About half a month ago
We are still worried
Will Australia become the next Italy
But now, what I want to say is:
Australia is Australia

From about March 3, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Australia broke through 10, and the epidemic began to drag racing......

From 100 to 1000, it took 12 days;
From 1000 to 2000, it took 4 days!
Doubled in 4 days!

When everyone thought Australia would become the second Italy, the number of new cases in Australia began to slow down.

From 2000 to 4000, it took 7 days
Although the number of diagnoses is still seen in people with liver fibrillation
But the most terrible thing did not happen

Among the large number of newly confirmed cases, the vast majority are Australians who have returned from European and American countries a few days ago.After a series of quarantine measures have been introduced, Australia’s “largest source of infection” is being controlled.

Increase in confirmed cases
From 25% to 9%

Today, the Australian Minister of Health released a set of data at the epidemic news conference. In the past three days, the increase in confirmed cases in Australia has remained at about 9%. According to daily statistics, the same is true.

The daily increase in confirmed cases in Australia is around 25%
Reached a high of 3% on March 23
Then the increase began to slowly decline
And the last three days
The increase has been maintained between 9%-6%

Such a change,The key is the travel ban imposed in mid-March and the requirement that all persons entering Australia must self-isolate for 3 days, Although it was one step late, it also stopped the loss in time.
After the closure of the country and the city, whether the epidemic in Australia can be further improved depends on the Australians.

Australia is really a country with "good luck"
Despite the panic for half a month
The epidemic still gives Australia a chance to reverse

Low proportion of critically ill patients

According to the data released by the Minister of Health today, although Australia has now confirmed more than 4500 cases,But there are 50 severe patients in Australia,5 cases less than yesterday,Among them, 20 were critically ill patients who needed ventilators.Among them, 35 critically ill patients are concentrated in Sydney, including 16 critically ill patients requiring ventilators. At present, 23 people have been tested for the new coronavirus in Australia.

Australia has the highest detection rate per capita in the world
But the diagnosis rate, severe disease ratio, mortality rate
But they have been favored
This is simply a blessing in misfortune

After having a flustered start, the epidemic in Australia has not worsened step by step as everyone feared. Could it be that it is like the favorite phrase of the Australian Prime Minister: "Believe in miracles".

But in fact there is no miracle
It’s just 1% of Australia’s luck
99% of the hard work of Australians

Australia, manufacturing ventilators for the world
We have all witnessed the tragedy in Italy. When the Italian medical system was overwhelmed by severely ill patients, doctors had to start making cruel choices:

Patients over 60
Unplugged the ventilator
Chance to live
Must be reserved for more hopeful people

This may be the most tragic tragedy we have faced so far. Those old people who have just retired and are ready to take care of their lives are chosen to "die." And such tragedies will soon be staged in Spain and other countries...

Ventilators become a life-saving straw in the epidemic

The whole world is desperate for help from ventilators. In February, overseas Chinese snapped up ventilators from all over the world and sent them to China for life-saving. Now, the world begs China to produce more ventilators for life-saving.

However, as a high-end medical device
70% of global production capacity of ventilators
In Europe, which is almost paralyzed

Even if China is fully fired, it will be difficult to solve the world's urgent needs.

These ventilators, which are usually only used by ICU patients, have suddenly become the key to maintaining life and slow recovery for severely ill patients with new coronary disease.Hundreds of thousands of times increase in demand makes ventilators as valuable as life. Now, world giants such as Dyson, Ford, Ferrari, Tesla, Airbus, General Electric, etc. have all begun to join the life-saving relay of converting ventilators.

Right now
Have a ventilator
There is a chance

Among the world's top ventilator manufacturers, one is in Australia. At this moment, an industrial park in the northwest of Sydney is rushing to work day and night, increasing the production of life-saving ventilators.

Australia not only has its own ventilator manufacturer
It is still rushing to work with 3 times the capacity

Resmed, a ventilator manufacturer based in Bella Vista, Sydney, has transformed its sleep ventilator production line into an invasive ventilator and a non-invasive ventilator for treating pneumonia patients, increasing its production capacity by three times. Although we hope that Australia will never need so many ventilators, it is fortunate that there are such scarce resources in the country.

now,This company not only manufactures ventilators for the Australian medical system, but also provides valuable ventilators for hospitals all over the world in urgent need.

Although Australia is closed
But did not stop saving the world

Snack box factory produces masks
1.45 million masks sent to the front line

In addition to ventilators, Australia's local mask production capacity is also emerging. The Sydney ventilator manufacturer also produces masks and has increased the production capacity of masks by 10 times. In South Australia, there is even more exciting news.

Manufacturers have switched to producing masks!
1.45 million masks will be sent to the medical front line immediately!

Under the Australian lockdown order, many people have to face the plight of unemployment. However, during this special period, some companies have faced difficulties and transformed their production lines to manufacture supplies urgently needed by the epidemic. This not only alleviated the shortage of materials, but also provided a large number of temporary jobs.

Demtold, an Adelaide company that produces packaging boxes for KFC McDonald's, transformed overnight and switched to medical surgical masks. It is estimated that 1.5 million masks will be produced next,

1.45 million supporting medical staff
The remaining 500 million will be distributed to South Australian residents

Clothing factory produces protective clothing

The Australian Minister of Industry revealed that as the current medical front-line protective suits and surgical gowns will soon appear to be short, the government and some local Australian clothing and textile manufacturers discussed countermeasures two weeks ago.

A hundred responses
After the Ministry of Industry put forward the demand
More than 340 companies responded positively
We are ready!

In fact, before the government's appeal, some companies have already begun to prepare raw materials and production lines. Currently, hundreds of apparel and textile companies in Australia are switching to protective clothing and surgical gowns. I hope that the medical staff in Australia who are fighting on the front line will soon be able to put on the protective clothing made in Australia.

Brewery, packaging plant
All production of disinfectant hand sanitizer

There is also hope for a bottle of hand sanitizer that is hard to find in the supermarket. Yesterday, the Australian government announced,Relax the approval of hand sanitizer and open a green channel for companies willing to switch to hand sanitizer.

With the support of the government, Australian wineries and packaging plants have begun to transform their production lines, turning to mass production of much-needed disinfectants and hand sanitizers. Australia’s largest packaging company replaced the industrial detergent production lines of its three factories with hand sanitizer production lines.With a monthly production capacity of 200 million bottles, the first batch of products will appear on Australian shelves in the next 10 days.Enough to ease the demand under the epidemic.

Private hospitals join the anti-epidemic army

Just now, the Minister of Health also announced a very important development. Just today, the Australian government finally reached an agreement with many private hospitals:

Private hospitals will be integrated into the public system
Join forces to fight the epidemic
Increase of 3.4 beds

All along, patients with new coronary pneumonia in Australia have been designated to receive treatment in public hospitals. However, if the epidemic develops further, public hospitals may face full capacity operations.In this case, integrating the medical resources of private hospitals will greatly improve the capabilities of the Australian medical system.

In fact, after Australia stopped non-essential surgery, the survival of private hospitals has also encountered problems. Now public-private medical cooperation is a win-win situation!

657 private hospitals
Contributed 3.4 beds and 10.5 medical staff
And 30% of ICU wards in Australia
The government pays for the income of medical staff

This historic cooperation has also made Australia more prepared to respond to the outbreak of the epidemic. Expected before the end of April:

Australia will have 7500 ICU beds
More than 5500 ventilators

In addition, the Australian Ministry of Health is also purchasing ventilators and medical resources day and night.

Prepare for the worst
Do the best preparation
At this time, nothing is more important than saving lives
Medical students, retired healthcare
Please fight on the front line

If hospitals and medical supplies can be solved, the only thing that Australia lacks is medical staff. As a country with a population of only 2400 million, the number of doctors and nurses is very limited.On average, there are only 1000 doctors and 3.5 nurses per 11.5 people.

If an epidemic breaks out, the most difficult problem to solve is the lack of medical staff. And this time,

The retired doctors and nurses stepped forward!
Medical students who are still in college stepped forward!

3 days ago,More than 1000 retired doctors and nurses from Canberra, Submitted an application to a local medical institution, hoping to return to a front-line position and face the new crown virus epidemic together. And just today, Steve Trumble, director of hospitals at the University of Melbourne, also revealed something touching.

The Medical College of Mexico University recruited hospitals from students last Friday to see if anyone was willing to go to the front line to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia.

He sent a total of 1389 emails
Less than 24 hours
1388 "I do" received

The only student left has not opened the email yet.

Similarly, at Monash University, more than 2000 medical students have applied to go to the medical system to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia. Not only Melbourne, but also other universities such as Sydney and Canberra, medical students with qualifications are also actively asking to come to the front!

And among these outstanding medical students
Many are Asian
They understand the danger of the new coronavirus better
But it's more reluctant

These future medical elites, who are only in their 20s, have not left the school, but they have enough qualifications to practice medicine, and they have an admirable sense of responsibility and courage.They did not hesitate to ask for support on the front line to go to the most dangerous ward to save Australia.

These companies, retired healthcare, and medical students have already worked silently to reverse Australia's predicament. When we can only see from the news every day, who goes to the supermarket to grab toilet paper, who goes to the beach to party, and who is yelling at racial discrimination, don’t be disappointed, let alone panic.

Trust me
That is definitely not what Australia looks like at this moment
Australia now
Most people are like you and me
Fighting the epidemic
Do what you can

Even if some people have little power, they are trying to change their roles and contribute light and heat in the cold winter of this epidemic.

Some people have become "toilet paper suppliers".Some people go to the supermarket to grab toilet paper, and some people donate it generously. Although we still don’t understand why Australians want to stock up toilet paper, since someone needs help, someone will help, even a pack of toilet paper...

Some people are misunderstood, but still insist.For example, this Australian mother Stephanie, who swept 1100 Australian dollars of groceries from Costco and other supermarkets, was misunderstood by others as a madman who was snapping up. But in fact, she was only grabbing from the hands of those who really lost their minds. Come down some necessities of life.

All these groceries and food
Are divided among the single mothers and the elderly among the neighbors

Panic buying caused her neighbors to run to the supermarket time and time again. When the road was uneven, she helped them buy precious living supplies regardless of being misunderstood or insulted.

Maybe Australia missed the right time and place
But never miss people and

Keep your distance and stay away
Is also a contribution

Although Australia has made a lot of preparations, it does not mean that it can sit back and relax. Today, some worrying infections have occurred in Melbourne.

Kmart employee at Chadstone diagnosed
Emergency closure of stores for disinfection

Two employees of Coles near Glen diagnosed
But Coles Brandon Park is still open

Melbourne Square construction site
1 construction worker diagnosed

Melbourne Eastern District Health Branch
6 employees diagnosed
Box Hill Hospital is within its jurisdiction

Each of these confirmed cases may have spread in the community, and not far from us. Australia is still on the verge of danger, but as long as everyone works together, the epidemic in Australia will become clearer.