"Recently, a Chinese white-collar worker Ms. Zhang talked about "love" and spent more than 300 million!A few months of emotional entanglement made her unforgettable! Gao Fushuai's boyfriend's frown and smile made her uneasy...

What makes her even more unbelievable is that those scenes that she can't forget are carefully planned. She is just a "love pig in captivity" and will be "killed" after being fattened.

Ms. Zhang’s experience is similar. Another Chinese, Ms. Liu, and her senior management boyfriend were tortured after the "Tan Tan" meeting. She was tortured with "unfinished body". She was finally defeated and raised from 4 loan platforms. 60 yuan was smashed into the lottery gambling game, and seeing the amount plummeting, it returned to zero within a few seconds.Thus, "killing the pig is complete."

The key to the pig being killed is “raising pigs”. Marriage dating sites and dating apps are called “pigsty” and chat tools are called “pig food troughs”. Similarly, Ms. Zhang and Ms. Liu love to hate them. "Chat script" is called "Pig Feed".

The whole process is called"Slaughter plate".

The "Pig Killing Plate" appeared in 2017, when the "Piglet" target was male "comrades." In 2018, the scam of "killing pigs" was rampant, and "killing pigs" targeted single women. Many single women are lambs to be slaughtered.

According to relevant media reports, there have been more and more female victims recently.

The base camp of the "killing pig" is in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries that allow online gambling, these domestic scammers imitate the structure of telecommunications fraud groups, from the gang leader, the middle to the bottom. Salesmen, all young people recruited from high prices in China, are directing "killing pigs" scams.

Multiple placesSlaughter plate"scam

The scams that emerged in 2017 began to spread last year, and in 2019, scammers were even more unscrupulous.

Recently, there have been more and more news about "killing pig pan" from various parts of China...

On May 5, Guangdong Criminal Police said that he was defrauded of 10 million yuan a week! Learn about the online dating "killing pig" routine;

On May 5, the Beijing News reported that a woman in Shenzhen fell into a "killing pig" in a relationship and was deceived nearly 11 million yuan a week;

On May 5, China Changan.com reported that it cost more than 24 million to talk about "love"! Shanghai Jingxian Online Dating "Killing a Pig";

On May 5th, Yangtze Evening News reported that women’s online dating was deceived by 27 people when they fell into a “killing pig”;

On June 6th, Chutian Metropolis Daily reported that beware of "killing pigs" when making friends and dating, and that older single women were defrauded of 9 yuan by "Prince Charming";

On June 6, the South China Morning Post reported, Heartbreak! A woman in Guangxi was caught in a "killing pig" and was deceived by 13 million in two months of love;

On June 6, Shanxi Evening News: Taiyuan was shocked to see "killing pigs"! Be careful of young girls! It was sweet as honey in the beginning...

On June 6, the Metropolis Express reported, "This pig will be fattened a little bit more..." The Hangzhou girl encountered a "killing pig" after talking to a strange man, and lost 18 million in more than half a month;

On June 6, Wenzhou Commercial Daily reported that they were defrauded of 18 million yuan! More than 450 people fell into the "killing pig" in Southeast Asia;

There are also many victims, because they have also participated in gambling, they want to complain and even dare not enter the police station...As you can imagine, there are countless scams that have not been exposed.

The whole story of the "killing pig plate" scam

In April last year, after returning to China for the Spring Festival, I couldn’t bear the bitterness of the seven aunts and eight aunts. After Lan Lan returned to work in Australia, she downloaded Tantan and her mother registered her as a member of Jiayuan, a Chinese matchmaking website. , Anyway, the whole family cares about her love life.

That's right, Lanlan herself is relatively ordinary and her personality is not so cheerful. She is still alone at the age of 29. After work, I will also open the websites of Tantan and Jiayuan.

At the end of April, she discovered that a person on Tantan matched her. She clicked in the business card of this person named "Zhang Wen", who looked very comfortable, the address was in Beijing, and the position was an executive.

Looking at the dynamics again, there are photos of participating in activities in relatively high-end hotels, as well as photos of traveling, fitness, library, golfing and other activities. You can see that he is a person with a very rich life.

Zhang Wen immediately sent a message to Lan Lan and asked her, can you add WeChat and make friends?

Judging from the information posted on the Internet, Lan Lan feels that this is at least a normal person, and that he is so far away, there is nothing wrong with being a friend to chat, so he gave him his own WeChat ID.

After Zhang Wen added Lan Lan, he said hello, and the first day passed like this.

In the next few days, every day Zhang Wen would take the initiative to find topics to chat with Lan Lan, each time chatting was not long, and they just happened to chat in Lan Lan's free time. After going back and forth, the two people have almost understood each other's basic situation.

Lan Lan is a person with a monotonous and boring life. Zhang Wen is just the opposite. Not only is he talkative, he will also tell Lan Lan one by one the interesting things that happen to him every day. If you are on a business trip, they will also send pictures of landmark buildings wherever they go to Lanlan.

Although Zhang Wen is a few years older than Lan Lan, he is like a big boy, which makes Lan Lan's life more colorful and has a much younger mentality. Before meeting Zhang Wen, she had never felt as happy as she is now.

Lan Lan is mature and doesn't know how to socialize, so she can only concentrate on work and save some money. She originally planned to go back to Hunan, China, if she hadn't settled down until she was thirty, and she would have a blind date, and she would live a lifetime like this.

Unexpectedly, I met Zhang Wen. Zhang Wen is from the Northeast, enthusiastic, Lan Lan and him are not afraid to have nothing to say.

Two weeks later, the two of them had known each other until they fell asleep on the phone all night. After Lan Lan told him his plans for the future, Zhang Wen said excitedly that he had been thinking about living abroad and now he finally had a legitimate reason to go. Abroad.

With a vague but hot confession, Lan Lan and Zhang Wen confirmed the relationship.I haven't met each other, but I posted photos of each other in their circle of friends to announce this relationship to everyone.

As the relationship heats up, Lan Lan also associates with Zhang Wen for the purpose of getting married, and making video calls has become a natural thing.

But Zhang Wen resolutely refused. After hesitating for a long time, Zhang Wen told Lan Lan the truth: living in a family with disharmonious parents, there has always been a shadow in his heart. He was taciturn from childhood until he met an ex-girlfriend. Now this is the case, but through some clues in a video, it was discovered that his ex-girlfriend had cheated, so Zhang Wen has always resisted the video.

Lan Lan expressed understanding, and because of Zhang Wen's childhood experience, she wanted to stay with him and give him a sincere love.

By the third week, Zhang Wen began to reveal that he was managing finances from time to time. Including investing a little money into the fund, investing a little money to buy stocks, and also putting some small bets on gambling, and telling Lanlan that people of our age who have a little savings should not put eggs in a basket when managing money, but they will Find more ways to make money.

This is too in line with Zhang Wen's character, because Zhang Wen is a person who likes to try everything.

Within a few days, Zhang Wen called Lanlan suddenly and was very excited. He said that he had a friend who was helping to maintain a gambling website called "XXX时时彩". A bug was discovered by his friend from 8 to 8 pm every night. Half, you can modify the background program by yourself, and you can make money without losing money.

Zhang Wen not only posted pictures of nearly XNUMX yuan he made in a few days, but also said that he had tried for several days and found out that it was true before telling Lan Lan.

Zhang Wen said with a slight expectation:"We can get together in a foreign country soon, buy a big house, and live happily together!""

Then Zhang Wen began to ask Lan Lan to invest a little less money to try, from a few thousand yuan to XNUMX yuan, and later to XNUMX yuan. After a few days, he made a few thousand yuan, and basically all of them could be withdrawn immediately.

So when Zhang Wen said that he had invested half a million in, he was about to make this money and immediately came to Lanlan,Lan Lan ghostly invested all the money he had spent years in the country to exchange for the down payment, and borrowed 20 yuan from an online loan platform, a total of 100 million.

Although her palms were sweating, Lan Lan still felt happy. At night, the account had been rolled to 130 million, but it was found that it could not be mentioned anyway, and immediately after that, the website could not be registered.

Lan Lan calmed down and contacted Zhang Wen, only to find that he could no longer be contacted.

The police have been reported to the police at home and abroad, but it doesn't help. Zhang Wenlian's portrait is a photo of an amateur in a "collection of handsome guys" in a forum.

After being deceived, Lan Lan was desperate. I used to be shrewd in the workplace, but I had a big deal, and now I can’t do my work normally.

With no money, she was nesting in a rental house, but she had to deal with the daily debt collection. She was in a trance but anxious. "Living is suffering", she described her feelings like this.

Danger is all around, online dating needs to be cautious

The "killing pig pan" originated in Southeast Asia, but from the head of the fraud group, the middle-level to the bottom "salesman", and the final victim link, the entire "killing pig pan" is all Chinese. It is estimated that there will be in 2016, and it will be flooded in 2018.

The targets of criminals are mainly homosexuals and adult single women. Most of these people are characterized by emotional loneliness.

The key to "killing pigs" is "raising pigs." The process of cultivating feelings is "raising pigs." Marriage and dating sites, chat and dating tools, and chat scripts are called "pigsty", "pig trough" and "pig feed".

When the relationship is cultivated to a certain level (usually about a month), the liar will start to "kill the pig." And that gambling website was built by the fraud group itself, and you can modify the background program yourself to decide whether to earn or lose.

In fact, although the crooks use many methods in the process of "raising pigs", their routines are the same.

It is to do what you like, let you feel that he is good, your love is very real, it is very happy to be with him, and the future is very bright.You might say that I can’t invest so much money on the Internet with someone I’ve never met.

Then the data will tell you the truth.

As of the end of May this year, the number of registered victims has exceeded 5, and the total amount defrauded is as high as 1000 million yuan, with an average of 2.5 yuan deceived per capita.

The development of the Internet has made crooks more widespread. Whether it is a human trafficker or a money scam, it all starts with online dating, which seems to have become the best entry point.

Because feelings can easily become the weakness of modern people.

You might think that human traffickers are even more terrible. They sell you to remote mountain areas to torture them and sell your organs... Compared to these, cheating money is nothing, after all, it is safe to lose money.

In this case, it is quite wrong. People who have experienced the "slaying pig" scam must have paid a real sense of true feelings. The blow of the loss of human and financial resources can cause great physical and mental damage.

Some people have been tricked into carrying hundreds of thousands or even millions of tens of millions of debts; some people can't lift their heads to be humans; some people's worldview has since collapsed and become autistic; some people choose to end their lives...

In short, if you fall into a "killing pig" scam, your life will be overwhelming.

What I want to tell everyone is that these "pig raising" people are not far from you. Any stranger you meet on the Internet is likely to be a liar.

In addition, I hope everyone remembers to be courteous and steal if you don’t do anything wrong; don’t judge a stranger through your circle of friends; if you want to find love online, then spend a little more time, don’t just think about it forever, "raising pigs" What people lack most is patience.

Please transfer it to the kind girls around you, the more vigilant, the less hurt!