Victoria's increasing number of casesBreak the record again!
New cases reported on Wednesday484 cases.
Death2 cases

97 of them were related to a known source of infection,
The source of 387 infections is unknown and is under investigation.

Victoria’s current active cases have reached3408 cases.
A total of 205 people are in hospital,
40 of them are in intensive care.

As of today, the third phase of the Melbourne blockade has lasted for two weeks. It is time for the government to call the "major node" of the anti-epidemic results, but the number of confirmed cases is still soaring.

Improper self-isolation has become the main reason.

A netizen recounted this experience: "There was someone in the company who just went for a test on Sunday, and then ran to the office on Monday to tell us that his wife had symptoms, so they went for the test on Sunday. Then we were speechless.Why didn't you come out to our office?...... The company urgently disinfects for this. "

And the most terrifying thing is,
Such "inexplicable" people,Not in the minority!

At today's regular press conference in Victoria, we learned that
Of the 3810 patients in the state to date,
Nearly 90% of people feel unwell at first,
And has not yet been tested,
No self-isolation.

While waiting for the test result,
More than half (53%) are still working as usual,
Even go shopping,
Doing various things as usual,
Just don't want to isolate at home and wait for the result.

One-third of positive patients or close contacts
The health authorities could not be reached at all,
Because they don't answer the phone!

According to Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, according to current trends,Victoria’s increasing number of cases will soon approach 600!

Governor Daniel Andrews said that he was “very unhappy and very sad” seeing the results of this investigation, but he was very concerned about people’s choicesShow understanding, not blame

He believes that some peopleA sense of crisis at work and financial pressureThat’s why, “If you don’t go to work, you won’t be paid. To a certain extent, the absence of sick leave is the root cause of the problem.Subsidies will be more effective than fines. "

But the governor also pointed out: "Unless people change these behaviors, the number of confirmed diagnoses will not drop."

"The number will continue to rise then,The 6-week lockdown will be more than 6 weeks, Will be longer. "

Dr. Sutton said that thanks to the lockdown order, the currentTransmission between Victorian households has been significantly reduced,Lots ofThe new cases are from elderly care and health centers, as well as large indoor places and large apartments, and workplace transmissions are not rare.

Regarding the rumored fourth-stage blockade measures, the governor reiterated that the possibility of implementation cannot be ruled out, but at least not today.

And something likeNot only in Victoria

According to Australian media reports, since mid-April,QueenslandThe authorities conducted more than 2000 surprise inspections of quarantined people,It was found that nearly 400 people were not in the isolation location at all, and 210 of them were unaccounted for!

Among these people, there are185 people provided false contact information and addresses to the authorities, and 125 people even left Queensland during quarantine...

Self-isolation is because the government treats everyonetrust, Now it has become an epidemicMajor hidden danger

Disregarding the safety of others, not caring about the national economy, and ignoring the isolation requirements, it makes people wonder whether they deserve this "trust. "

As Ian Leavers, chairman of the Queensland Police Union, said, those who went out privately in self-isolation and provided false information,Should be expelled from Queensland, "They don't deserve to be here"