At present, the epidemic of the new crown virus is still escalating, and the number of confirmed cases in China alone has exceeded 4.

Under the cover of the nest, there are no eggs...

The epidemic is raging in mainland China, and the situation in Hong Kong is also precarious.

During the recent period, major overseas airlines have announced grounding of flights to Hong Kong.

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Yesterday, even the media revealed that residents were evacuated overnight because of multiple infections found in one unit building!

These news can not help but make people worry, even Hong Kong will fall?

1. Grounded in Hong Kong

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, countries around the world have closed their doors to the Chinese because of the alarming speed of the virus.

The number of countries in the figure below that restrict the entry of Chinese people has reached 21, and there are many other countries that are not included...

According to statistics from the National Immigration Administration, a total of 128 countries and regions currently restrict the entry of Chinese citizens.

In Hong Kong, because of the continuous increase in confirmed cases, many countries have to reduce or even cut off air routes...

Recently, major overseas airlines have announced groundings.

A few days ago, Virgin Australia announced that it would permanently cancel the Hong Kong route starting next month.

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It is reported that,Virgin Australia announced the suspension of flights between Melbourne and Hong Kong in November last year.

Starting next month, the Hong Kong route will be permanently cancelled, and flights to and from Sydney will stop operating on March 3.

Virgin Australia stated that after a comprehensive review of its route operations, it believed that it would be difficult to financially support Hong Kong's flight operations, and therefore decided to withdraw from the Hong Kong market.

(Image source: Jetstar Airways)

Jetstar Airways also issued a notice stating thatIn view of the development of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic and the decline in passenger demand for flights, Jetstar Asia has decided to suspend flights to and from Hong Kong. In addition, it has also extended the suspension of flight services to and from Shantou and Haikou.

According to reports,从香港出发至新加坡的定期航班将从2020年2月15日起暂停,最后一趟航班服务定于2020年2月14日。

At the same time, Hong Kong Cathay Pacific also stated that affected by the epidemic, it will be forced to cut XNUMX% of flights to and from mainland China in the next two months.

(Image source: Cathay Pacific)



At present, Cathay Pacific only retains five destinations from Hong Kong to Beijing Capital PEK, Shanghai Hongqiao/Pudong SHA/PVG, Chengdu Shuangliu CTU and Xiamen Gaoqi XMN for normal flight.

Cathay Pacific employees have also been notified to take unpaid leave from next month until June 6.

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In response, the Cathay Pacific Air Services staff responded that although it is inevitable to take relevant measures, it strongly urges the company not to use layoffs as a cost control, and to ensure that frontline employees are provided with adequate anti-epidemic supplies, and all flights to China are completely suspended.

According to reports, about 50 flight attendants of Dragonair, which is affiliated with Cathay Pacific, have initiated a rally and signed a request to suspend flights to various cities in China.

I don’t know if it’s because of the strike. Some netizens said,My own connecting flight from Melbourne to Shanghai to Hong Kong has been cancelled by Cathay Pacific in the second half.

Under the influence of the epidemic, even airlines have become less "reliable".

Once these routes, which are the lifeblood of Hong Kong’s economy, are cancelled, the losses are hard to measure...

At the same time, the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong is also rising...

2. Evacuation of residents of the unit building

According to the press release of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, as of 10 o'clock on the 20th,The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong has reached 42.

(Photo source: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Press Bulletin)

It is reported that the 42nd confirmed patient is a 62-year-old woman living in Kang Mei House, Chang Hong Estate, Tsing Yi.

Coincidentally, this woman lives in Room 12 in the same building as the 07th confirmed patient earlier.

This coincidence can't help but remind many people that during the SARS period, there were cases where 331 residents living in the same community were cross-infected with the virus.

For this reason, Huang Jiaqing, director of the Center for Health Protection of the Hong Kong Department of Health, said that it is necessary to clarify whether there is an environmental infection.

(Image source: Phoenix Network)

According to reports, the entire building is connected by the same dung canal, with a U-shaped drain.

However, after the preliminary inspection, the relevant departments believe that the exhaust pipe connected to the dung canal is located indoors and is not completely sealed, so the possibility of virus transmission from the exhaust pipe cannot be ruled out, but it needs to be checked by an engineer.

Yuan Guoyong, Chair Professor of Infectious Diseases, said that although the route of transmission of the new coronavirus has not yet been fully grasped, it is known from the experience of SARS that the coronavirus can be transmitted through the air in special circumstances.

For example, during the SARS period, Amoy Garden did not separate the U-shaped channel with water, and the virus could be transmitted through the toilet.

(Image source: Wikiwand)

This time, there were two cases in Room 07 of Kangmei Building. The residents upstairs fell ill first, and residents downstairs fell ill later. Both cases developed symptoms during the incubation period. In addition, the newly confirmed cases had leaking toilets in their homes. In case, if you turn on the exhaust fan in the toilet, it may draw air into the room.

Therefore, the safest course for residents now is to evacuate immediately!

Room 07 of this building covers a total of 2 to 35 floors. Although the two diagnoses are 10 floors apart, it is currently impossible to rule out whether other people have been infected. Therefore, the residents of Room 07 on all floors need to be evacuated.

The authorities will inspect the evacuated households. Those with symptoms will be sent to hospital, and those without symptoms will be sent to a quarantine center for isolation.

(Image source: Yahoo Qimo)

The government will also arrange engineers the next day to inspect the exhaust pipes in Room 07.

Huang Jiaqing said,At present, they have obtained environmental samples, and the laboratory needs several days for testing, but they still need to take samples from the fecal channel for inspection.

Yuan Guoyong said that the tragedy of Amoy Gardens should not be staged again, because even if it is airborne through the dung canal, due to the design of the U canal in the building, there should not be a large number of residents being infected.

As for why all residents of Kangmei Building were not evacuated, Yuan Guoyong said that the two cases currently occurred in Room 07, so there is no need to evacuate all thousands of people.

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It is reported that more than 10 police vehicles surrounded the Kangmei Building at the scene. The two floors where the confirmed cases were found have been sealed off, and the remaining floors can still enter and exit normally.

At last,

China hold on, Hong Kong hold on!

Hope all this can pass quickly!