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150 million Chinese in Russia are going to enter China from three ports, Sui, Hei, and Fuyuan. Now the first batch will receive Russian returnees from all cities and counties in the Mudanjiang region in the next week. Russia has closed the city and Russia will not treat patients. All the sick and those in Russia returned home. The Mudanjiang area will become the hardest-hit area in the country, with first-level protection. Don't run around, please stay at home. It is important to save your life!

Russian President Putin issued the most stringent order! All over Russia frantically searched and deported the Chinese.

Seen from the WeChat video: The compatriots at the Tsaritsino Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled, who were centrally quarantined by Moscow's powerful department, can be said to be miserable:

There are students, businessmen, tourists, and temporary residents. They were all gathered for the same reason, that is, they violated the 14-day home quarantine rule promulgated by the Moscow government for entry.

Many people signed some documents at the airport in a daze, and received this ban notice without understanding the contents of the documents.

In this regard, Russia can say that it has not fulfilled the obligation of notification, there was no translation on the spot, and the documents were not in Chinese. They just blindly asked everyone to sign. The next step is to use the latest city-wide monitoring system implemented by the Moscow City Government and add facial recognition technology. After you are photographed leaving the isolation location, the police will come to your door without warning or dissuasion, and you will be bluffed and deceived. Then concentrate on dancing and wait for repatriation.

Many innocent Chinese people, such as those who were taken away in self-isolation in hotels, those who knocked on their doors and were taken away for inspection, some were taken away just off the plane on the way home, and some even went to the immigration bureau to get visas on arrival. Take away. The worst thing was that he went downstairs to take out the garbage and was taken away and sent directly to the court. Finally, he was sent to the deportation station in pajamas.

The Chinese Embassy asked Moscow for this. However, the Moscow City Government stated in its reply to the embassy that it was to prevent the spread of the epidemic and to protect the health and safety of Moscow citizens. (Please copy and add WeChat to prevent loss of contact: indicate the reader)

However, the law enforcement agencies in Moscow did not even wear masks. Since it is to protect the Russians, why don't these law enforcement officers wear masks and protect them?

According to an insider's disclosure on WeChat: The entire Tsarizino Rehabilitation Center has no decent isolation measures at all. There are 3 or 4 people in a room. Yesterday's supper was all sandwiches. The health of Moscow citizens is important, so should the Chinese people die? Just because they have a Chinese face, they can't distinguish between indiscriminate and are forced to come here for isolation?

If they really think that they are the spreaders of the virus, such a concentrated detention without protection would increase the cross-infection? Wasn't they sentenced to death? What is the difference between this and fascist isolation of Jews? Have you taken into account their feelings when you are forcibly expelling these Chinese back to China? 100 years ago, the civil war broke out in Russia. How many Russians went to our border cities in China? How many Russians did Harbin admit? As a big country, doesn't Russia need to learn from China's sense of responsibility and mind? A narrow-minded nation can never be strong, and even if it succeeds by chance, it cannot be undefeated for long.

Take a look-this is a medical diagnosis from a doctor, and is still being taken here to prepare for repatriation.

Through the vehicle dispatch system and internal mail, the Moscow City Transportation Company issued an order to the driver to "report or report to the police immediately if a Chinese is found in the compartment." A large number of police forces in the Moscow area conducted large-scale targeted investigations of Chinese in subway stations, bus hubs and important public places; the police repeatedly checked in university dormitories, registered information about Chinese students, photographed facial entry systems, and even checked the same dormitory several times a day; yes A considerable number of students and migrant workers who have passed the quarantine period or have complied with the quarantine regulations are forced to isolate themselves. Moscow Deputy Mayor Anrakova publicly stated: “Police officers conducted surprise inspections in major hotels, dormitories, private houses, subways and buses. No cases of new crown virus infection were found in Moscow.” She also revealed that , Chinese nationals detained in violation of mandatory regulations will be deported.

In order to maintain the "Sino-Russian friendship" and "China-North Korea friendship", the Chinese government has put in hard work and suppressed how many different voices from the people. To talk about hatred, we can turn out all eight generations of your Russian ancestors. Occupy Chinese land. , Killing the Chinese people, the Jiangdong XNUMXth Massacre... Did we mention it? How much did the Chinese come to Russia to contribute to Russia’s economic construction and Sino-Russian friendship?! It is always said that we Chinese make money, in fact, everyone knows , We Chinese sell things to Russians at the lowest price, while Russian distributors increase the price several times the profit to sell to Russians. The real money is the Russians, so we made a little hard money. .

Should zan reflect on what kind of friends he has made over the past few decades?