The latest opinion poll released by the Australian media yesterday showed that the Labor Party temporarily leads the Union Party with a support rate of 51%-49%.Three weeks ago, the Labor Party was ahead with 52%-48%.

Polls show that the coalition party’s primary election support rate remained at 38%, while the Labour Party’s support rate fell by 1 percentage point to 34%. As politicians return to Canberra this week, climate change may become the subject of future debate after the Labour Party announces its long-term emission reduction targets. After the Australian Prime Minister Morrison announced the establishment of the Royal Commission, he gave a speech at a public commemorative event in Sydney to commemorate the 25 people who lost their lives in the wildfires in NSW. Yesterday’s poll showed that the prime minister’s approval rating rose by 1 percentage point to 38%. Opposition leader Anthony Albanese's approval rating dropped by 4 percentage points to 39%.