Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge (pictured below on the left) said today that there is no guarantee that all Hong Kong residents in Australia will get permanent residence.

Earlier, Australia announced that it would extend visas to approximately 12000 Hong Kong citizens who already have visas for another five years on the basis of the original visa regulations.

However, the Morrison government did not immediately grant permanent residence visas to Hong Kong people, nor did it set up a separate "safe haven visa" for ethnic minorities persecuted in the Syrian civil war. Instead, it will launch a permanent residence application scoring system specifically for Hong Kong citizens. .

Now, Tudge also said,

"What we mean is that people have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence, but if that person has serious (national) security problems, they will be sent back. If there is a moral problem, they will be sent back. Anyone must pass an assessment, This assessment is required for all visas in Australia. If they apply and do not violate the conditions, they can be left. The government mainly wants to attract business talents from Hong Kong. Some businesses want to move to Australia. This is a A good place to open a shop".

In addition, 137 Hong Kong people applied for Australia's "asylum visa" in the past two days.

All are required to pass the national security test.

[Visa relaxation] Immigration Department: But Australia only accepts "Hong Kong people with good morals and security"