Facing the increasingly serious garbage crisis in Victoria, Australia, the environmental department said that the adoption of a new type of transparent trash can is expected to make residents feel guilty, change their garbage disposal habits, and reduce the amount of garbage.

In this regard, Dr. Nicholas Aberle of the Victorian Department of Environment said that most families can easily reduce the amount of their trash. If this transparent trash can makes them feel guilty and changes their consumption habits, it is worth a try. It is reported that the Mindarie Local Council of Western Australia launched the "Transparent Trash Can" program in 2018. This experimental program aims to allow taxpayers to "face their garbage." In the trial, 20 households received transparent wheeled bins for 8 weeks. However, the cities of Stonnington, Port Phillip and Yarra stated that transparent trash cans are not part of their plan. Yarra is worried that they "will not look good" because the trash cans will wear out over time, but the Greater Geelong Council Think of the transparent trash can as an "interesting concept".