363 new cases added! Melbourneers will be forced to wear masks next week! Violators are fined $200! There is no need to be tested on admission, hundreds of doctors and nurses are infected! Experts call for hurry up Phase XNUMX: We can't wait

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

363 new cases confirmed in Victoria!
The governor announced today:From midnight on WednesdayMelburnians must wear masks when they go out!Otherwise, a heavy fine of $200!
The number of new diagnoses continues to grow in three digits,
Baima City, where the Chinese gather, has becomeThe hardest-hit area that ignores regulations and travels
Victorian epidemic continues to spread, Melbourne hospital becomes hardest hit
Hundreds of medical staff were infected!
And the reason for the recruitment of a large number of medical staff
It turns out that the patient does not need to be tested to answer a few questions? !
Even Australia's top medical experts can't stand it anymore and stand up and appeal:Victoria quickly enters stage four!We can't wait!



363 new cases have been confirmed in Victoria, and the governor declared that masks are mandatory!


Today, Victoria added363 confirmed diagnoses!


Again3 patients died!
The death toll across the state rose to 38.



36 of these cases are related to a known outbreak
The source of 327 infections is still under investigation
130 were hospitalized and 28 were in ICU
At the press conference,


The governor also announced a heavy news:
From midnight on July 7 (Wednesday),
When Melburnians go outIt is mandatory to wear a mask!
Can be purchased in a store,
It can also be a homemade mask!
If you can't buy a mask
Even if you bring a scarf around your face!



If you go out for exercise
Then wear a mask before and after exercise
School students and teachers
This requirement must also be observed!


Once he was found without a mask by the police
$200 fine on the spot!



The governor said,


This decision was made mainly because


Victoria now has a large number of locally transmitted cases,


All were infected in the workplace.


"Since mid-May, 5% of our new cases have been spread through the workplace, including elderly care centers."


However, this requirement is mainly for


Victorians over 12 years old,


As for children under 12,
It is not mandatory, but it is best to bring it!
This time the official announced that it is mandatory to wear a mask
Chinese friends finally breathed a sigh of relief...



yesterday,Doncaster, Melbourne Chinese District


A Big W employee at Westfield Mall was diagnosed.


The clerk used toBetween 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. on July 1Work in the shop.



Mulgrave District andTwo Woolworths employees were diagnosed.


Both work in the distribution center of the supermarket,


Woolworths said,


As employees areSocial distancing and hygiene measures have been adopted,


The probability of other people being infected is very low.





Admitted patients do not need to be checked, just answer questions? Hundreds of doctors and nurses unfortunately "success"

With the second outbreak of the Victorian epidemic,

The hospital will inevitably become the hardest hit area!
There were 2 new cases in the health department in just 36 days,More than 150 people have been infected by Victorian medical staff!

However, as more and more doctors and nurses are diagnosed and isolated every day,

The hospital staff is getting more and more nervous...

A doctor even said crumbled,
"This time, although our inventory of personal protective equipment, medicines and ventilators has increased."

"But our body is about to be unable to support it, and our energy is exhausted..."
"Many people haven't had a good sleep for a long time."

 And the doctor suggested,

Is it time to re-evaluate the anti-epidemic strategy?
"Australia has been doing its utmost to contain the virus, not to eliminate it."
"Once the ban is unblocked early, will we face the current danger again?"
Everyone really can't stand it...

Until now, there have been
Hundreds of Melbourne doctors and nurses

Be infected or quarantined because of contact with a confirmed case.

Yesterday, an Australian media published an article saying,
The reasons that led to the "recruitment" of hundreds of medical staff,
Most likelyThe hospital is not strict enough to test,
Therefore, the confirmed patient has become a fish who missed the net...

It is understood that some confirmed patients
In fact, no virus testing has been carried out at all,
Just need to answer the following questions:
Have you been overseas in the past 14 days?Have you had contact with a confirmed patient in the past 14 days?
Have you ever had fever or fever?
Have you ever experienced symptoms of acute respiratory infections?

Then there is no more

That is,
Even if this patient is already infected,
butAs long as he answers "NO",
The hospital will not take any action against him...

And the medical staff who contacted these patients on the front line,
So well deserved
Became the target of infection...
In response, the Australian Journal of Medicine called for
This "question detection" method should be improved!
"Like many medical institutions, Melbourne's large hospitals use screening questions to determine the likelihood of a patient being infected, so as to determine whether the patient needs testing."

"But we believe that with the prohibition of international travel, the increase in local infections in Melbourne, and the increase in asymptomatic carriers,
The appeal question is not sensitive enough to protect patients and medical staff. "



Experts from the Australian Medical Association call for a hurry to stage four: we can't wait


Of course, there is another reason for the large number of medical staff being infected.
Just recentlySoaring number of new confirmed cases.
According to the Australian News Corporation,
Victoria's recent surge in new cases
It doubled in two weeks!

In response, the Australian Medical Association
Julian Rait, President of the Victorian Chapter,
Call on Victoria to implement the fourth phase of the blockade as soon as possible!Continue to wait for the hospital to be overwhelmed!

Professor Rait said,
The increase in the number of confirmed diagnoses is "destructive"!
It will be too late if the fourth phase of blockade restrictions are not introduced!
He says,
"I think we can't wait any longer."
"I think we should implement stricter restrictions, and if there is a mistake, we can lift it early.
But at least we will plan ahead to prevent the collapse of the hospital system! "

Professor Rait said,
Current data shows that the three-stage lockdown in Melbourne
It did not play a role in slowing down the spread of the virus.

"The chief health officer has always said that the situation will improve, or at least calm down, but now that we have been locked down for at least a week, the situation has not changed."

after that,
Tony Bartone, President of the Australian Medical AssociationAlso stand up
Supported Professor Rait's statement.

He said,
Victoria’s current situation is precarious,
Must immediately enter the stage four blockadeTo stop the virus from spreading,
Otherwise, next week,
We will"Facing an extremely difficult challenge"...



Many people in Whitehorse City violated blockade restrictions, police report hotline was broken

Although the big names in the medical field all said,

It's time for Melbourne to introduce stricter lockdown measures.
But the problem is:

If no one follows the rulesNo matter how strict the lockdown measures are, what use is it...

These two days,
The Melbourne police report call was going to be broken,
All neighbors
Report someone nearby illegally going out/partyof.

What's more unexpected is that

Report the district with the most calls, not others,
ButWhitehorse City where Melbourne Chinese gather!

Whitehorse City Police Chief Campbell Mill said,
Recently there have beenChaoyang massesThe local people contacted him,
Report someone violating block restrictions.

And it’s not just that the number of people violating the lockdown has increased,
During this time,
Connected to Baima CityThe crime rate soared together.
among them,Box Hill has become the district with the most crimes...

Followed byBurwood, Mitcham,BlackburnForest Hill.
The more crimes that occur in these areas are generally

Steal a car,Burglary,Other theft,
Criminal sabotage,Retail store theft

However, the Baima City Police also stated that
It’s all harmless thieves,
Violent crime has not seen an increase.
After all, Box Hill is a business district and transportation hub,

Our police would just send more people to patrol nearby.

Brother today is also here to tellDear Chinese friends living here:
Go out illegally during this timeNot only is it easy to be fined by the police
The family may take the opportunity to enter the thief
So, just stay at home and don’t go anywhere...


Today's Conclusion

Under the appeal of Victorians
The government finally announced the wearing of masks!


Whether it’s ordinary people or medical experts
Are calling for Victoria to enter Phase XNUMX lockdown


According to the current situation in Victoria
If stricter lockdown measures are not introduced
I am afraid it will only bring more serious consequences...


I don't know under such pressure
When will the Victorian government announce it?

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