Among the Chinese students enrolled in Australia, nearly 10 are still staying in China or a third country

The Australian government announced that the entry ban on visitors from mainland China has been extended for another week. Seeing that the start of school is imminent, some Australian universities have announced that they will provide financial assistance to Chinese students in addition to remote online teaching and postponement of school start time.

Most universities in Australia will start school next week. Not long ago, according to an estimate by Universities Australia, nearly 10 Chinese students enrolled in Australia are still stranded in China or a third country.

According to a research report by the Centre for Independent Studies, a think tank in Australia, the proportion of Chinese students in the total number of students in Australia's eight top universities ranges from 5.3% (University of Western Australia) to 26% (University of Sydney). The proportion of tuition fees paid by Chinese students to the total school income ranges from 4% (University of Western Australia) to 26% (University of Sydney). If the new crown epidemic continues into June, the potential decline in the export revenue of the Australian education industry is estimated to be between 60% and 80%.

Western Sydney University: A subsidy of 1500 Australian dollars for transit to third countries

On February 2, the University of Western Sydney promised to provide AU$21 in subsidies to Chinese students who can return on time at the start of school through a third country transfer in its WeChat public account update on the new coronavirus information.

"We encourage you to consider taking this approach to Australia so that you can start your studies at Western Sydney University. For those who wish to come to Australia through a third country but cannot arrive before the semester, you can start from the semester Starting one day (March 3), free access to online learning resources and remote classes,” Western Sydney University wrote in an article published on the official account.

But the article also puts forward a requirement for students: "If you plan to transit to Australia through a third country and want to receive the $1500 (Australian dollar) subsidy provided by the school, you must arrive in Sydney before March 3 to start classes."

The practice of Western Sydney University has been heatedly discussed by Chinese students.

A Western Sydney University student said on social media: "I was shocked when I received this email. If the ban continues to be extended, I will really go to a third country."

However, some students expressed concern about the health risks of transiting to a third country to study in Australia. A student posted: "The teacher in charge of the project also sent an email to confirm the subsidy, so I dare not go."

Other Chinese students who have not yet returned to Australia expressed envy for Western Sydney University’s approach. Some students from the “Big Eight” expressed the hope that their schools would also provide some subsidies for transit to third countries.

National University:Free course retake

The Australian National University mentioned in a notice on the school website on February 2 that the school will provide financial aid to new students who are affected by the travel ban and cannot come to Canberra before March 14.

"If you are a freshman who is affected by the travel ban and cannot arrive in Australia before March 2020, 3, you will receive a bursary and we will waive any fees for distance learning in the first semester. The bursary will automatically enter you Account."

The potential decline in export revenue of the Australian education industry during the coronavirus outbreak in China is estimated to be between 60% and 80%

The decline in the potential export revenue of the Australian education industry during the Chinese coronavirus epidemic is estimated to be between 60% and 80%.

"Old students affected by the travel ban still need to pay the normal tuition fees before March 3, but they will get a special exemption. This means that if you fail any course in the first semester of 31, you can retake this course. The tuition fee will be waived."

University of Adelaide: Reimbursement of travel expenses

On February 2st, some Chinese students from the University of Adelaide who have not yet returned to Australia also received an email from the school about tuition waivers.

In the email obtained by ABC Chinese, the University of Adelaide promised to provide a 20% tuition waiver for students participating in the first semester of courses, as well as reimbursement of travel expenses to Australia. The tuition fee for the first semester is reduced by 20%. The exemption will be accumulated on top of any scholarships already received. After the travel ban is lifted, the cost of a return ticket to Australia can be reimbursed up to A$2000. "

University of Tasmania:$1500 economic subsidy

The University of Tasmania issued the Travel Ban Financial Hardship Grant yesterday to encourage international students who have spent extra expenses due to the travel ban. You can apply to the school for a one-time hardship allowance of $1500 to subsidize students' additional expenses for travel, accommodation, and air ticket changes caused by the epidemic, which is welcomed by students.

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