In the incident of shooting more than ten shots to kill a Hobart man, what are the rules for the use of guns that the police should follow

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In a police shooting in Brighton, Tasmania, a man died after being shot ten shots by two policemen. This is the third police shooting in Tasmania in 10 years. It is a rare occurrence in Tasmania.

After the shooting, the Tasmanian police immediately launched an investigation and revealed to the public the reason for the death of the man and the details of the shooting.


Tasmanian Police Deputy Commissioner Scott Tilyard said on Tuesday afternoon that two shots fatally hit the 38-year-old man in the head and shoulder, killing the man instantly.


Tasmania Police Department Deputy Commissioner Tilyard said: There were three policemen in the police car that arrived at the police house. After the three policemen got off the car at the destination, the man drove a small SUV to the police. One of the policemen was trapped by the fence, and the other two policemen fired at the man at the same time.


This is also the third incident in Tasmania where police directly killed a suspect in 10 years.


The other two incidents where the police killed the suspect were as follows:

  • On May 2016, 5, 24-year-old Robert Edward McKinney was shot dead by police in Cooee. The police said he was holding a knife at the time, ignoring repeated warnings to lay down his weapon. The autopsy also found that McKinney had wanted to end his life and tried to interpret his death as a police shooting.
  • On November 2010, 11, 28-year-old Nicholas Martin Whitley was shot dead by police in Westbury. The autopsy turned out that he was shot dead after a violent clash with a policeman who used pepper spray.

The police use weapons strictly in accordance with the "Tasmanian Police Manual", which stipulates that the police can only use weapons when they encounter the following situations:

  1. For self-defense or to protect others from imminent threats of death or serious injury;
  2. Prevent serious life threatening crimes;
  3. Arrest people who are in danger and resist their authority, or prevent them from escaping.
  4. When the above situations cannot be prevented without using weapons.

In the investigation into the death of Mr. Mc Inerney last year, the reporter learned that the Tasmanian police discourages the police from shooting to wound the suspect, and discourages shooting to the criminal as a warning. Because in extreme cases, guns are used to protect lives, it is necessary to immediately incapacitate them.

Police training courses include shooting the center of the target. And before shooting, the police must understand their police identity. And ask for a clear warning of the intention of using guns, such as: "Armed police, don't move" or "Police, don't move".


The police also asked to ensure that “sufficient time is allowed to follow the warning before using the gun, unless the police are in danger, or caused by the danger of causing death or serious injury to others, which is obviously inappropriate or meaningless in such a situation” .


In a recent study, the Australian Institute of Criminology investigated attempted arrests, shootings during detention and escape in Australia and found that 2016 police shootings were recorded nationwide from 2019 to 39 Among them, the criminals have a history of mental illness and the use of alcohol or drugs is a common feature.


According to the report, most of the killings by police officers in Australia occurred in residential houses, and the criminals committed violence with weapons.


The autopsy results also showed that most police shots were justified, and the police shot the guns to protect themselves and others threatened while performing their duties.

The Tasmanian Police Deputy Commissioner Tilyard said on Tuesday that the police killed the suspect and said that the police are providing necessary support to the police involved and the families of the deceased. "We care about the family of the deceased and the police and emergency personnel who arrived at the scene, especially the three police officers directly involved."

He also said: Once you become a police officer, this kind of thing may happen. This is a very painful thing for everyone involved. As far as the information we currently have, I certainly support the police.We are in the early stages of the investigation and still need to collect a lot of information, including interviews with relevant personnel, witnesses, including the police themselves.


"Obviously, any situation where driving a vehicle hits a person is a dangerous situation. The police are responding to the threats they faced at the time. Of course, the behavior of these police officers will be investigated as usual. These police officers have been suspended for a few days. This is the normal practice after this happens.


He said: "Being a police officer is a dangerous job, not only in Tasmania, but it happens all over the country."


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