Remember Huangshan during the Qingming holiday?

Before achieving zero growth in cases,

Nearly 2 tourists flocked to Huangshan Scenic Area,
Caused a great risk of population outbreak infection.

(Image source: Tencent News)

And as far away as Australia is also facing the Easter holiday,

Prior to this, the Australian Prime Minister and the state governments have repeatedly issued warnings,

"People should not go out on holiday during the Easter holiday, otherwise the fight against the epidemic will be wiped out",

However, the "rebellion" of the Australians is revealed again.

Going out to "run to freedom" despite a high fine...

1. Australians who secretly go out on holiday

During this special period of the global pandemic of the new crown virus, the Australian government has taken many anti-epidemic measures, which have indeed effectively curbed the spread of the virus. If the new crown virus is a natural disaster, then the Easter holiday that comes when the outbreak is finally contained may have to be called a man-made disaster.

Out of worries about the Australian people and consideration of the epidemic, Australian Prime Minister Morrison and the state governments have repeatedly expressed the hope that the Australian people will cherish the results they have achieved in the fight against the epidemic.Avoid unnecessary travel vacations during the Easter holidays.

(Image source: The Guardian)

However, the Australian people said:

Do not! I'm going out to play!

So on the evening of March 3th, there was a lot of traffic on the Peninsula Link to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, and there might even be a traffic jam.

(Image source: 3AM)

This situation is very illogical, although former Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said,If you want to go on holiday during the Easter holidays, you can go if you have your own holiday house in the destination.

If it is Airbnb or driving an RV to go on vacation, you will face fines.

But according to the traffic flow in the picture, who would believe that these car owners all have their own holiday homes on the Mornington Peninsula?

There must be fish in troubled waters,

People who want to sneak out.

(Image source: The Age)

And PortElliot, a tourist town in South Australia, also ushered in a wave of "Easter tourists".Hundreds of tourists poured into this town. Although local accommodation has long been closed due to the epidemic, it does not prevent Australians who love to travel in their RVs.

Local residents said that although there are a lot fewer tourists than thousands of tourists in the past, they still pose a threat of infection. Some tourists have holiday houses here, but anyone who does not need to be in the area should go home.

"Shops and beaches are crowded with people, and social distancing regulations are not observed at all. I am very worried about our small town. There are a large number of elderly people in the town. It is originally a high-risk area. This can easily cause a large-scale infection outbreak. It's not fair to us."

(Image source: ABC)

The beaches across Australia on March 3 can be said to be indistinguishable from Australia’s current coronavirus crisis...


(Image source: Daily Mail)

Gold Coast:

(Image source: Daily Mail)

(Image source: Daily Mail)

Bells Beach, Victoria:

(Image source: Daily Mail)

The most confusing thing is that many beaches in Australia have chosen to close their beaches directly because they are worried that there will be a large number of tourists on Easter, such as Bondi Beach and Burleigh Heads.

However, there are people crossing the fence next to the "Beach Closed" sign,

Sneak into the beach to swim.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

The Australian police had no choice but to adopt stricter monitoring methods...

2. 7 fines a day, helicopters dispatched

According to statistics, after the new crown ban,Australian police have issued more than 100 million Australian dollars in fines!In order to supervise "very disobedient" Australians, the tools and equipment used to supervise fines are constantly being upgraded.

To organize people who violate the Easter travel ban,

The police even dispatched a helicopter!

Officials warned on Friday that even if the number of new diagnoses of the new crown in Australia has decreased, helicopters will still be sent, checkpoints will be set up, and huge fines will be issued for strict control.

(Image source: Reuters)

However, this does not seem to do away with the Australians’ desire for vacation.

Within 1 day,

The Australian police issued a fine of up to 7 Australian dollars!

(Image source: Daily Mail)

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboy confirmed on Friday that nearly 50 people across the state have been fined $1000 for violating social distancing regulations.

The Queensland Police also stated that it imposed a fine of A$18 on 1334 people who violated social distancing regulations.

Western Australia police also received"On-site fines will be imposed on those who ignore the ban"The command.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

Although the Australian police's rigorous treatment of the epidemic is indeed praiseworthy, there are always times when the social distancing regulations are unclear and the fines are "injustice".

The ABC said that because of the vague content of some new crown bans and hasty drafting, many Australians are confused about what is allowed and what is not allowed.

So if you think it is unfair after receiving a ticket,An independent review of the decision on the penalty notice issued by the police may be required, but an application must be submitted to the relevant fines management agency before the fine date.

If it succeeds,

The ticket will be withdrawn,

Sometimes you will receive a warning instead of a fine.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

If you disagree with the independent examiner’s result, you can also choose to let the court hear it, and the court may rule you guilty or not guilty. If convicted, he can be fined and imprisoned for six months. If you plan to go to court, you should seek legal advice in advance.

At last,

Not only for the health of us and others,

You should also think about your wallet,

In special periods, we still try to minimize unnecessary trips.

Reduce the pressure on society and hospitals.