Today, the Reserve Bank of Australia initiated the design of a new version of the 100 Australian dollar banknote, saying that the newly designed 100 Australian dollar banknote has "world-leading anti-counterfeiting features" to assist the visually impaired.The design of Australian currency is based on innovative and advanced security features, which are also the hallmarks of Australian banknotes.

The new version of the $100 banknote has a "touch" function. There are five protrusions on each long side of the banknote, which can help the blind or people with poor eyesight distinguish different denominations. Australia has redesigned a number of denominations of banknotes since the launch of the "Next Generation Banknotes Program", and 100 Australian dollars is the last redesigned banknote. It is reported that the well-known figures on the banknotes will be consistent with the previous edition: one side is Sir John Monash, the commander, engineer and citizen leader of the Australian Imperial Army during World War I. On the other side is the internationally renowned artist, Mrs. Dame Nellie Melba, who performed in Australia, Europe and the United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries.