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The coronavirus is raging recently, and I have seen some countries, such as Australia and Italy, where racial discrimination has begun to rise again. For example, a Chinese student in Australia was beaten, and a woman in Italy went to a gas station to buy something and was beaten. All these made me filled with righteous indignation and thought about the thoughts in my heart.

Let me talk about discrimination first, which is defined in Wikipedia as:

Discrimination refers to members of a specific ethnic group, and they are treated differently and poorly only because of their identity or classification, rather than personal characteristics. Different levels of discrimination, such as country, religion, class, rich and poor, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, education, occupation, and age, may have different degrees of discrimination.

Thinking of discrimination, before going abroad, all I can think of is that Shanghainese discriminate against non-locals, urban people discriminate against country folks, and rich people discriminate against the poor. Your child goes to study in a developed area from a backward area, and he still suffers discrimination from children in developed areas. When my brother graduated from university and went to work in a communications company in Shanghai, he was assigned to a house in a residential area in Shanghai as a dormitory. When he met so many kind aunts, they said, ah, these companies specialize in defrauding migrant workers to work, and then they don’t pay wages. You have to be careful if you let the migrant workers leave before the internship period. I thought it was funny when I heard it, what age is this, what company is mine, why would I still do this kind of thing?

When I was a child, I went from one province to another. At the beginning, I suffered from regional discrimination. They (including teachers) began to think that my education level was low and my grades were not good. The result was a few exams, which shocked them. , Classmates and teachers looked at me with admiration. In order to restore their self-esteem, some book guys made up some nursery rhymes to scold me. Think about it, I came down from the mountain and I was afraid of this. At that time, I was very wild tempered. He pressed that male classmate on the ground and rode. He was beaten on the body, and then he surrendered, and when he saw me he hid away. This incident gave me the impression that we should treat discrimination, don't talk about any reason, speak with fists, and be very confident, because the reason for discrimination is untenable.

Without the hard work of countless poor people, where does the wealth come from? Don't make the poor people in a hurry, give you a white knife to go in and a red knife to go out. There are no country people to farm, and city people drink northwest wind? Underdeveloped areas have the happiness of life in underdeveloped areas, and developed areas have the troubles of life in developed areas. So don't look down on anyone.

Before going abroad, I heard from my classmates overseas that I hated Indians very much. I didn't understand it at the time. I thought this guy was racially discriminatory, but after a few years of working and living abroad, before I knew it, I tried to stay away from Indians. I think this is not racial discrimination, but a statistical probability based on my experience. Just like big data analysis now. Many Indians are dishonest and secretly mess up. Although it is not dangerous, it makes people feel as uncomfortable as eating a fly. I am not talking about all Indians, but I have encountered many such things in Indians. Builder also suffered from Indian losses not long ago and owed more than 2 knives, but he just refused to pay. Refugees from Africa are different from Indians. They like to snatch them. White knives go in and red knives go out, so many Westerners can't bear the Africans. Then Muslims like to have children desperately, do not go to work, pray when nothing is wrong, and like to engage in terrorist activities. I’m not saying that people in all Muslim countries are like this. I really appreciate that there are two people in my company. One is from the product department. The one is from Turkey. They are very responsible. I call him "best product man". I really hate other companies in the company. The product manager of European descent is irresponsible and formalistic all day long, only admiring him. There is also an Iranian brother. He originally won the full prize of St. Lois Anna University in the United States for artificial intelligence. However, Trump came to power and his visa was rejected. He didn’t want to stay in Iran, so he had to come to our unit to mess around. I asked Whether he is a Muslim or not, he said yes, there is no way, go with his parents, I asked him how many times a day he prayed, he said pray once a year, I was dizzy. . . His wife is also a Muslim, but she believes nothing but her name, and she has no children. The couple is still working. So I think we have to distinguish between discrimination and the results of analysis based on big data.

I often hear the news about what white people here in Australia say that this is their land, and that the Chinese will go back to China. I just want to laugh. This reminds me of when Australian Prime Minister Gillard was in power, when she was thrown on top of her head by indigenous people at the gate of parliament, asking them to go back to Europe. The indigenous people certainly have this right. According to history, this is their land. It was Europeans (mainly British) who forcibly drove away the aborigines of Australia and drove them to the uninhabitable north, calling them "indigenous australians". Later, the White Australia policy was implemented to forcibly separate the children of indigenous people from their parents to learn English. Fortunately, the Australian government's conscience discovered that in 2008, Prime Minister Rudd delivered a famous speech "Australia should say sorry!" to reverse the wrong White Australia policy. The Australian Constitution says that Australia is a "shared land", so we Chinese should live in this land with confidence, and if we encounter similar things, we must tell them with confidence, "Go back to your European hometown!" The same applies to Chinese in the United States.

Recently, I have seen that Italy is very anti-Chinese. It used to be calm and there was nothing wrong with it. Now that we have a coronavirus, the whole world believes that it was caused by the Chinese. Therefore, many people in Italy hate the Chinese very much. Their work and business were squeezed out by competitive Chinese. If it is, I feel angry in my heart, and I just use a reason to vent. I have been to this ghost place in Italy. It is too much like China ten years ago. In this society, the survival of the fittest is normal. How much contribution the Chinese have made to your society, without Chinese, you drink northwest wind, this thing is also applicable to Australia and the United States. Therefore, the Chinese living in Italy must have the confidence to tell those who engage in racism: Without us, you can eat shit.

I feel that China is in an era of the rise of a great power. I feel that many Western countries are racially discriminating against China on the surface, but in essence it is envy, jealousy, and desperate suppression. I still remember that when we were studying, a classmate with poor grades, if suddenly passed the top three in the class, he would immediately attract all kinds of skeptical eyes, thinking that she/he was plagiarizing and peeking, or bridging the teacher, knowing in advance The results obtained in the examination papers are not their own strengths. Then if he/she ranks in the top three every time in the exam, other students will gradually adapt and think he/she should be like this. This is the current situation in China. The whole world is still not adapted to the rise of China, but it already thinks that the United States should be like this (when the United States surpassed the United Kingdom, the so-called European aristocrats still looked down on the Americans, thinking that they were local tyrants and became rich overnight). As descendants of Yan Huang, objectively speaking, our IQ and EQ are very good among the races of the world. We must have this confidence.

As overseas Chinese, we usually have to keep fit. When encountering this kind of thing, we need to have a kind of psychological confidence. Those who engage in discrimination are generally social losers, with a guilty heart, and the brave who meet in a narrow way win.

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