be careful!

The riots in the United States have lasted for more than a week.
Although Trump threatened to send troops to quell the chaos, the demonstrations not only did not abate at all, but also escalated and spread, evenSpread to Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
And now, what worries Australians the most is about to happen:
This Saturday,
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide
There's going to be a parade too!
And just in Melbourne,
The number of parade is expected to exceed 3!
Before the epidemic is over, so many people gather together, what the consequences will be, I dare not imagine...
If Australians have been watching the fire from the shore these days,
So now,
This fire will burn to Australia...
More than 3 people parade in Melbourne!

According to reports, this parade in Melbourne was organized by Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance.
Their purpose is twofold:
One is to speak out for those Australian aborigines who died inexplicably after being detained by the police.
The second is to respond to the "Black People's Fate" movement sweeping across the United States and seek justice for the dead black George Floyd.
The picture shows the 2016 Melbourne "Black People's Fate is Fate" Parade
The time of the parade is from 2 pm to 5 pm this Saturday.
The location is outside the Parliament Building in Melbourne CBD,
The Victorian government has approved the parade
According to the event page on Facebook,
There are already 3.4 Melburnians
Said to participate.
What is the concept of 3.4 million people?
Let's compare it and see.
In September last year, there was a protest against climate change in the Melbourne CBD.
There were also tens of thousands of people participating.
Look at the scene at that time,
People are densely packed everywhere,
The entire CBD was blocked,
Traffic is completely paralyzed.
And this Saturday,
A similar scene will be staged in the CBD again!
Everyone has to feel it again
The fear of being dominated by the crowd!
After a few months of hard work, all my achievements were lost,

The Victorian epidemic may rebound!

Originally, protest marches are everyone's right, which is understandable.
But the problem this time is:
The epidemic in Victoria is far from over!
From the beginning of May to the present month,There are basically no new cases in other states.
Even the previous "big cases"In NSW, there are only a few confirmed cases every day.
And Victoria not only does
Contributing to more than half of the new cases in Australia,
And various clusters of cases have appeared one after another.
FirstCedar Measts Meat Factory(111 cases in total),
After thatMcDonald's(Over ten cases in total),
Followed byKeilor Downs(13 cases in total)
LaterRydges Hotels in CBD(12 cases in total)
Even more worrying is that Victoria currently has168 casesThe cases are spread in the community where the source of infection is unknown.
That is,
The source of these cases
Haven't found out yet,
Maybe hidden in the community,
Even they themselves didn't know that they had the virus!
at this time,
More than 3 people will gather on the streets of Melbourne at the same time,
This is simply a hotbed of virus transmission!
Everyone take a lookParade in Perth on the night of June 6Just know.
But only a few thousand people are already so densely packed, andMany people are not wearing masks.
In case one of them has the virus,
I don’t know how many people will be infected,
How many people are quarantined!
Maybe it will cause a second rebound of the epidemic!
It turns out that this worry is not superfluous.
Right at the center of the protest in Minnesota,
A National Guard member just tested positive for the new crown,
Nine other players showed symptoms.
One pass ten ten pass a hundred,
Once the virus spreads on a large scale,
It's hard to control.
And if this happens in Melbourne,
That is the consequence we least want to see!
Even the Victorian police said that this parade will be the largest gathering of people since the social ban was implemented in March this year.
May cause Victoria to
The arduous anti-epidemic efforts have been accomplished!
By the time,
Not only did everyone's sacrifices over the past few months have been wasted
In case we have to "close the city" again,
That would be terrible!
So, Luke Cornelius, Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police said:
"Saturday's parade may become a tipping point."
"If some people marched out of good intentions and beliefs, but the result is that others are exposed to the new crown virus, this is undoubtedly a tragedy."
But the Victorian police have already said,There will be no fines for marchers who do not maintain social distancingBecause there are too many people, fines are unrealistic...
Today Victorian Premier Andrew also emphasized at the press conference:
I will not protest,
I don't think other people should go
But obviously this time, the governor has no power to stop this parade.
Beat and smash!

The peaceful march turned into a violent action!

In addition to the possibility of a rebound of the epidemic, more than 3 protest marches still existSecurity risks.
Do you remember that the protests in the United States were peaceful at first, but they have escalated since then.

All kinds of beating, smashing, looting and burning!
The police and the marching crowd also continued to clashed, A policeman was shot, and a crowd was shot and killed!
Although the parade in Melbourne was peaceful this time, one of the purposes of the parade was alsoOppose the Australian police's violent enforcement and unfair treatment of indigenous people.
In case the marchers and the police
There was an outburst of conflict,
Or someone takes advantage of the crowd,
Carry out theft, robbery, assault,
Then the American scene
Maybe it will also be played in Melbourne!
Moreover, the Victorian police also got news that there are stillAgainst travelRowactivity.
In case of conflict between the opponents and the marchers,
The two sides you come and I used force,
The scene will be completely uncontrollable!
In response, the Governor of Victoria warned:
The only legal form of protest is peaceful protest.
Resolutely will not tolerate any violence,
Will not tolerate violence like that happened in other countriesChaos!
(Actually refers to the United States)
The Victorian Police also stated:
I'm fully prepared to sendHundredsUniformed police officers attended the scene to maintain order, and there were mounted police and high-speed patrol police to support the scene.
The main task of the police isMaintain order, calm everyone's emotions, and avoid escalation of demonstrations into violent activities.
But Xiaowei still wants to remind everyone:
This Saturday afternoon,
Try not to go to CBD if it’s okay.
Away from the parade crowd,
One is to avoid being infected,
The second is to protect your personal safety.
If something has to go,
Also remember to plan your itinerary in advance,
According to past experience,
The parade will paralyze CBD traffic,
Traffic jams are inevitable...
In addition, starting at noon this Saturday,Sydney, Brisbane, AdelaideThere will also be the same parade as in Melbourne.
The exact number of people is still unclear, and we can only remind the friends there to be safe.
Write at the end

Oppose racial discrimination and speak out for disadvantaged groups
Engage in protest marches,
This is everyone’s freedom,
We have no right to interfere,
When this freedom is at the expense of millions of Victorians
The unremitting contribution to the fight against the epidemic over the past few months is the premise,
When this freedom
May lead to countless kind and innocent people
When infected with the virus or even died as a result,
Is this still called freedom?
For other people who just want to live in peace,
Is it fair again?
Source: Herald Sun, The Age, ABC News, 9 News
Some pictures from the Internet