Another night passed
Following the black man due to police
Six days have passed since the death of violent law enforcement
And the United StatesAt least 70 cities
There have been many mass protests of all sizes
Escalation of conflicts between the public and the police
There is a female reporter in the process of reporting
Was shot in the eye by the police,
resulting inPermanent blindness in one eye!
White House emergency lockdown
Trump was accused of hiding in the bunker for 1 hour!
On the other side, Canada, Britain, etc.
Demonstrations broke out one after another
The new crown epidemic is not over yet,
It may be worse yet...

The scene is tragic! An American female journalist was shot by the police and burst her eyes during the report, and she was permanently blind!

Following the City of Minneapolis

Black man Groge Floyd

Because of the police"Knee lock throat"Asphyxiation to deathRear,

Locally triggeredLarge-scale anti-discrimination demonstrations.

Prosperous neighborhoods were looted and set on fire,

The rule of law and order disappeared.

The police station is blazing!

When a female reporter was reporting on the local situation,

unfortunatelyWas hit by a police rubber bullet in the eye, The innocent suffer,

Cause the eyeball to split in half

Severe scars on the face...

According to Dailymail,

The 37-year-old female reporter is named Linda Torado.

Wearing a gas mask at the time of the incident

To guard against the tear gas used by the police,

She told reporters about her experience at the time:

"Unexpectedly, the scene was chaotic.

People move in all directions.

Soon I feelSuddenly it exploded!"

She said she raised her hand and shouted:

"I was hit, I was hit!"

Afterwards, Linda with blood on her face swelled

Was taken to the hospital by protesters at the scene,

The doctor told her,

The injured eye will be permanently blind

Scars on the face

It is worth mentioning that,

This is not the first in this protest sweeping across the United States

Journalists who have been abused by the police,

Last Friday, Omar, a CNN black reporter

OnDuring the live protest.Arrested by the police.

The whole process was broadcast to the whole country through the lens of the camera crew.


Things escalate! Riots in more than 70 cities across the United States, "Trump resigns" hits hot searches

Although the United States used to

Similar protests also happen frequently,

But this time is obviously extraordinary...

This "beautiful landscape"

Has burned 22 states in the United States

Up to 70 cities...

Although the United StatesCalifornia has entered a state of emergency.

Many cities have also deployed a large number of police and national guards,

And announced a curfew,

But bothFailed to stop the riot situation!

The violence continued to spread to the east and west coasts,

The demonstrators areGathering outside San Francisco City Hall.

OnPhiladelphia tried to tear down a statue.

The highway was forcibly closed in Miami!

If the video cannot be played, please click to view the videoProtesters of all skin colors lie face down, repeatedly shouting "I can't breathe"

The scene becomes more and more uncontrollable,

More developed intoViolence, robbery, arson,

AndPhysical conflict between the police and the people!

According to reports,

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis,

Phoenix, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas...

Protests and demonstrations took place in almost all American cities.

The worst is Minneapolis,

A BBC reporter said in the report,

There are fresh graffiti on almost every wall, every road sign and every surface. The glass of the bus stop was broken, leaving only the frame. The bustling commercial street of this city has become a battlefield...

When the anger of the people intensified,

Trump"Thugs", "Shooting", etc.A series of statements

Seems to add fuel to the fire,

Demonstrators flock to the White House and Capitol in Washington!

The White House is under emergency lockdown, and there are reports that

Trump was inProtesterDuring the siege of the White House

Hide in the bunker for an hour!

at the same time,

Many netizens began to call for Trump to resign and apologize.

"Trump resigned in place"The topic rushed to Twitter!

Many people think of the "Arab Spring",

The recent national riotsReferred"American Spring".

Someone cries out

"This is the spring of the United States of America,

This world is a hell of dictators and racists."

Others retweeted Trump’s “it’s time to change” Twitter,

Wrote,"Yes, regime change".

And brought"I can't breathe",

"Black lives are important"Wait for the label.

Days of violent riots continue,

Americans live in anger and fear...

And later this week,

sectionAustralians also plan to take to the streetsHold a protest!

Morrison said,

Australians should not follow this behavior:

"There is no need to introduce what happened in other countries to Australia.

Australia is not the United States. "

He says,

Demonstrations should not turn into violence.

In addition, the Australian government issued a warning,

Remind people in the US and Australia to be cautious

Avoid large gatherings

And follow the recommendations of the US authorities


Canadian black woman fell off a building and died, thousands of people protest

Just as riots continued throughout the United States,
Cities in other countriesAlso gradually joined the demonstration team.
5 month 24 day,
A black woman in Toronto, CanadaFell from the balcony and died,
The mother of the deceased complained:
She was pushed off the balcony by the police!
Around 5 pm on Wednesday,
Happened in a community apartment in TorontoFamily disputes.
According to the lawyer representing the deceased Regis Korchinski-Paquet,
After the police arrived at the scene,
Talk to the family of the deceased in the corridor,
Regis himselfReturn to the apartment at the request of the police.
Who knows after 1 minute,
Regis’s family heard Regis yelling
"Mom, come and help me!
Mom, come and help me! "
Then Regis fell from the apartment on the 24th floor...
Regis’s mother insisted,
It was the police who pushed her daughter to cause her to fall.
But some sources revealed that
Regis was trying to avoid the police,
Shut yourself on the balcony.
"She was slipping while climbing from one balcony to another. She was trying to escape."
Although the real cause of Regis's death has not been confirmed,
Canada is thereforeA protest of a thousand people broke out.
5 month 30 day,
Over 3500 Canadians took to the streets,
"Not Another Black Life"A demonstration was held for the name.
Demonstrators held up
"Justice for Regis"
"No Racist Police"
Waiting for the slogan, took to the street.
On Sunday night,
CanadaThe streets of Montreal and Vancouver,
Thousands of protests broke out again.

Demonstrations broke out in Britain, Italy, Brazil and other places one after another

in England,
Mass protests also broke out.
It was also the afternoon of the 30th,
Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of London,
Hand raised"Black people's fate is also fate", "Unity"And other slogans,
Remotely support U.S. demonstrators.
According to reports,
A large number of protesters blocked the local traffic,
This makes it difficult for cars and buses to move on the main road.
A small number of protestersInitiated a protest outside the U.S. Embassy in London,
Asked for a fairness to Freud.
Some demonstrators shouted:
"Britain is not innocent either!"
The protesters said,
They will be in this weekContinue to hold a series of demonstrations,
Participating cities have expanded to Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Grasse High.
on the same day,
Berlin, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Rome, Italy
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
People from various countries
Have organized a protest spontaneously
Angry flame
Has burned from the United States to the world...
Today's Conclusion

By now,

The protests have intensified

Even spread to the whole world

Not hard to imagine, soon

There will be people in Australia!

Of course, I hope Australians

Remember Morrison's warning

Don’t imitate this behavior,

Don’t turn protests into violence!