Victorian Outbreak Today

4 new cases, 5 people are in the hospital, 1 person is in the ICU, 19 people died, the total number is 1703.
Of the 4 cases, 2 were overseas returnees, 1 was routinely tested, and 1 was still under investigation.Don't HaveThe case is related to black racial discrimination marches and protests.
The lockdown ban extended to September 9

Due to the new coronavirus,Starting from March 3th, the Australian government has announced a country lockout policy, and all people in the country will not leave the country., On March 3, the addition of detailed rules means that Australian citizens including PR cannot leave the country unless they are urgently needed or special needs, but overseas permanent residents can leave the country.
The original period of the ban was from March 3 to June 20 for a period of three months.On May 5, the government directly extended the ban to September 17.
A spokesman for the Australian government said: "We are extending the ban for another three months to ensure that the Australian government continues to have the appropriate authority to manage the ongoing new coronavirus pandemic."
"But if there are any humanitarian needs and special needs,You will be able to go to the Immigration Bureau to fill in the exemption form. "
"And this ban,Depending on the situation, countries with good epidemic control will sign open agreements, such as New Zealand. "
Lisa Cable, spokesperson for the Insurance Commission of Australia, said: "The travel ban is bad news for some people who want to go abroad, but it is good news for some people who originally planned to go abroad but want to cancel their tours due to the epidemic. ."
"When purchasing an insurance travel policy, many insurance companies have clearly stipulated that they cannot claim compensation due to the new coronavirus and known risks, butAs long as there are clear rules in black and white, the public will be compensated if policy changes and irresistible circumstances occur after purchasing insurance. "
Australia lock country timeline

*On February 2020, 2, the Australian government first banned China from entering
*Iran is banned from entry on February 2020, 2
*On March 2020, 3, entry to South Korea is prohibited
*On March 2020, 3, entry to Italy is prohibited
*The whole territory will be blocked on March 2020, 3
Unblock the surrounding borders in Australia

At the cabinet meeting on June 6, the federal government reached an agreement with the state government,The state border will be unblocked.
NSW: The ban has been lifted
Victoria: The ban has been lifted
Queensland: Lifting the ban on July 10
South Australia: Lifting the ban on July 7
Western Australia: Not yet decided
Tasmania: Not yet decided
Capital Territory: The ban has been lifted
Northern Territory: Lifting the ban on June 6