After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, in order to prevent imported cases, various countries have issued "state closure orders."

Under the ban, flights are restricted, making it harder to find a return ticket!

To make matters worse,Yesterday, Qantas announced the suspension of international flights until March next year.

At this moment, the journey back to China for the Chinese Australians and the overseas study party is simply harder than reaching the sky...

In order to be able to return home smoothly, countless Chinese searched various channels just to ask for a ticket, but this also gave some criminals an opportunity to take advantage of...

Recently, hundreds of Chinese were deceived when buying air tickets for returning home, the amount of which was as high as two million!

1.Chinese were deceived of buying tickets to return home

According to a report by,Recently, Li Mo, a 24-year-old Chinese visitor to the United States, encountered a fake "ticket agent" when buying a return ticket.

Li Mo said that in April, she was going to return to China from the United States, but she was never able to buy a ticket.

Two months passed, and the time came to the end of June. Seeing that the visa and house were about to expire, Li Mo was very anxious.

In desperation, she found a name on Weibo called"Longteng International Special Offer Ticket" (has been renamed as International Flight Special Offer Ticket)Users, buy a return ticket.

(Source: Weibo)

After communication, Li Mo confirmed the flight from Los Angeles to Seoul and from Seoul to Xiamen in early July.

During this period, the other party asked Li Mo to provide student card, passport, email and other information, and recommended a WeChat public account named "Longteng International Ticket Office" to her.

(Image source: China News Service)

After communicating with the online customer service, Li Mo decided to buy a ticket with a ticket price of RMB 24550, and agreed that Li Mo would first transfer a deposit of RMB 10000 to the other party. The other party would provide the ticketing information and pay the balance after Li Mo verified that it was correct.

The other party requests to use online banking for payment, and the account number is a savings card starting with 6.

(Image source: China News Service)

However, after Li Mo transferred the deposit to the other party's account as agreed, the other party took the ticket for too long and the special ticket had to be paid in full before the transfer, and the ticket could be issued within 3-5 hours.

(Image source: China News Service)

Therefore, Li Mo once again used the Agricultural Bank of China mobile banking to transfer 14550 yuan to the other party again.

Then, the other party said that Li Mo's information had been submitted to the airline for ticketing.

After the transfer, Li Mo asked the airlines of the two itineraries (Korea and Xiamen Airlines) about the ticket issuance time. The other party said that if the airline issues the ticket, the ticket is issued immediately, and if the agent issues the ticket, the agent issues the ticket.

But both airlines stated thatLi Mo's ticketing information was not found.

(Image source: China News Service)

Only at this time did Li Mo realize that something was wrong.

She quickly found the customer service to ask about the ticket issuance progress, but the other party only answered that there is no need to worry.

After waiting for a few hours to no avail, the other party changed his statement and said that it would be handled within 24 hours, but then he never responded to Li Mo's news.

Fortunately,Li Mo finally bought the ticket through other platforms and returned home.

But until now, the tickets bought from the "ticket agent" still have not been issued and the ticket price has not been refunded.

What makes people even more angry is that there are hundreds of victims like Li Mo!

2. Many victims make it difficult to defend rights

Some British Chinese media reported that this Weibo user named "Longteng Special Discount Ticket", in the UK alone, defrauded more than 40 Chinese and overseas students of the return air ticket money.

It is reported that,The amount defrauded by each person ranges from 5 to 5, and the cumulative amount is nearly one million.

According to Li Mo, there are currently hundreds of people with similar encounters, and the amount defrauded is nearly two million, and the fraudsters have basically the same operation methods.

(Image source:

These black-hearted "ticket purchasing agents" often publish fake ticket information through social media, and then communicate with the ticket purchaser to request them to transfer money through online banking.

When the ticket purchaser pays the deposit, it will request to pay the balance due to reasons such as long ticket reservation time, special ticket, and customer operation error.

After that, the ticketing time was postponed for various reasons. The ticket purchaser contacted the other party after he noticed that he had been cheated, and he could no longer get a valid response.

Li Mo said that overseas Chinese and international students urgently need to return home due to visas, rent and medical insurance expiration, and their only savings have been cheated away.

What is even more annoying is thatThere are also international students who received harassing messages from the other party when they found out that they were deceived to request a refund.

(Image source: Tripsavvy)

Although Li Mo and similar encounters kept evidence such as chats and transfer records, it was even more difficult to defend their rights to recover the money for the ticket.

Since the accounts of the victims' transfers and the scammers' collections are both domestic banks, the police in overseas locations can provide limited assistance.

Since fraud and transfer operations occur abroad, it is not easy for domestic police to carry out their work. Alipay, WeChat, and banks all indicated that they would cooperate with the investigation, but the police would need to intervene.

At last,

Under the epidemic,All Chinese and overseas students are eager to understand, but you must keep your eyes open before buying tickets!

It is best to purchase air tickets through direct sales channels such as airline customer service centers, official websites, and mobile apps.

If you purchase through other channels, please be sure to perform "e-ticket verification" in advance. You can verify in the following ways:

Log in to the official website of Civil Aviation Administration of China:验证。

Phone verification:Call the ticket verification hotline 400-815-8888 or the official customer service phone number of each airline for verification.