Australia visa expires during the epidemic, apply for renewal, simply don’t waste money

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During the COVID-XNUMX period, if you happen to be in Australia,Visa is about to expire, And the original visa has "no extension of stay conditions", butHope to return home after the epidemic, Then you canFill in Form 1447 from the Department of Immigration to apply(Click to read the original claim form), apply for exemption.

The process is very simple, no need to waste money. After obtaining the exemption, you can apply for a tourist visa again.


What is "no extension of stay"?

The "no extension of stay" clause prohibits visa holders from applying for various temporary or permanent visas while in Australia.

The conditions include 8503, 8534 and 8535 (please check the conditions on the official website of the Australian Immigration Service).

If your visa has one of these conditions, you cannot apply for another visa (except for a protection visa or a specific type of temporary visa during your stay in Australia).

If you do not have the right to stay in Australia, you must leave.


How can I check if my visa has this restriction?

If you want to check whether your visa is accompanied by the "no extension of stay" condition, you can check yourVisa letterOrLog in to the VEVO system of the Immigration BureauCheck it out.


Under what circumstances can you apply for the "no extension of stay" exemption?

If you have an unpredictable and inevitable change in your situation while holding this visa, You can ask the Ministry of the Interior to waive the “no extension of stay” condition.


Examples of major changes that satisfy the request for exemption

  • Cannot travel for medical reasons;
  • Death or serious illness of close relatives;
  • Natural disasters in the home country;
  • Civil war or unrest;
  • The school cannot provide courses approved by your visa.

Examples of (significant changes) that cannot be exempted?

  • Marry or start cohabitation with an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Hang section
  • Pregnant women who cannot provide medical advice prohibiting travel;
  • It is not clear that the conditions attached to the visa do not constitute a reason for applying for an exemption.

How to apply for an exemption?

accessibleComplete Form 1447 "No Extension of Stay" Waiver Request(373 kilobyte PDF)Or request for exemption in writing(Click to read the original claim form).


1. A certified copy of your passport's personal data page;

2. Documentary evidence supporting your request for exemption. Such evidence can include medical reports. Non-English documents must have an English translation. The translated documents must be certified by a translator approved by the National Translation Bureau.


How to submit an application?

Send the completed form and documentary evidence to:

[email protected]

If you are unable to send the form and documents by email, please send your form and all application materials to: Department of Home Affairs (Address below)

Department of Home Affairs

Brisbane No Further Stay Waiver Request Processing Centre

GPO Box 9984

Brisbane Qld 4001.

The above translation is for reference only, please refer to the website of the Ministry of the Interior or professionals for specific opinions.

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