Just this afternoon!

Protests and demonstrations involving 10 people have begun in many places in Australia!

Everyone must pay attention to safety!

Mass parades have begun across Australia!

Now, parades across Australia have begun.

According to the front report, emm... I can only say,

It's a big scene.

This is Melbourne:

And Brisbane:


Of course there is Canberra:

And from South Australia:

As for our Greater Sydney:

Even the townhall train station is closed...

Everything makes way for the parade...

After all, the current town hall is already like this...

(Picture source Moments)

Even the sky in Sydney is already Black Lives Matter...

Anyway, the current situation in Australia can be said to be,

A bit confusing.

After all, the epidemic + parade,

It's not very peaceful at all.

Sure enough, this situation in Australia,

It also made the Chinese government have to speak up.

Just yesterday!

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China issued an official announcement, namely,

"Safety reminder for traveling to Australia".

This time, the Chinese government has finally come for real!

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China issued a notice reminding Chinese citizens to'never' travel to Australia!

This notice was posted on the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China,

The content is very concise and concise, only two short sentences:

Recently, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, racial discrimination and violence against Chinese and Asians in Australia have increased significantly. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds Chinese tourists to effectively raise their awareness of safety precautions and refrain from traveling to Australia.

Such a notice instantly caused a sensation at home and abroad.

First, as China News Network reposted on Weibo,

It has caused heated discussions among many Chinese netizens.

And the topic of "Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds you not to travel to Australia",

It also quickly ranked second on the Sina Weibo hot search list.

Many netizens still have the same attitude towards this matter, that is,

It’s not very safe abroad now,

It is better to stay at home.

However, some sharp-eyed netizens discovered a word used by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China in the announcement,

That is "Never".

You know, even during the most severe period of the epidemic,

The wording used in the announcement issued by the Chinese government is also mostly, "Go with caution."

And the wording "Never" appears,

It can be said to be serious and rare.

Because of this, the action of the Chinese government has also caused major Australian media to become nervous.


(ABC News)

In fact, since Australia has followed the United States,

Throwing the epidemic out of China, and requesting independent investigation of the origin of the virus, etc...

Australia-China relations have gradually become tense.

However, let’s not mention this kind of disparity between governments.

Just look at the current situation in Australia.

Australia has not been peaceful recently.

Protests and marches in Australia have intensified. How many 10 people are taking action today?

In fact, as early as during the epidemic, there was a small flame of racial discrimination in Australia.

There is a great potential to start a prairie fire.

At that time, because of the new coronary pneumonia problem,

Many Asians have suffered inexplicable insults and cold eyes.

Even fisting.

And this time, with the outbreak of mass protests in the United States,

In Australia, I can't sit still.

After all, compared with the American black community,

Australia also has a long history of disadvantaged groups,

That is, the indigenous people.

Now, after the parade started in the United States,

They have to defend their rights!

It is reported that from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane to Adelaide,

Nearly 10 people participated in the parade in many places in Australia!

And, parade time,

Just today!

(A parade organized by Sydney on Facebook, about 2.5 people participated)

(A parade organized by Melbourne on Facebook, about 2.5 people participated)

Many Australians say that they not only want to defend the rights of blacks,

It is to defend the rights of the indigenous people.

"We will protest because we believe it is necessary to speak out for the right to life of vulnerable groups."

However, their enthusiasm and high spirits,

But it did not get the support of the Australian government.

Fear of the epidemic, the Australian government opposes large-scale demonstrations!

First of all, we need to clarify the current era background for everyone,

That is, now,

It is still in the epidemic stage of the epidemic.

Although the current epidemic in Australia has gradually stabilized,

But this is because everyone has been isolated at home for many months,

And the result of maintaining social distance.

Now that the epidemic has just improved, the Australian government has not yet breathed a sigh of relief.

A large-scale parade is coming! Who can handle this!

Anyway, now the Australian government says that I am panicked...

First of all, Australian TV personality Kerri-Anne Kennerley directly criticized,

"The demonstrations are simply shameful! "

"Because of the new crown epidemic, even the number of participants in weddings and funerals will be limited!"

"How could the Australian government allow tens of thousands of people to march on the streets?!"

"This is a mockery of the new crown virus!"

In addition, police in NSW and Victoria have also expressed their views.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said,

Although the police understand and support people’s right to protest,

However, it is still not recommended for the public to march at this time.

"Protest marches at this time will lead to the spread of the new crown virus."

The NSW Police Minister David Elliott directly criticized that,

"Anyone who joins the parade at this time is mentally ill!"

He just took a big loudspeaker and shouted into the ears of the protesters, "You are sick"...

I have to say that the NSW police are still very tough.

When they discovered that they might not be able to stop these "crazy protesters" on their own,

They applied for a restraining order to the Supreme Court of NSW just yesterday.

To prevent a large number of people from pouring into the streets of Sydney today.

Regarding this behavior of the NSW Police,

The Governor of NSW also expressed support.

In the end, the NSW Supreme Court ruled last night,

This Saturday, the demonstration held today,


However, the judge also said that this time it was illegal, just to show everyone that

The people’s right to participate in demonstrations has not been denied,

It was only "postponed" during the epidemic.

In fact, there is really no reason to hold large-scale protests during the epidemic.

Even Australian Prime Minister Morrison made it clear at yesterday’s press conference,

Said that he did not support the participation of Australians in large-scale demonstrations.

Morrison said,

"Australians should be responsible for each other's health,

That is, don't participate in the parade. "

I feel that the Australian government’s attitude has already reached this point.

Everyone has to think hard.

People are not saying that you are not allowed to march in protest, but after all, it is during the epidemic.

Or is safety the most important thing?

Parade, after the epidemic is over, okay?

However, it seems that many people do not buy the government's account.

The people ignored the government warning! We will protest on the sidewalk if the road is not closed!

Facing all kinds of non-support from the Australian government,

The Australian people are still showing their strong determination.

In fact, the lawyer representing the protesters even stated that

If the police don’t help maintain order and close the road to support the demonstration,

We walked onto the sidewalk to protest.

And the lawyer threatened the government saying,

Protesting on the sidewalk means crowds will be denser,

This will only increase the risk of spreading the virus.

You are quite clear about it! Does this have to take fate against the government? !

And it's not my own life, it's the life of thousands of Australians!

In addition, the protester’s representative Faith Black also claimed that

"We will not stop the demonstrations. We hope that everyone will see our existence and stand with us."

The editor just wants to ask silently, what are you doing standing together?

Infect the new crown virus together and die?

I don’t know what to say about the protesters’ thoughts.

Why don't you listen to this?

Australia or the United States? ! Beating, smashing, looting and burning more people infected

This parade in Australia today,

In fact, many people are afraid.

I am very worried that Australia will be like the United States.

Protests evolved from demonstrations to riots.

Merchants in Adelaide plan to close their stores today,

To ensure their own safety.

In addition, such a large-scale demonstration was crowded and crowded.

Shouting and interacting with each other will inevitably form a virus transmission chain.

It is understood that the center of protest in the United States, Minnesota,

One member of the National Guard has been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.

Another 9 people have already developed symptoms.

(Source: Cover News)

In addition, in Pennsylvania,

One protester who was arrested said,

I am infected with the new coronavirus.

However, he still participated in the parade,

And not wearing a mask...

Once the virus spreads,

The consequences are simply unimaginable!

Friends, carefully weigh the priorities,

Don't let Australia become the next America!

However, I don’t know how many people will listen to this advice.

After all now,

The parade has begun...

In short, all the parades are on this afternoon,

I don’t want to list the specific time and place here.

Lest some really disobedient friends ran to "join the fun".

It’s actually just one sentence,

Protest is okay,

Uphold the rights of oneself and others,

It is also correct.

Provided that,

You have to die first.

May those protesters take care of the overall situation.

Australia can't stand the second outbreak.

Editor: Xiao Wei