Included in the Class B infectious diseases specified in the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases"
And take preventive and control measures for Class A infectious diseases
Pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus
Included in the management of quarantine infectious diseases stipulated in the "Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People's Republic of China"
20 cumulative reports as of the 24th:
New coronavirus infection pneumonia291 confirmed cases
14 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) cumulative reports54 suspected cases
11 cases in Hubei Province, 7 cases in Guangdong Province, 3 cases in Sichuan Province, 1 case in Yunnan Province, 7 cases in Shanghai, 1 case in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 1 case in Shandong Province, 1 case in Jilin Province, 1 case in Anhui Province, 16 cases in Zhejiang Province (21 cases were diagnosed at 12 o'clock on the 5st), 2 cases in Jiangxi Province, 1 case in Hainan Province, 1 case in Guizhou Province, 1 case in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and 21 suspected cases in Hong Kong on the 117st.
6 deaths (all in Wuhan)
Roger thatJapanNotification1 confirmed cases
ThailandNotification2 confirmed cases
KoreaNotification1 confirmed cases
Currently tracked to1739 close contacts.817 people have been released from medical observation.There are still 922 people under medical observation.
Fifteen medical workers in Wuhan were diagnosed with a new type of pneumonia, and there was another suspected case.
At present, a total of 15 medical workers in Wuhan have been diagnosed with new coronavirus-infected pneumonia cases, and there is another suspected case. Among the 1 patients, one is critically ill, and the rest are in stable condition and have been treated in isolation.
Medical personnel are the main force in epidemic prevention and control.
To ensure the health of medical staff, Wuhan has recently strengthened prevention and control measures in various hospitals to strictly control hospital infections.
Strengthen the protection of medical staff, care and care for medical staff and other aspects to deploy again, strengthen the daily monitoring of the health of medical staff, and timely detect and treat suspected cases.
After the outbreak, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it.
Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission gave important instructions
The outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus has recently occurred in Wuhan, Hubei and other places, and we must attach great importance to it and make every effort to prevent and control it.
At present, during the Spring Festival, people are intensively flowing on a large scale, and it is very important to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.
Party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departmentsWe must put the people’s life safety and physical health first,Develop a thorough plan, organize all forces to carry out prevention and control, and take practical and effective measures to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.
We must try our best to treat patients and find out the causes of virus infection and transmission as soon as possible.Strengthen case monitoring and standardize treatment procedures.It is necessary to release epidemic information in a timely manner and deepen international cooperation.
It is necessary to strengthen the guidance of public opinion and strengthen the publicity and interpretation of relevant policies and measures.Resolutely maintain the overall stability of the society and ensure that the people spend a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.
Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, gave instructions
All relevant departments and localities must take a highly responsible attitude towards the health of the people, improve response plans, go all out to prevent and control work, and implement early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early treatment, and centralized treatment measures.
Accelerate the identification of the source of the virus and the mechanism of infection and transmission, timely and objectively release information on the epidemic and prevention and control work, and scientifically disseminate knowledge on epidemic prevention.
Do a good job in communication and coordination with the World Health Organization, relevant countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and work closely to form a joint force to resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic.
According to Xi Jinping’s instructions and Li Keqiang’s requirements, the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a video and telephone conference on January 1
Comprehensive deployment of the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection.
The National Health Commission established a leading group for the response and treatment of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection,Guide local governments to deal with the epidemic.
Hubei Province and other relevant places have further implemented territorial responsibilities, adopted practical and effective measures, and resolutely did a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

To prevent the spread of the epidemic
Now both at home and abroad have begun to guard against death
At Wuhan Airport
Fully armed medical staff
Has begun to conduct temperature checks on all passengers
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that Wuhan has adopted measures to control people leaving Han China

Hong Kong Airport has also started real-time monitoring
Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan
After encountering imported cases, he is also on high alert
Australia is no exception!
There are 3 direct flights between Sydney Airport and Wuhan every week!
Health screening of passengers from Wuhan will begin!

Finally, the World Health Organization releases information

Let everyone know

More new coronavirus prevention information

Protect yourself and the people around you

↓ ↓
Finally, it is recommended to Chinese people with fever, cold and cough

Try to avoid going abroad!

Don't think that you are an iron man!

In front of the virus, you will only be a "woman"!

If you have a cold or fever, go to the hospital for diagnosis immediately

Don't be afraid of ten thousand, just in case

"Long snack" is right!