Last weekend, among the 170 people who withdrew from the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship to Darwin, 3 people were diagnosed with new crown virus pneumonia. This brought the number of confirmed cases of this group of nationals to 7 and the number of confirmed new pneumonia in Australia reached 22. name.

According to reports, the Australians who were evacuated from the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship have been quarantined in a workers' village in Darwin, and the four people diagnosed last week have been sent to their hometowns for treatment. It is reported that the two Victorian patients with new coronary pneumonia diagnosed on Saturday will be sent back to Victoria for isolation and treatment at a local hospital. The third diagnosed Queensland woman will also be sent back to Queensland Hospital for isolation and treatment on the 4th. Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said last Sunday that the seven confirmed patients are in stable condition. At the same time, he said that the Australian health department had previously expected that more people would be diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia among the nationals evacuated from the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship.