The epidemic in Mexico City hit a record high of 127 cases today! NSW closes the border between the two states, and Victoria is officially closed!

In the past 24 hours, Victoria has newly confirmed 127 cases, the highest number of confirmed cases in a single day since the outbreak. There are currently 693 new coronary patients under treatment, and 5 of them are undergoing critical care. There is a new death in Victoria today, a 90-year-old man.

Of the 127 new cases, 34 were related to previously confirmed cases, 40 were from routine testing and family doctors, and the other 53 were from 9 public housing blocks that were closed.

NSW announced this morning that the border between NSW and Victoria will be closed from nine o'clock tomorrow night.
According to the Governor of Victoria, this decision was made by the Australian Prime Minister Morrison, the Governor of Victoria and the Governor of New South Wales.
In addition, the Woolworths supermarket giant confirmed that a worker at the online order logistics center in Melbourne's inner west was diagnosed.
A Woolowrths spokesperson said: "The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has notified us that a team member at the Customer Service Centre (CFC) in Footscray West has tested positive for COVID-19."
The center is the logistics site responsible for sending the goods ordered online to customers. The factory has undergone a deep cleaning on Sunday night, and the online delivery service has been cancelled this morning. When asked whether there is a risk of virus transmission in any goods that the staff may have handled, the spokesperson said that the health authorities have stated that the risk of contamination is "extremely low."

The situation is grim, Mo City wants to block the CBD! 3.7 people and 1.6 companies have suffered!

Melbourne is preparing to expand the scope of the lockdown. The Victorian epidemic rebound hit the northern edge of the city, and the CBD may also add people to 12 postcode areas that have been locked down. This move will hit 3.7 residents and 1.6 businesses, and A key sector of the Australian business community.

Victoria recorded 74 new cases on Sunday and 108 cases on Saturday. Nine public housing buildings in Flemington and North Melbourne were urgently sealed off without prior notice.
Governor Daniel Andrews (Daniel Andrews) Flemington and the 9 residents of 3000 public housing towers in North Melbourne warned: "The days ahead are not easy. We will see a significant increase in confirmed cases in the coming days."
Melbourne's crown as the national sports capital is also under threat. After the epidemic rebounded, AFL teams rushed to flee Victoria, and horse racing and other professional sports events were also difficult to hold as usual.

The retail and food industry unions called on the prime minister to immediately implement mandatory paid pandemic sick leave, and warned that employees are forced to work, which is the key reason for the outbreak of the epidemic again.

The number of confirmed cases in the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Mexico City increased to 42, but Andrews refused to answer questions about the hotel’s isolation. However, the Victorian government plans to send grounded Qantas and Jetstar employees to assist the Victorian Correctional Services Department in the logistics work of quarantining the hotel.
Insiders disclosed that Melbourne’s CBD is “perfectly possible” to be blocked in the next few days.The Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp, also said that the city is actively preparing for related work, which will cause the reopening of Melbourne's commercial, corporate and office buildings to be delayed until later this year.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Ms. Karp said: “We have seen the headquarters of the National Bank blocked, and the reality is that this will really change the face of our city.” The two returned to the third phase of the lockdown on Sunday. The new postal districts include Flemington, Kensington, Hotham Hill and North Melbourne, which are adjacent to Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market and the city’s jurisdiction.
The total number of citizens currently under the third phase of the blockade is close to 35. Karp said: "Zip codes 3031 and 3051 are in Melbourne, so we have been involved in this matter. The 3051 boundary is along Victoria Street across the street from Queen Victoria Market. This is what we call the north side of the CBD. "Since last Tuesday, the number of active cases in Mexico City has more than quadrupled. It currently leads Moreland with 51 cases and ranks third in the entire municipality.

Andrews said that the key factor in the lockdown of the postal area is the occurrence of more than 5 confirmed cases in the suburbs and more than 20 confirmed cases per 100 people. He "does not rule out" further lockdowns. Although many new cases in Melbourne came from quarantined hotels, the increasing number of cases and the fact that the epidemic area is close to the CBD has also put the CBD in a desperate situation, with nearly XNUMX million people entering and leaving the CBD every day.

Mexico City’s corporate review rework program. Large companies including Medibank, ANZ, AGL, Telstra, and BHP Billiton (BHP) are reviewing plans to allow employees to return to the office in the coming weeks and months. Although thousands of employees returned to AGL’s Sydney office this Monday,But the energy company expects employees at Melbourne Docklands to wait until at least August before returning.

Medibank chief executive Craig Drummond said three of its Melbourne stores-Broadmeadows, Highpoint and Watergardens-are located in the affected postal districts. "We have decided to close these stores from July 7st for a period of four weeks. In addition, we recommend that retail team members who live in any closed postal zone should work from home, no matter which store they work in."

Telstra said that at this stage, there are no changes in the six stores in the Mexican CBD. BHP Billiton said that, except for key employees, most of its employees continue to work from home, while ANZ said that 90% of Melbourne office staff are still working from home. The National Bank (NAB) plans to temporarily close its offices at 7 and 14 Bourke Street (Bourke Street) in Docklands from July 700. On Sunday, NAB stated that it will continue to encourage Docklands employees to work from home "for the foreseeable future."

Medical staff from three Victorian hospitals have confirmed that they are infectious during the weekend shift!

The Royal Melbourne Hospital and Joan Kirner Women's and Children's Hospital in St Albans said on Sunday that two medical staff had confirmed the diagnosis and that medical staff may have been contagious when they went to work on Saturday.
The Ministry of Health and Human Services stated that no confirmed medical staff had any contact with the patient. The infection chain and contact tracing were underway. The confirmed medical staff at Kona Women’s and Children’s Hospital were infected with the new crown virus after contact with known cases.

According to a report in Melbourne's "Times" on Saturday night, two medical staff in the emergency room of Epping's Northern Hospital confirmed the diagnosis, bringing the infection to a cluster of 5 cases. In addition, Victoria has accumulated 108 existing confirmed cases since 509 new cases were added on Saturday.

Tenants who are exempt from paying rent can receive up to $1500 in difficulty subsidies
Among them, 3,000 residents were locked in 9 public housing towers in North Melbourne and Flemington, and the restricted residents did not have to pay for their accommodation. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said: “Residents must not leave their homes for at least five days” and will provide financial support to residents in the building.

A subsidy of 750 Australian dollars is provided for families who are not working, and 1500 Australian dollars for those who have jobs but cannot work due to the lockdown.
Andrews also said that the public health team staff will start testing everyone from house to house, and he believes all residents can cooperate. It is reported that the authorities have organized food, medical supplies and basic services overnight, and arranged to provide support for drugs, alcohol and domestic violence. The governor said, "This will not be a pleasant experience for the residents, but I just want to tell them: This is not punishment, this is to protect them."

The governor also promised to meet the needs of "every" resident. Local residents said this morning that they have not received any information or food supplies. Many people only learned about the blockade from the media, or were stopped by the police when they tried to enter or leave the building.
Andrews stated that the authorities will provide support through cultural and linguistic "appropriate means." "We will continue to listen to the voices of these residents, hear their most direct needs from them, and then work hard to meet these needs." Andrews added that some basic supplies have arrived last night, including activity packages and meals for children. Waiting will also arrive today.
At the same time, the government is working with the Red Cross to provide residents with a single point of contact so they can express any needs they need. He said, "Everything will be satisfied from food, baby formula to pet food."
Victoria's chief health officer, Brett Sutton, said that in a densely populated high-rise building, the disease has "real explosive potential". "So I think this is an appropriate public health response."
Victorian police have been stationed on each floor to ensure that residents abide by orders, and at least 500 police officers are on standby in the tower.

The Australian medical community urges the whole of Australia to stop unblocking! Said the Victorian outbreak proves that the pandemic is not over

The Australian Association of Physicians (AMA) has called on Australia to suspend exposure to the new crown restrictions after the new confirmed cases and the outbreak in Melbourne. AMA Chairman Tony Bartone said that the 108 new confirmed cases in Victoria on Saturday were a "clear reminder" that the pandemic was not over yet.

He said: "These new outbreaks are sending strong signals that other states should reconsider the pace of relaxing the new crown restrictions until Melbourne's community transmission is controlled to avoid similar situations in their own communities." "Restoring bars in a hurry. Before the noisy crowds or large weddings and parties, Australia should stop and act safely until the Melbourne epidemic hot spot is brought under control again."
Dr Barton said: "We can and must do better. Australians cannot rush back to the pre-epidemic state. We have to work harder to protect ourselves and each other. This virus will stay with us for months and we must Continue to observe physical distance restrictions and hygiene protection measures instead of complacency."
Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly announced that there were 94 new confirmed cases across Australia on Sunday, of which 74 were confirmed in Victoria. Except for Victoria, all other positive cases came from returning travelers in quarantined hotels.
The National Cabinet has agreed that by July, venues can temporarily ignore the maximum number of receptions, and only need to comply with the 7 square meter space requirement per person.On the contrary, Victoria was forced to lock down 12 postal districts last week, and residents could only go out for food, exercise, work and medical needs.

The Melbourne epidemic is hard to control! Experts recommend learning from China!

With the rapid increase in the number of new coronavirus cases in Victoria, an expert said that the government should consider some radical measures in China to control the epidemic.

Due to the recurrence of the new crown epidemic, the Victorian government has extended the state of emergency until July 7, Canceled some of the original restrictions and relaxation policies, and imposed lockdowns on homes and businesses in 10 postal districts in Melbourne. The government announced yesterday thatTwo other postal districts and nine public housing buildings will also be blocked.

Governor Daniel Andrews said yesterday that “the speed of transmission in these postal districts is accelerating, and the only way to deal with this situation is to implement stricter restrictions.” The government previously pointed out that “new cases related to family and family transmission. The number continues to increase, which is worrying."

Professor Mary-Louise McLaws of the University of New South Wales said the authorities need to consider more stringent measures, including discussing how to treat patients who test positive. She said, “In many Australian families, it’s not easy to isolate the family from other members.” “We need to consider whether we need to move them from home to another place so that they will not continue to spread in family gatherings. virus."

Of the more than 80 outbreaks in Victoria, many have focused on families. In an outbreak in Roxburgh Park, 8 people in 28 families were infected. In another cluster outbreak in North Melbourne, the number of infections has increased to 30, while in Keilor Downs, the number of infections in 8 households was 21.
Last month, Daniel Andrews stated that family gatherings are responsible for the surge in new cases.

Professor McLoughs believes that other states should also consider isolating infected persons from their families, but this decision should be based on data on family structure and dynamics. She said, “The authorities believe that this time the virus is spreading through family clusters, just like in China. Therefore, the Chinese authorities isolate family members who have been infected with the virus from other family members so that other people will not get the virus again.”
Maclaus also believes that another measure that should be considered is wearing a mask. Although the WHO has been slow in recommending the use of masks, last month it changed its recommendations to support the use of masks in areas where the spread is widespread and it is difficult to maintain distances, such as in public transportation, shops and other places with heavy traffic.

Professor McLoughs said, “If people want to go to work, they should wear face masks or masks so that the virus does not have any chance.”

"This virus is very cunning, it hides, and people show symptoms only after two days. Up to 18% of people never show any symptoms, or they never think they are uncomfortable." McLaus believes this time It seems that a "perfect storm" is causing the current problems in Victoria.

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