$1w return flight ticket, move overnight and evacuate...Finally, I have no home in Melbourne...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
In 2020, because of an epidemic
"International Student Group"Pushed to the cusp of the storm again and again
Searching for masks from the world at the beginning of the year and sending them home
Later, he was burdened with the infamy of "poisoning thousands of miles"
Even now holding a sky-high ticket, it’s hard to get home
Or autistic at home, passionate online class

Masks, return to Australia from a third country, border closure, gap, online class
Graduation, visa expiration, rent cancellation, buy air ticket and return home
These keywords are almost in series
All Australian students 2020
Monica interviewed 9 international student friends around her
Some of them were forced to stay in the country, some were helpless to stay in Australia
Someone is going to return home, surfing the Internet day and night to buy a ticket to return home
Someone helped a friend move for 50+ hours
Their story is also our story
It's also the story that all international students may happen next

Stayed in Australia for half a year,
My 3 return air tickets have been cancelled

I am going back to my country to graduate, but thenBought 3 tickets, These tickets are all departing from Melbourne, with connecting flights in Guangzhou and some connecting flights in Japan, butIn the end, everything was cancelled without exception.
Thinking that I myself wanted to apply for a 485 visa before returning to China for internship, I simply left to apply for the visa. I didn’t expect that after getting the visa, the road to home would become more difficult. It was also during the hot spot of the epidemic. At that time, NSW was better than VIC. The epidemic was severe, and later domestic and foreign airlines were cancelled one after another, so"Passive" was temporarily placed in Melbourne.

I have been stranded in Melbourne for more than half a year. During this period, I have invested in many company resumes, but many of them have received no response. One of the companies received an interview invitation before the epidemic. As a result, the company said that it would not recruit temporarily. This year, everyone is so difficult.

Little J
The third student of the University of Mexico is trapped in the country due to the epidemic
Hold a visa: 500 student visa

The day before the transfer from Thailand back to Australia,
Australia is closed

I am currently suspended due to the indefinite extension of travel ban, In order to store my super-super-many things, the room in Melbourne has become a huge monthly rent warehouse. There are too many things to pack, and it is difficult to find short-term rent or sublet.When the landlord is unwilling to reduce or exempt, I have to pay the rent for one year in vain.

▲The apartment building in Melbourne City
In March, I could not enter Australia because of a day short., Stayed in Thailand for two weeks and then returned to China for two weeks in a hotel quarantine.I spent a whole month in the hotel at my own expense, but still returned to the original starting point.

Thank you to the outrageous Morrison for making me have a wonderful first half of 2020. I have been smoothed out by life. I am extremely optimistic. Although I can't go back to Australia, I spend a lot of time with my family. At least in Melbourne, the epidemic is again When it's serious, parents don't have to worry about whether I'm going out or not. They can also contact friends who haven't seen me for a long time to travel in China.

Even if you are passively waiting for the border to open again, mastering new skills, online classes or internships, your life must continue. I will give you a message I will treasure forever:"I hope you don't regret every choice you make. Even if you regret it, don't keep entangled in obsession. Let's hurry up and open the next choice."

▲ Street graffiti in Melbourne
University of Mexico student,
Sydney is currently quarantined and ready to return home

1 hour to make a decision
My boyfriend and I took the dog to Sydney overnight

In fact, there is still half a semester to graduate, but the boyfriend actually graduated in June, thinking that there are online lessons wherever he goes, and he can stay with his family when he returns home, so he booked a flight ticket to return home in August. At that time, I was still writing down the countdown and how long I had to leave the city. I thought that I had to be alone with Melbourne before I left because I really liked it too much.

Unexpectedly the second outbreak of the epidemic, I heard about the sudden change in the policy, and it took an hour to make a decision. The two of us brought our dogs.

Arrive to Sydney overnight with luggage.At that time, everything was not ready. The house was full of memories of our two plus dogs, and the family here for three years. Suddenly at a loss, my mind is completely blind.

5b93e65c3d9093afdb39851bcd21f5ba.jpg    049ca6f9339f6d2e64d7f12eb0c58959.jpg

But fortunately, my friends rushed to the scene and, under their command, packed out 4 large suitcases. At 18:48 Melbourne time, I hugged my friends tightly (here thanks to my Duoduo and Meena!) After getting in the car, I started to feel relieved and suddenly left Melbourne in this way. The embarrassed didn't even make a difference.


I don’t know if this decision is correct, but I really want Melbourne to get better as soon as possible. People here can return to normal life, breathe fresh air, meet people who want to meet, and are now under quarantine in Sydney.Melbourne, let’s take a step ahead, love you forever, our cat Ben ❤️

f5f3d8e5c1c7c4984f536ea6751d71cc.jpg  ff61a4cd66fd7cc6c4349a4cfb0556b7.jpg



Graduated from University of Mexico,

Visa is about to expire, waiting to return home


Contact the airline customer service,

Sometimes their news is not as fast as me

Because my visa will expire at the end of August, I must hurry up and buy a ticket to return home.Seeing that the friends around me couldn't get the tickets, and some people were scammed by the scalpers. In contrast, I was lucky to buy a ticket to return home.

Before buying the ticket, I searched for keywords on various social media, looked for route guides that successfully returned to my country before, and transferred to Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, Seoul, Auckland, Singapore. . . I have studied the air tickets of these places. In the process, I met many friends on the same route, so everyone formed a group and exchanged various information in the group.


After the route is confirmed, I often swipe air tickets on the official website. The airlines issue tickets at random. You can earn it by swiping it. Fortunately, I finally bought the ticket, but I can’t relax after buying the ticket. Keep an eye on the airline. Policies and dynamics,Because the policy changes, I call the airline customer service, and the customer service in different regions often give different answers. Sometimes even the news of the customer service is not as fast as we can see., I guess their internal communication is not done well, but I understand them.




 Little A

MONASH Media Major,

Have graduated and returned home


The biggest regret is that I cannot attend the graduation ceremony

I should finish my two-year master's career in June this year. In April, China introduced the May XNUMXst policy. At that time, I was thinking about how I would return to normal in July when I finished my class and prepared to go back. So I bought a regular-priced HNA ticket at the beginning, and didn't think much about it. A few more weeks later, the global epidemic worsened, and the May Day policy showed no signs of easing, so I bought China Eastern Airlines, which was on the same day as HNA, and deliberately found a flight that complied with the May Day policy.


At that time, the ticket cost more than XNUMX, and the refund fee was XNUMX, I thought to myself, the big deal is to refund this ticket, the right to spend three thousand to buy insurance. Later I found out that fortunately, I bought this ticket, otherwise I don’t know when I went back.


▲Return to China and arrive at Shanghai Airport

Because the air tickets in line with the policy were arranged in advance, everything went smoothly. I made an appointment with the agent on time, cleaned, and checked out.Formal intermediaries are still reliable in doing things, and there is no deduction for deposits or anything. The only drawback may be that they have to use their designated cleaning company (a little more expensive, they have to take a rebate)

The biggest impact of the epidemic is actually economic losses and the drawbacks of online learning.From the 14-day transit to Dubai in early March, to the last sky-high return air ticket and landing quarantine fee.There are so many people, the extra money spent is estimated to be around RMB XNUMX to XNUMX, which can be described as a disaster. Another big regret is that I can’t participate in the graduation ceremony. I can earn money if I don’t have any money. If I don’t have some things, I can’t get it again.


▲The hotel stayed during the quarantine period



 Zhang Tangyuan Yuanyuanyuan

Graduated from RMIT, ready to return to high school


When everyone left,

Thought they would come back as they should,

There was no time to say goodbye.

Since Australia closed the border at the beginning of the year, my boyfriend and I have been involved 4 times, helping friends who can’t return to Melbourne move, buy furniture, and pack luggage. Every time I moved home with a pile of things, my home was quickly filled with friends’ furniture and luggage, and then emptied and sent away after a while.


When everyone left, they thought they would come back as they should. As a result, even the luggage was packed and sent away with the help of others, and there was no time to say goodbye.

Some friends just graduated, because they like Melbourne’s coffee, market, art and slow pace, they planned to return to Australia to apply for a work permit after the end of the year and continue to work in Australia. Now they can only start 996 in China; some friends have no books yet. After reading, the rent has just been renewed for a year, but I haven’t entered the classroom or lived in the house for one semester. I just paid for it in China, and the registered CFA exam seems to have to be transferred... The reason is that "plans cannot keep up with changes."

416f72efca6153c063ae4ad01c233bbb.jpg   282d34c7aba7bcddf17dbb8f8b547784.jpg

▲The first time I drove to Sydney to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks


And I, after packing so many people’s luggage, I have to start packing and preparing to return to China. Unlike the plan when I landed in Australia, I have to withdraw early.The last skiing was not completed, and the planned circumnavigation of Australia was not realized in time.


▲Skiing for the first time at Mt Bullar

I leave with regrets, and I hope I have time to come back to complete it in the future~ There is one last sentence I must say:Moving is really tired, I don’t want to move again for the next year 😭



▲Help friends pack the items at home


 Skinny Ni

Currently returning home for 6 months

Hold a visa: 485 bridge visa (expired)


"The ordeal you have gone through,

Maybe it will turn into a surprise in life later."


I bought a two-week return ticket at the beginning of the year, and after watching an Australian Open, I embarked on the plane to return home satisfied. I didn't expect this to be the 174th day.When all my friends around me vigorously carried out the "third country curve back to Australia", my bridge visa did not meet the eligibility for a 14-day transfer back to Australia.

In February, the epidemic situation in China was very bad. The ban at home was about to be depressed. What I saw with my mobile phone was the news that my friends frequently passed customs and reached Melbourne. "Why God should treat me this way, it's unfair!" But looking back now, I will say sincerely"Thank God! I love you!" The hardships you have experienced may turn into life surprises later.


In April, the situation in China slowly began to improve. You can go to other cities to visit friends you haven't seen for a long time. The happiest thing is that you can eat in! Happy is back!


▲FLORET Huanennan Western Restaurant (Shanghai)


▲Humble Rays (Melbourne)


It’s just that when I ate Brunch, who was blown up by the little red book, I thought "emm, I still like Melbourne." I also start to miss the group of friends who left Melbourne before they came in a hurry to say goodbye.

The thing that worries me the most is probably the damn rent. The monthly rent of nearly 8000 yuan in Melbourne CBD, plus the low utility bills, makes the originally not wealthy single family even worse!The intermediary who repeatedly applied for rent discounts was required to provide all kinds of proofs that they could not pay the current rent. Since the roommate is still an international student, after receiving my information, the intermediary asked the roommate to provide the information that the domestic parents could not provide rent. After the communication, It was successfully delayed to the month when the contract was about to end, but I was told at that time,The check-out application must be submitted 28 days in advance, otherwise the contract can be terminated after the 28-day rent has been paid.I also want to give a Tips to the friends who haven't checked out, don't repeat my mistakes! One point saved is one point!


Regarding checking out and moving, I would like to thank my dear friend Mr. Tang, baby Mia, and baby cabbage! After contacting the moving company and the designated check-out cleaning of the intermediary, the next step is to confirm with your apartment building manager the unloading point and elevator use that will be used for the move. (If you want to throw large furniture here, you need to make an appointment in advance. During the epidemic, the frequency of recycling services for large garbage is also reduced)



Of course, many Chinese are now doing remote packing services for moving,The basic packing cost for a room is about 550 dollars. Some private packing companies will charge an extra box packing fee. If there are more than 10 boxes, the extra box is XX Australian dollars.This type of company may also be able to provide you with warehousing services (of course there is a charge), but because I don’t worry about entrusting strangers to pick up personal belongings, I asked my friends to help. Finally, the moving company will move away. Here again My Melbourne friend bowed and thanked.





Graduated from University of Mexico, trapped by the epidemic


"at last,

I am in Melbourne and have no home"

Last weekend, the house in Melbourne finally expired. My friend helped to take the last thing, and the cleaning company also finished the video.Finally, my friend took a picture that was still on the wall. The sunlight was good, and it hit the wall diagonally, which was warm yellow.Finally, I am in Melbourne and have no home.



Originally, I just returned to China for a year, but in a blink of an eye, half a year passed.From February to March, I thought I would be able to go back soon. The end of April was a period of confusion for three months when I returned to China. I missed Melbourne’s coffee, food and friends, and stayed at home all day. After three months, I felt bored. It didn't take long for me to get lost, and I started to prepare my resume again to find a job. Life must continue, and making money comes first.


The last weekend in June was really a mess.I just carried two boxes the day before and moved to a city where I was about to start a new job and life. Come together the next morning, it is the video to clean up the house in Melbourne. Things don't always come until I'm ready. They are all piled together and need to be dealt with one by one. The video of cleaning up the house was played for four hours. When I hung up, my throat was really dumb. During the six years in Melbourne, they were packed into two cardboard boxes to be mailed back to the country, and some were stored in a friend's bag.

After agreeing to lift the ban with a friend, I will fly back to pick up my things and eat and drink together. There are still seas that haven't been there, and parachuting has not been completed.Melbourne, I still love you very much and will come back to see you again. Now, I am about to start my new life.


The painting in the picture was a gift sent to me by another friend who returned to China directly after graduation two years ago.Accompanying me to move in Melbourne once, hung on the back of the bed and in the living room. Now I have also left Melbourne, and it has been transferred to a friend who helped me clean up the house. The painting is Matisse's plants in front of the window and the dock outside the window.There is a small table in the window of the small room where I live alone now, covered with floral tablecloths, vases and flowers have not had time to buy, no matter which city I live, I will live happily!



 Teacher Tang

Monash is studying and helped 3 friends move



"I hope that when I say goodbye to Melbourne,

Can say goodbye in person"

For a lazy cancer patient, moving is really tiring after thinking about it, so I haven't moved in Australia for four years. Then, because of my laziness, I always go to the neighboring friends' homes for dinner, and even stay for one night. For a long time like this, my home in Melbourne has increased once I come and go.


This year, the surrounding friends have not been able to come back, the house has expired unknowingly, and the furniture needs to be dealt with. Even if I don't like moving, but because I like them, my "semi-fixed roommate" went online to help without hesitation!

Since May, I have helped 5 friends to "move" one after another. It's not a move, it's basically emptying the house.Maybe it was because I didn't have the experience of moving house, and I thought it was very fresh and fun at first.

Just like the feeling of visiting vintage, I always think about it. The story between them and each item carefully "peeps" the lives of friends. It was not until later that I discovered that "there are so many things for girls"! Gradually I started to be afraid of opening a new cabinet, because when I opened it, I would find that there was still a steady stream of things that needed to be sorted and cleaned up! "All this seems to have no end"!


No car or boyfriend, unlock a new skill for moving! I think the experience this time gave me is more,Cherish any meeting, and every goodbye.



▲I looked up at night when I was helping my friend pack luggage

Friends, after all, you can see each other when you return home, although you always see one less than once. But for Melbourne, after leaving, you may not really come back.I hope that when I say goodbye to Melbourne, I will be able to say goodbye personally and cherishly.

 Write at the end 


Monica finished reading the stories of her friends

I can't help but red eyes

It's also like the signature of my own mind

In these experiences, too many international students resonate

We all thought we would come to Japan for a long time

Actually, reality will always lead you to surprise

I don’t know which one will come first tomorrow or accident

Cherish the moment, thank you all for your contributions

What are your stories about this epidemic?

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