On July 2020, 7, US Secretary of State Pompeo delivered a speech to China at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in California. (Associated Press)

On July 2020, 7, US Secretary of State Pompeo delivered a speech to China at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in California. (Associated Press)

I. Introduction
afternoon everyone.

Thank you Newsom State for such a guest introduction.

Thank you, Air Force, Kayla Highsmith for her beautiful interpretation of our national anthem. Please give her applause.

Thank you for the Nixon Foundation Conference and the Foundation Executive Director Hugh, Xiu Yi for inviting me to speak at this important American organization.

It is an honor to be able to visit Yorba Linda today, the former residence of President Nixon and President Nixon.

Thank you to the Nixon Central Board of Directors and all the staff for preserving this historic landmark, and thank you for allowing us to gather here during the extraordinary epidemic. We are very happy to have a very special guest at the scene, including the grandson of President Nixon, Christopher Nixon Cox who just gave a speech. I also want to thank Tricia Nixon Cox and Julie Nixon Eisenhower for supporting this visit. I also want to pay my respects to the brave Chinese dissidents who have come from afar.

Welcome all the distinguished guests.

And thank you all friends who watched the live broadcast online.

Finally, I was in Santa Ana, and there were a couple of people at the scene today. I never thought that I would return to California as Secretary of State. I believe they are just as surprised as me.


Today's speech is the fourth part of a series of speeches on China by National Security Adviser Bert O'Brien, FBI Bureau Kr Stover Ray, and Justice Department William Barr and I. Our mission is to explain the different aspects of U.S.-China relations, the large imbalances accumulated in U.S.-China relations over the past few years, and the Chinese Communist Party's hegemonic design. Our goal is to clarify the China's threat to the United States and the strategy of the United States to defend freedom that President Trump's China policy is to solve. National Security Adviser O'Brien talks about ideology. Lei Lei talked about espionage.

Barr at the Ministry of Justice talks about economic issues. Today, it is my turn to organize all this for the American people to know, and let them understand the significance of China's threat to our economy, our freedom, and the future of the free world.


Next year will be the 50th anniversary of Henry Geiger's secret visit to China, and soon, 2022 will be the 50th anniversary of President Nixon's visit to China. The world in the Nixon era is different from today.

Back then, we thought that contact with China would create a bright future and promise of friendship and cooperation. But today, we are sitting here, wearing a hood, watching as the CCP has failed to keep its promise to the world, the number of deaths from the global epidemic has risen steadily... Seeing news headlines about the CCP’s opposition to Hong Kong The oppression in Xinjiang...I see alarm statistics showing that China's improper trade has led to the loss of US operations and losses to our companies...Look at China's continuous strengthening of its armaments and increasing its threat.

I want to answer the questions that have been circling in the United States, whether in California, in my hometown of Kansas, and in various places in the United States: What are the results of the 50 years between the United States and China? Is the theory advocated by our leaders that China will evolve towards freedom and the master is true? Is this a "win-win" situation defined by China? Has the US become safer?

Dear friends, if we want a free twenty-first century, not the Chinese century that China’s Xi Jinping dreams of, then we must admit today a fact that should guide us in the coming years and years:

The old paradigm linked to Chinese blindness has failed. We cannot continue. We can't go back this way. President Trump made it very clear that we need strategies that can protect the American economy and American lifestyles. The free world must overcome the new tyranny.
II. Nixon had a link with China for its reasons...

Before I seem to be going to dismantle the achievements left by President Nixon, I want to explain that what President Nixon did was what he thought was best for the United States. President Nixon was a smart learner of China issues, a brave Cold War warrior, and an admirer of Chinese people. He opened his eyes sharply when dealing with Beijing. We must recognize that he is very aware that China is very important and should not be ignored, even if China was weakened by the tyranny of communism at that time.

President Nixon’s well-known contribution published in Foreign Affairs in 1967 explained his future strategy: "From a long-term perspective, we just cannot exclude China from the rest of the world...until China changes, the world can be safe. Therefore, in terms of affecting events, our goal should be to “induce (Chinese production) changes. "

The keyword is: "inducing change."

Therefore, President Nixon’s historic visit to China embarked on our strategy of dealing with China. President Nixon had high intentions and looked forward to a safer and more free world. Over time, American policymakers increasingly believe that as China becomes more prosperous, the United States will become more free and friendly internationally. All seem to be in an unavoidable situation.

III.... However, in dealings with China, Beijing has benefited far more than the United States.

But friends, as of today, this inevitable niche has come to an end. Over the years, our approach to dealing with China has not brought China the changes President Nixon hoped to cause.

The fact is that our policies – and other free-state policies – have revitalized China's shaky economy, but only to see the Beijing regime bite the international community that helped it revitalize. We welcomed Chinese companies to the United States with open arms, but saw the CCP take advantage of our free and open society.

China sent the united front to our press conferences, our research centers, our high schools and large schools, and even sent them to our school PTA meetings.

We marginalized our allies in Taiwan, and Taiwan later became a lively and dominant country. We give special economic treatment to the Chinese Communist regime...As a result, the CCP still insists that if companies want to enter China, they must be silent about China's violation of human rights.
National Security Adviser O'Brien mentioned an example a few days ago: Marriott Hotel Group, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines have all deleted references to Taiwan from their company websites to avoid angering Beijing. As America’s free creative center and self-appointed as the arbiter of social justice, Hollywood,

However, when it comes to any minor criticisms about China, it conducts self-censorship.

This practice of enterprises acquiescing to the CCP's actions can be seen everywhere in the world. Many companies donate their sincerity to the CCP...to please...what are the benefits in exchange? As Barr of the Department of Justice said in his speech last week, "The ultimate Chinese ruler is not to do trade with the United States, but to rob the United States."

China stole our valuable intellectual property and trade secrets. China has absorbed its supply chain from the United States and has also enslaved labor. China has reduced the security of major global channels for international trade.

President Nixon once said that he was deeply afraid that the act of bringing the world into contact with the Chinese Communist Party would create a "scientific freak". This is really a saying. A good person may ask why the free country allows these bad things and so many more bad things to happen. Perhaps we are too naive about the toxin of Chinese communism, or triumphism after the Cold War, or greedy capitalists, or being "peaceful rise" by Beijing.

Regardless of the reason, today's China has become increasingly authoritarian at home and hostile to foreign freedom. President Trump has said: Enough.

IV. The CCP will not make changes on its own. We don’t trust and we need to verify.

I believe that neither the main party nor the Republican party will refute these facts too much. But even today, there are still some people who insist that we maintain a way of communicating and interacting in order to continue the dialogue with China.

Don't get me wrong, everyone, we will continue to have dialogue with China. But these days of the US-China dialogue are different. I recently went to Hawaii and China (Director of the Office of the Central Committee for Foreign Affairs) Yang Jiechi met. That's it-he said a lot, but didn't mention China's changes in behavior at all. Yang’s promises, like the promises of many CCP officials before him, were empty talks. He hoped that I could succumb to his request, because that was the practice of our previous government. I do not have. President Trump will not give in.

National Security Adviser O'Brien explained very clearly that the Chinese Communist regime is the ideological regime of Kex-Lenin.

Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, deeply believes in the totalitarian ideology of bankruptcy. His ideology supports his years of desire for world hegemony built on top of Chinese communism. We can no longer ignore the basic political and ideological differences between the United States and China, just as the CCP has never ignored this difference. My experience in the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, my experience as a CIA Bureau, and my more than two years of experience as Secretary of State led me to form this central understanding:

The only way to truly change the way of Communist China is to look at the actions of Chinese leaders to take action, not just to listen to what they say. President Root’s strategy for dealing with the Soviet Union was based on the basis of "trust but verification." When we deal with the CCP, I believe that we must adopt a "distrust and verification" approach.

We, the free country in the world, must adopt a more creative and bold approach to promote the CCP’s change of behavior, because Beijing’s actions threaten our people and our prosperity.

V. We must change the way countries around the world think about China and how they treat China and its agents, and take corresponding actions.
We must first change the view of the Chinese Communist Party among our people and our partners. We cannot regard the Chinese regime as a normal country like other countries.

We now know that doing things with China is not the same as doing things with other normal, law-abiding countries. Beijing treats international agreements as recommendations, as a channel to gain global dominance. By insisting on fair trade terms, the US Trade Representative reached a US-China trade agreement, forcing China to recognize the intellectual property theft practices and policies of US labor.

We now know that the intention to do business with a company backed by China is completely different from that of a Canadian company. Chinese companies are not managed by an independent board of directors, nor do they pursue profits. Huawei is an excellent example. We no longer pretend that Huawei is an innocent telecommunications company. We are now bluntly saying-Huawei is a national security threat-and we have also taken countermeasures.

We now know that if our companies invest in China, they may, knowingly or unknowingly, support the CCP’s persecution of human rights. Both the U.S. Department of Finance and the Department of Commerce have punished and listed Chinese leaders and their industries who harm the United States and persecute human rights. A number of federal agencies have jointly prepared a business consultation proposal to ensure that they can provide early warning for the implementation of American companies.

We now know that not all of the Chinese students and employees studying abroad are purely studying abroad or employees, in order to enrich their knowledge in the United States – some of them are for the benefit of the CCP or its agents through research or Theft obtains this knowledge. The US Department of Justice and other agencies have actively sought punitive measures for these crimes.

We now know that the Chinese People's Liberation Army is not an ordinary army. The purpose of the People's Liberation Army is to maintain the absolute rule of the elites of the Chinese Communist Party and to expand the Chinese empire, not to protect the Chinese people. Therefore, the U.S. Department of Defense has strengthened its autonomous cruise operations in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. We became the U.S. Space Force to help fend off China’s invasion of the last border.


Frankly speaking, it is the new State Department that is dealing with China now – the State Department that promotes President Trump’s fair and reciprocal goals: Just this week, we closed the Chinese Consulate in Houston because that is tolerating espionage and theft of intellectual property In the middle.

Regarding China's non-compliance with international law in the South China Sea, we have reversed the situation of beatings everywhere in the previous year.

We call on China to adjust its nuclear power in accordance with the strategic realities of this century. Officials at all levels of the State Council and their counterparts in China
Words require fair and reciprocal measures.

VI. We must take proper measures to communicate with well-being members and empower them; these members are Chinese people
But our measures cannot just be head-on. We also want to communicate with Chinese people and give them the ability to... A Chinese person who is energetic and hobbies very different from the Chinese Communist Party.

This starts with confrontational diplomacy. No matter where I go, I meet many talented and diligent Chinese men. I have also seen Uighurs and Kazakhs who fled Xinjiang concentration camps. I also talked with many leaders in Hong Kong, from Monarch Chen to media person Li Zhiying. Two days ago, I was in London and the Hong Kong Master Luo Guancong meeting.

Last month, I listened to stories shared by survivors of the Cheonan Incident. One of them is also live today. Wang Dan, one of the academic leaders at the time, has never given up on fighting for freedom for Chinese people for many years. Wang Xian, please stand up and let us greet you. We are here today with Wei Jing, the first of China's fortune. Wei Xian was imprisoned in a labor camp in China for several years in order to advocate for the Lord. Wei Xian, please start and let us salute.

The Communist Party is not true, but the biggest lie is that the Communist Party of China claims to speak for China's 14 billion people. People in China are under surveillance and persecution, so they dare not come forward. This is completely contrary to the Chinese Communist Party's claims. The CCP’s fear of Chinese people’s honesty far exceeds the CCP’s fear of foreign criticism. The reason is nothing more than a deep fear of losing control over power. Think about it, if Wuhan doctors were allowed to issue a warning about the new coronavirus, how much better the world would be today?

Over the past few years, our leaders have either ignored or understated the actions of brave Chinese dissidents and exposing the true goals of the Chinese regime we are dealing with. Now we can no longer ignore the Chinese people. They are as clear as the others that we cannot go back to the past and deal with the CCP in a way that maintains the status quo.

VII. The free world has defeated tyranny in the past, and today we can too

But changing the behavior of the CCP cannot rely on Chinese people alone. The free state also has the task of defending the Lord. This is not easy to do.
But I believe we can do it. I have faith because we have been successful. I have confidence because the CCP has replied some of the mistakes made by the Soviet Union — alienating potential allies, undermining domestic and foreign trust, and refusing to grant property rights and a predictable society under the rule of law. I have faith because I have seen the awakening of other countries and know that we cannot turn back. I have heard it from Brussels, Sydney, to Hanoi. The most important thing is that I have the trust in defending freedom, because the sweet taste of freedom is so good.

Take a look at the glorious Hong Kong in the past, and the people in Hong Kong are vying to move out due to the CCP's tight control. Unlike the Soviet Union in the past, China has been deeply integrated with the global economy. But Beijing's dependence on us far exceeds our dependence on China.


I don’t accept the argument that we are in an era that is inevitable... That argument thinks that certain traps are predetermined... The CCP’s hegemony is an inevitable future. Our approach is not doomed to failure because the United States is not in decline. As I said earlier this year in Munich, the world of freedom is still dominant. People all over the world still think of an open society to read, write, and create a living for their families. But there is no rush to settle down in Wuqing.


Now is the time for the state to take action. Not all countries will take the same approach to this challenge from China, and countries should not adopt the same measures. Every country must understand how to protect its national security, economic prosperity, and the ideals it pursues when it touches the CCP. But I call on all countries to start by following the United States — insisting that the CCP and its non-homogenous rulers observe reciprocity, be transparent and accountable.

These are very simple but very powerful standards. For a long time, we have let the CCP set the conditions for bilateral exchanges. There is no such thing again. Free countries must set a consistent tone and follow the same operating strategy. We must draw a common boundary and not back down because of China's bargaining and rhetoric. That's right, this is what the United States has done recently. We simply reject China's non-law claims in the South China Sea... Just like we urge all countries to become "clean nations" on 5G. Now we will set the standard.

Indeed, some countries have not been brave enough to stand in our line, even before. One of our allies of the Northern Ocean Treaty Organization is unwilling to stand up for Hong Kong's freedom because they fear that the Beijing government will restrict their access to the Chinese market. There is a famous proof in ancient times that this cowardice will eventually hurt him.

Let us not recover the mistakes of the past. The threat posed by China requires a concerted effort by the regime...whether it is in Europe, Africa, South America, and especially the countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

If we do not take action now, then there will be a time when the CCP will erode our freedom and subvert the rule of law established by society. If we give in, our descendants may have to look at the face of the CCP, and the CCP’s actions are the greatest challenge to the free world.

Xi Jinping is not destined to rule China at home and abroad forever, unless we cede this power to him.

This is not a containment strategy. This is an unprecedented and complex new challenge: the Soviet Union was totally outside the free world. Communist China is already in our world, already in our borders.

So facing this challenge, we cannot be alone. The United Nations, the Northern Ocean Convention Organization, G7, G20, the economic, diplomatic, and military capabilities we summarized, if properly matched, can definitely withstand this challenge. Maybe we should form a new like-minded alliance... a new main alliance.

We have tools. What we need now is willingness. Let me quote from the Bible, is it "our spirit is willing, but our body is weak"?

If the free world does not change Communist China, then Communist China will change us. We can't go back to the new niche just because we are comfortable or convenient.

VIII. Conclusion: The United States is in a favorable position to help the world maintain freedom-this is also our mission of the times

It is our mission of the times to defend our Lord against the invasion of the CCP, and the United States is in an excellent leadership position because of our national principles. Last week in Philadelphia, I explained to the Independence Memorial that the national principle of our country is that all people have some inalienable rights.

Protecting these rights is the work of the government. The fact that it is so simple is also the reason why the United States can become a free beacon in the world.

Including Chinese people. Richard Nixon was right in his 1967 book submission, "Until China changes, the world can be safe."

Now, it is up to us to complete his argument.

Today, the danger is clear.

Today, the awakening has occurred.

Today, the free world must react.

We cannot go back.

May God bless you all.

May God bless the Chinese.

May God bless America.

Thank you all.

Pompeo gave a full speech at the former President Nixon Library