Following a sudden increase of 111 cases in Victoria yesterday,

Today there are 84 more cases,

As of press time, the total number of confirmed cases in Victoria has reached 769.

And these confirmed cases are not local infections,

Most are from the United States.

1. Australia will be diagnosed to break 4000

While the escalating new crown epidemic caused nearly 65 infections and more than 3 deaths worldwide, the number of confirmed new crowns in Australia continued to soar to 3928 overnight, with 16 deaths.


Australian Prime Minister Morrison earlier announced the implementation of stricter self-isolation rules for returning Australians. They will all have to spend a 14-day quarantine period in a hotel or other accommodation in the city upon arrival. The state governments bear the cost.

These passengers will be sent directly to the designated place in the arrival city, regardless of whether the city is their final destination in Australia.

2. The largest hospital in Melbourne, began to spread from person to person!

Person-to-person transmission occurred at The Alfred Hospital, one of Melbourne's largest hospitals. Currently, the hospital’s inpatients and staff have been diagnosed, and some staff have gone home for isolation, and the cancer ward area has been restricted from entering and exiting.

The Alfred Hospital issued a statement,In its hematology oncology ward, 4 patients tested positive for the new coronavirus, and 2 of them died.

Of the three Victorian patients who died of new coronary pneumonia, two were from the ward.

Three employees in the ward area also tested positive for the new crown virus, and a group of employees were sent home for self-isolation. At present, the tracking of infected persons has not yet determined the source of infection, and it is conducting a full investigation.

In addition,Four staff at Werribee Mercy Hospital in Melbourne have tested positive.

3. The ban was issued too late, most of the overseas cases came from the United States

What Australia regrets most now is that it did not ban the United States as soon as possible! After all, the United States has now surpassed Italy and China to become the country with the largest number of people infected by the new crown virus in the world.As of press time, there have been 12 confirmed cases in the United States, which is truly terrifying.

Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said that there are still a large number of returnees in Australia carrying the virus and developing infections. inIn many cases, they passed the virus to their family members.

"We currently have one-third of the cases from returning travelers. This is the biggest problem, and we have the most cases related to this. A large part of the other cases are infected by returning travelers."

The number of infected people from the United States is twice that of other countries.

Every month, more than 85000 Australians travel back to Australia from the United States. Americans also like Australia very much. At most, 70000 American citizens visit Australia in a month.

On the advice of the chief medical officer, the Morrison government refused to impose a travel ban on its most important allies until more than a week after the ban on Italy was imposed on March 3 to isolate Australia from the world.

On March 3, an Australian woman returned home from skiing in the United States. There was no mandatory self-isolation period. The woman was already sick at the time, and she did not know it. She went to a friend’s 14st birthday party and became infected unknowingly. 21 people.

Infectious disease specialist,Professor Peter Collignon of the Australian National University said: "The virus has spread in the United States since mid-January!"

"From the data at the time, if Australia had prepared earlier, it would not have caused the current situation."

At last,

As the Minister of Health calls on people:"Social distance must be maintained!"If people keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other, there is a relatively high probability that they will not be infected with the virus.

At the same time, the editor would like to say to all Chinese friends:Don't go out if you can, wear a mask when you go out!