Twenty days have passed since Wuhan was closed on January 1. This may be the longest 23 days in all Chinese memories.

We have experienced an unprecedented global crisis, and every day is full of shock, sorrow, anxiety and touch.

In just 20 days

Someone just took a vacation but was forced to wander in another country

Someone just visited relatives but stayed in their hometown forever

Someone lost their parents and became orphans

Someone lost their life and became a hero

No one thought that the beginning of 2020 is to force us to learn to look down on life and death and cherish every day we live.

Although 20 days have passed and the number of newly diagnosed patients fluctuates, the turning point of the epidemic has not yet arrived. As of 1:XNUMX this afternoon

42708 people diagnosed in China

Of which 7333 were severely ill patients

In addition, 21675 suspected cases

1017 deaths

4005 people cured

The number of confirmed cases exceeded 4, and the number of deaths exceeded XNUMX. At the same time, the number of suspected cases and severely ill patients is increasing.Refresh everyone's psychological endurance again.

The infection situation in China is neither good nor bad, but the situation outside China is a bit worrying.

The number of infections on Japanese cruise ships is doubling

Super contagious person without history of travel to China appeared

World Health Organization upgrade warning

It aggravated the anxiety in everyone's hearts

Japan's nightmare cruise ship confirmed soaring to 136 people!

The passenger crew issued an emergency call for help!

Yesterday, the luxury cruise ship "Diamond Princess" docked at the port of Yokohama, Japan, once again grabbed the hearts of the world. This nightmarish cruise ship,Has become the focus of the most serious epidemic outside of China.

As of this Monday

136 people on the cruise ship have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia patients

among them6 patients are Australian

And more suspected cases are still waiting for test results

At present, all the confirmed patients have been sent to the local hospital, and more than 3500 people on the cruise ship are living in panic.

The original schedule of returning home was all delayed, and the romantic cruise trip turned into a nightmare. Tourists from more than 30 countries have been trapped on the cruise ship for a week. They need to be temperature-measured and disinfected every day. Coupled with the rising number of confirmed cases, the mood is on the verge of collapse. Yesterday, the Indian crew of the cruise ship began to issue a public request for help:

"Hurry up and let healthy people get off the boat!

If this continues, everyone will be infected! "

I hope the government can dispatch rescue forces to evacuate as soon as possible

This cruise ship arrived at the port of Yokohama, Japan on February 2, with more than 3 passengers and crew. Because a passenger became ill while passing through Hong Kong and was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, the cruise ship was quarantined in place for 3700 days after arriving in Yokohama.In just one week, the number of confirmed cases on the cruise ship soared to 136, and many passengers began to develop fever symptoms, which shows that the virus is highly contagious.This has to make people worry about the health of other people on the cruise ship.

The British who had never been to China were diagnosed

Infect 5 countries in 4 days

In addition to the doubling of the number of confirmed cases on Japanese cruise ships, there are also a series of cases that have made the world feel the terrifying power of the new crown virus.

A British national who had never been to China was diagnosed

In just a few days, he infected at least 11 people

Spread the virus to the UK, France, Switzerland and Spain

Last week, a British man fainted due to fever and was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. But this man has never been to China. After tracing the man's footsteps in the past half month, the British Ministry of Health discovered a huge chain of infection similar to the beginning of the movie "Infectious Diseases".

Infected in Singapore on January 1-20 Although this man had never been to China, he participated in a business meeting of 1 people in Singapore during January 20-22. Among them, at least one Chinese from Hubei attended the meeting. The British Ministry of Health believes that the British man was infected with the virus in Singapore.

Infected 1 people in France from January 24 to 28 The British man who was asymptomatic during the incubation period went to the Alps for a ski holiday with his friends. From January 1 to 24, he and a group of other companions lived in a two-room cabin, and 28 of them were confirmed to be infected.

Stop in Geneva on January 1 After the British man had finished his vacation from the Alps, he flew to Geneva for transit. Now he is taking the flight in and out of Geneva, everyone is at risk of infection...

The infected person was diagnosed in Paris on February 2 Five British people who shared a room with a British man were diagnosed in a Paris hospital. One of them was a child. The other 5 people are still being tested and the results are unknown.

The infected person was diagnosed in Spain on February 2 A Spanish man who had been in contact with a British man was diagnosed in Macaro. Although the man had no obvious symptoms, he brought the virus to Macaro, Spain. His wife and children were also quarantined.

2 infected people were diagnosed in the UK on February 10 Four more infected persons who returned to the UK from France were diagnosed.

Because this British man who was unfortunately infected in Singapore caused his family and friendsAt least 11 people were infected!All passengers on the same flight were required to be medically observed; the staff of the Alpine holiday cottage and nearby bars were quarantined; a British medical center where he worked was temporarily closed for inspection; more than XNUMX people in three primary schools in the UK were tested as close contacts...

Only 5 days

The source of infection for British men who turned to walk

Brought the virus to 4 countries

The World Health Organization is concerned:

Patients with no history of travel to China spread the virus globally

Recently, more patients similar to this British person have been diagnosed, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has begun to worry about the global spread of the new crown virus.

yesterday,WHO has sent a vanguard team to Wuhan to assist in research on the virus. At the same time, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus issued a warning to countries around the world through social media:

"Currently the spread of the new crown virus outside China is very slow

But it may accelerate!

All countries must be prepared to guard against the virus!

Some cases without a history of travel to China appear

Just the tip of the iceberg

It shows that the virus is spreading widely in other countries"

Previously, whether it was the United States, Australia or other countries’ bans, they focused on tourists departing from China in the past 14 days, and there has been no precautionary measures for travelers without a history of travel in China. But in fact, as of 12 o'clock this morning,

378 confirmed patients outside China

Distributed in 24 countries

The WHO strongly urges countries to strengthen their awareness and attention to the new crown pneumonia, and use the window of opportunity before the outbreak to curb the spread of the virus.For African countries that have not yet found confirmed cases, the WHO is also very worried. Some countries with relatively fragile medical systems currently lack the ability to diagnose. WHO has sent diagnostic kits to Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Iran, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zambia, and conducted training to help medical personnel in these countries learn to diagnose New coronavirus pneumonia.

The Australian government intends to extend China's entry ban

Judging from the current increase in the number of newly diagnosed people, although there has been a decline, the situation is still not optimistic, and the warning of the World Health Organization has made countries more vigilant.

Last night, Australian media (The Age and Sydney Morning Herald: The Age and Sydney Morning Herald) suddenly released news saying"There is some news from the government that it is confirmed that the 14-day ban on entry to China will be extended."

The article very vaguely stated that the "extended ban" was sourced from the "Government source" (government channel), claimingIn consideration of the spread of the epidemic, the Australian government is preparing to extend the ban, But did not specify which department or official revealed the news.

This news is contrary to the news disclosed by the Australian Minister of Education and Finance not long ago. up to now,We have not seen any official channels in Australia confirm that the ban will be postponed, But based on the current epidemic and the warnings of the World Health Organization's escalation, it is hard to say that this news is not groundless.

What’s more surprising is that theUniversity of New South Wales (UNSW)Unexpectedly announced,There will be no online courses, and all students who fail to rush back to Australia to register and report on February 2 will be delayed until the start of school in June...

Look at this posture

I'm ready for the students not to come back

However, other universities have not yet made such a statement. Universities such as the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney are still actively striving for it.

Is the ban extended?

Will foreign students be exempted

There is no conclusion yet

Students who purchased air tickets before February 2

No charge for refund or change

Seeing that the Australian government may soon extend the ban on China's entry, the time for international students to return to Australia is far away. butThe news just released may reduce some losses for many international students.This morning,The Civil Aviation Administration of China issued an announcement:

All students who bought air tickets before February 2

With valid proof

Refunds and changes to other flights before March 3

It’s all free, no fees

This notice does not specifically emphasize whether it is a domestic ticket or a foreign ticket. If a student cannot return to Australia due to the extension of the Australian ban and has to change the ticket, remember to mention the content of this notice when returning or changing.

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In addition to these major updates, a lot of information about the epidemic is bombarding us. Among the evacuees on Christmas Island, there was another highly suspected case of fever; a cargo ship that had just arrived at a port in Victoria had symptoms and is undergoing testing and confirmation. At the same time, thousands of Chinese returning to Australia are self-employed. In isolation...

The epidemic fluctuates every day, Australia’s policy changes day by day, and everything is unknown. but no matter,Health must be the most important thing. now

A confirmed case without a history of travel to China emerges

The longest incubation period of new coronary pneumonia can reach 24 days

Cruise ships, trains, and airplanes have become high-risk areas

Any long journey

Are full of risks

If it is not a last resort, everyone should try to avoid these potential risks.