Comprehensive interpretation of the coronavirus and correct use of preventive measures

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Since December 2019, there has been a concentrated outbreak of pneumonia of unknown origin in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Epidemiological investigations found that these successive cases of pneumonia are all related to the "South China Seafood Market" in Wuhan. Wuhan City organized multidisciplinary expert consultation and investigation, and used experimental testing and other means to identify the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan as viral pneumonia. On January 12, 2020, a new type of coronavirus was initially confirmed as the pathogen of the epidemic.

January 2020, 1, Shanghai Pasteur Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.The National Emergency Prevention and Control Drug Engineering Technology Research Center of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology of the Molecular Plant Excellence Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a paper analyzing the evolutionary source of the new coronavirus that caused the recent outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, and The genetic evolutionary relationship between the SARS coronavirus and the MERS coronavirus that caused the “SARS” epidemic in Guangdong in 2002,The common ancestor of Wuhan coronavirus and SARS/SARS-like coronavirus is a virus similar to HKU9-1.Since the evolutionary neighbors and outer groups of the Wuhan coronavirus are found in various bats, it is speculated that the Wuhan coronavirusThe natural host may also be a bat. Just like the SARS coronavirus that caused SARS in 2002,The Wuhan coronavirus is likely to have an unknown intermediate host vector during its transmission from bats to humans.Wuhan coronavirus infects human respiratory epithelial cells through the molecular mechanism of S-protein and human ACE2 interaction.It is predicted that the Wuhan coronavirus has a strong ability to infect humans.

The possible clinical symptoms are:

Fever, chest pain, chills, rapid heartbeat, dyspnea, pneumonia, kidney failure

Headache, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath.

The virus is spread by droplets

How to prevent the spread of the virus

1 Do not eat wild animals

When shopping for food during the Spring Festival, safety should be the first priority. Do not eat wild animals and avoid contact with germs of unknown origin; prefer to buy fresh marketed poultry meat, do not buy live poultry for self-feeding and slaughter, so as to avoid human and poultry contact causing diseases and hygiene problems. Wash your hands frequently before, after, and before eating. Foods such as meat and eggs must be thoroughly cooked and eaten; food storage must be kept hygienic, raw and cooked foods must be separated, raw and fresh foods should be washed clean, and cooked foods should be kept soon.


2 Take good protection

Don't go to Wuhan without special circumstances. If you feel uncomfortable or catch a cold, you should go to the local fever clinic in time and conduct investigations when necessary. The incubation period of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia is about 7 days on average, with a short period of 2-3 days and a long period of 10-12 days. If symptoms such as fever, dry cough, respiratory failure, shock, etc. occur, please seek immediate medical attention.

3 Wear a mask correctly

Wearing a mask is still useful, and it is not necessary to wear an N95 mask. This is because the virus does not exist alone, it often exists in droplets. General surgical masks can still block most of them.

4 Wash hands frequently

What to do if you have returned from Wuhan:

Please go to the nearby medical center for investigation and do the corresponding virus PCR screening.

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