The Australian fire that has burned wildly recently has caused the mainstream media to go crazy too.

Keep inciting public anger,

And add fuel to the fire and blame it all

政府Poor environmental protection.

Lead to "global warming" on the head.

However, those who are on the front line of fire fighting

NSW Fire Volunteer Organization

On their website, it says

"Don't blamePoor fire fightingclimate,

fuelThe culprit! "

By the way, if friends in NSW want to contribute to the fire, they can dial the phone in the lower right corner of the picture above to sign up for the volunteer army.

Employed in Australia Daily Mail

Miranda Devine also wrote an article

Analyze with reason:

Australia's fireBe

Environmentalist politicians

Caused by the policies implemented!

As we all know, once a forest fire occurs

The momentum is very fast,

Especially in Australia

Where the land is sparsely populated and the sky is dry,

It is very difficult to control.

Especially if there is a strong wind,

That is simply invincible.

Use the worst hit this time

An example from New South Wales:

This state has an area of ​​8000 million hectares,

But only

More than 6800 official firefighters,

Plus more than 5000 firefighting volunteers.

Although they have the world

The most advanced fire fighting equipment,

Including firefighting aircraft, helicopters,

In the event of an out of control fire,

The rapidly spreading line of fire,

Even the best equipment can only

A glass of water.

People who have read the famous Australian historical novel "Thorn Birds"

all know

Wildfires are part of the lives of the people of Tuao

The people of Tuao since ancient times

Fight the wildfire

They have known for a long time: control wildfires

The most effective control method is预防.

How to prevent it?

As early as 1939, the forest fire experts of the Stretton Royal Commission

Just proposed to use

"Plan to burn(Controled burning/prescribed burning)"

The way.

Fire needfuel.

Forest firefuelJustvegetation.

Especially the dry and flammable vegetation in summer.

If these fuels

OnFire-prone seasonRemove before it arrives,

That is, burn the area that can be burned first,

When the fire-prone season comes,

Can be due toThe absence of fuel,

Slow downThe speed of burning spread,

AndpreventLarge-scale firehappened.

Many Australian forests are like this, the ground is covered with fallen leaves, dead branches and dead trees...

Above is one

Timeline of Australia's wildfire events

We can see

Since the "planned burnout" was implemented in 1939

The size and frequency of wildfires

Seems to be controlled

However, in the past 20 years,


Penetration in politics,

especiallyGreen Party

This political party started with environmentalism

The power,

The various so-called "forest protection policies" newly issued,

To protect the environment,

No loggingIncinerateForest vegetation,

GreatlypreventSuch preventive measures.

The consequences of not preventing, very serious

The media likes to put the current Australian fire

Called the worst fire in Australian history,

But forgot

The fire that happened in Victoria about 10 years ago,

Taken away173Peoples life,

Destroyed70 national forest parks.

Including the animals inside

Is in Australian historyHighest death tollOf a fire.

The fire was called "Black saturday",

It was also the fire,

Let the Australian government discuss it immediately

CurrentMulti-level early warning system.

In that fire,

A survivor named Liam Sheahan

Especially eye-catching.

His house is ReedyCreek, a disaster-stricken town

Within two kilometers

The only thing that has not been destroyed.


He was a few years before the fire,

Precisely becauseCut down the woods around his housePrevent fires,

And by the local neighborhood committee"Lawful" fines5 Australian dollars!

say it againFocus.

He because

Cut trees to prevent fires

BeEnvironmentalist's LawFined 5 Australian dollars,

Equivalent to about 25 yuan!

Environmentalists in the Green Party, Labor Party and neighborhood committees at all levels

Probably because

Protect the woods and the little creatures in the woods,

sacrificeDozens of livesA piece of cake?

After the bloody lesson like "Black Saturday"

They did not shrink their hands,

Continue to intensify the implementation of the so-called forest protection policy,

There are people who are "planned to cut down" or "planned to burn"

And sufferedHuge fine.

Mr. Baker in Queensland in 2017

Because 350 km of "protected native vegetation" was removed

Was fined and required to pay judicial fees up to one million Australian dollars!

This is stillOn his own landCleared!

This is forprotect environmentDon't let people live?

Not only individuals,

There are also corporate organizations that have been sanctioned for planning to burn.

Power Company Transgrid

Because in the Snowy Mountain areaHigh voltage lineunder

Pushed a 60-meter wideFire belt.

And in 2001

Because of "environmental damage"

The New South Wales Government fined A$500,000.

Two years later,

A gameCatastrophic fireSwept the whole mountain,

The fire belt

Saved countless workers and kangaroos

The only barrier.

howeverHigh coldOf

White leftEnvironmentalistsThey

Turn a blind eye to these.

In 2003, the forest fire

Overgrown national park

Spread to Canberra,

4 people were killed.

New South Wales

Nature Conservation Council

Condemned to increase the call for "planned burning" as

"Futility" and "subconscious reaction".

2009 years,

New South WalesGreen Party website

Announcing that "planned burnout" is "a commonmisunderstanding",

Think "responsible fire management

Need to burn to reduce fuel"


They used the white left media to promote

Environmental protection concept.

Pass the law iron fist

Heavy penaltyIndividuals and organizations "planned to burn",

let peopleNo longer dare

Take responsibility for protecting property and your own safety

because of themUnwilling

CorrectWhere they liveEnvironmental impact

Now we have 600 million hectares of land burned,

5 million wild animals were killed,

Dozens of people died,

Thousands of people have been displaced...

Faced with such serious consequences,

EnvironmentalistsconscienceWill it hurt?

of course not.

Reporter Miranda wrote:

"Now, Di Natale (leader of the Green Party) and Bandt (backbone of the Green Party)

ApparentlyTake advantage of the suffering of wildfire victims

To get political points,

And GetUp (a civil organization of the Labor Party) even

canTake advantage of people's painCome for yourselfTo raise funds. "

Richard Di Natale, leader of the Australian Green Party

They only blame "climate warming",

Let one suffer from autism,

I haven't finished studyingLittle swedish girl

Inciting students in schools all over the world

CriticizeOwn government

in"protect environment"Such

Important issuesNot acting.

According to their logic,

Doesn't it mean to protect the environment?

Is to save the earth?

Is it the Virgin Mary?

Swedish environmental teenager Greta

The mainstream media

Kneeling and licking behind the ass of environmentalists,

Not only put the Swedish revolutionary teenager

Held out "Environmental hero",

Also successfully put (people-oriented, not environment-oriented)

The conservative government portrayed it as

Incompetentimage of,

The Prime Minister became a target of public criticism,

An outlet to vent the anger.

2013 years,

Liberal Prime Minister Albert

BeFire volunteer.

He was on the front line of firefighting during the mountain fire,

The media said he:

"Don't be busy putting out the fire,

Be your prime minister."


Prime Minister Morrison of the Liberal Party is visiting for state affairs,

The media also said:

"Morrison and his staff

DailingLet Australia burn"

Recent christmas

Morrison and his family

Go on holiday,

Although because of the fire

Ended the holiday early,

Still sprayed into a sieve by the media.


No matter the prime minister is fighting the fire,

Still not fighting the fire,

The media will scold him

"No way to fight fire and poor environmental protection"


For those from the first line

Voice of fire volunteers,

These unscrupulous mainstream media turned a blind eye:

let usShout out for them!

"Don't blamePoor fire fightingclimate,

fuelThe culprit! "

You scold the government for incompetence and the prime minister for inaction. Have you ever thought that the Green Party, a political party that does everything to "protect the environment," and the Labor Party, which has become more and more left in order to compete with them, dominate Who elected nearly half of the seats in the Congress?Do you have a vote in it?