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Victorian Governor's New Crown Outbreak Statement

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the Victorian government has been listening to medical experts. Now they tell the government that the situation in Victoria has reached a critical crossroads.

The number of new patients in Victoria has reached its highest level in more than two months. I know this is not the result that everyone wants to hear, but unfortunately, this is the reality of our faces. Experts tell us that, to a large extent, new patients are due to family infections, family gatherings on large scales do not follow the recommendations on safe distance and hygiene. In fact, since the end of April, about half of our new cases have been spread among family members. Everyone can understand how this happens. People feel relaxed at home. Let your guard down. Let daily habits gradually recover. However, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and people’s lives are still in danger. This is why the state government announced some adjustments.

The number of visitors you can receive at home will be reduced to five people. Outdoor gatherings with family and friends can be up to ten people. As we have seen all over the world, the new coronavirus can spread from a few cases to hundreds of cases within a few days. Therefore, we have to postpone the restrictions on the increase in capacity of business premises and community facilities. This means restaurants, bars, auction halls, community halls, libraries, museums and religious sites until July 7th, any confined space can only accommodate up to 12 people. Business premises that were originally scheduled to open this Monday, such as stadiums, cinemas, theaters and TAB, can all start business, but they must also comply with the rule that a single confined space can only have a maximum of XNUMX people. Children's community sports activities and adult non-contact competitions can be carried out as planned. The ski season and accommodation facilities with public spaces will also be open, but inspections and safety measures need to be increased.

I know this is not the situation we want. The residents of Victoria will be disappointed and frustrated. I am also frustrated by this, but we must turn this feeling of frustration into action. We cannot let the virus get out of control. We must respond as quickly as possible. This means staying safe when going out in the community, and it is equally important to stay safe at home. This means that you can only visit the people you must visit. Not your third cousin. Not your third grade friend. Each of us needs to realize that the more people you contact, the more frequently you contact them – the more danger you bring to them. We also need to pay attention to other things. If you must meet with others, keep your distance. Don't shake hands, don't hug. Maintain good hygiene. Do not share food or drinks. If you feel unwell, please stay at home. Don't visit friends and family. Don't take this on vacation. Don't go to work either. Please stay home.

The state government wants to make it as easy as possible for residents to maintain social distance. This is why we also announced that we will pay 1500 yuan to confirmed residents who cannot take sick leave and residents who have been in close contact with confirmed patients. This is to ensure that economic reasons do not make these people abandon isolation and continue to work. I know that companies also expect to further relax restrictions-this is why we all have to play our part. These efforts require those who can work from home to continue working from home until at least July 7. If someone in your company is working-please adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards working with illness. Symptoms must mean going home and being tested.
If we continue to see a large increase in cases, the state government will also study ways to control the outbreak hot spots, and we will have to consider blocking the entire hot spot community.

The vast majority of Victorian residents have been doing the right thing. The current situation is a wake-up call. We cannot relax our guard. The only way we can prevent the second wave of the epidemic is for everyone to take precautions.