This is Australia

At 6:5 pm on June 18th, Beijing time, the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China suddenly released a
"Safety reminder for traveling to Australia"
The full text contains only two sentences:
Recently, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the phenomenon of racial discrimination and violence against Chinese and Asians in Australia has increased significantly. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds Chinese tourists to effectively raise their awareness of safety precautions,Do not travel to Australia. 
Subsequently, the official Weibo of China News Network released the news.
"The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds you not to travel to Australia"The topic of immediately boarded the second hot search on Weibo, which caused a heated discussion.
Many people commented,Now that it is not safe abroad, it is safer to stay at home.
However, some netizens mentioned,The word "Never" is actually used, indicating that it is really serious.
Indeed, in the past, even when the epidemic was severe, the government departments issued the most reminders"Go with caution"."Never"This kind of wording is very rare.
not to mention,
the first,Australia now has 7-10 new cases of the epidemic every day, which is considered to be under control.
second,There are indeed more racially discriminatory remarks and acts of violence against Chinese and Asian Americans than before, but basically, they have been exposed by the media and have not lost control. Now that the Australian epidemic has been brought under control, such incidents are also decreasing.
third,Now that Australia is still "closing the country", it is very difficult to leave the country, and the country is still implementing the "five one" policy. There are few flights to and from Australia and air tickets are expensive. Who will travel to Australia at this time?
Therefore, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism suddenly issued such a reminder last night,Your product, your product...
Think of the recentRelations between China and Australia are tense.
Australia also led the launch of an independent investigation into the source of the new crown epidemic.
Then from the federal to the state government, everyone suddenly turned over the old accounts and accused Victoria and China for signing the “Belt and Road” agreement.
All these things point to China.
China first revoked the import licenses of four Australian beef manufacturers.
Then, an 80% anti-dumping duty was imposed on barley imported from Australia.
Now I remind everyone "Don't travel to Australia".
In the rounds of games between China and Australia, it is the ordinary Chinese who ultimately suffer.
Looking at the official statement, the resumption of normal flights between China and Australia may be hopeless for a while.For example, China previously planned to allow charter flights from eight countries to enter China through the "green channel." These countries include Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Switzerland. But there is no Australia.
At present, the comment area under Weibo has been quarrelsome. In fact, there are already many conflicts in Australia. For example, because the Victorian government, which was the first batch of Western countries to sign the “Belt and Road”, was recently criticized by the US Secretary of State, and Andrew It was even criticized twice in the Australian media.
While criticizing the Belt and Road Initiative, the prime minister was busy making friends with India.
Despite the extreme pressure, the governor still expressed his support for the Belt and Road Initiative.
"Relations with China"
This is now a very sensitive issue in Australia and made a clear statement:
We have a good and close relationship with China,In the past five years, 5% of Victoria’s exports came from China.
Regarding Victoria’s accusations for being “pro-China”, the governor also responded positively:
I don't understand why some people think so: Our relationship with China should not be good but should be bad, and we should not sell more to China but less.
If this is what people want, then we will bear the cost of losing our jobs!
Hope the haze will pass soon!
Source: Weibo