Recently, as Sino-US relations have fallen to a freezing point, signs of "decoupling" have emerged in all aspects. However, the CCP, which has been clamoring for anti-Americanism and accusing "the United States of shooting itself in the foot", is in panic and rejection of "decoupling." Recently, an article in "People's Daily" accusing the United States and refusing to delink has caused heated discussion.

The original title of this review article signed by "Dong Sheng" was "'decoupling' is the reverse of misjudgment of the general trend", and comprehensively expounds the position that China and the United States should not decouple.

The commentary stated that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States for more than XNUMX years, the two countries have formed a "deeply integrated community of interests." The article lists China-US bilateral trade data and US investment cases in China, clarifying that the Sino-US economy should be "linked" rather than decoupled.

The article also criticized "some American politicians who want to use the "decoupling theory" to influence reality and block the general trend. It is idiotic dream and wishful thinking." The article juxtaposes a series of “harms” to the United States of “decoupling” from China, including “it may cause the United States to lose important economic relations with China and the world”, and then “reversing history” and “lifting stones”. Smashed one's own foot" so much.

Subsequently, a number of self-media reposted the article, but did not use the original title, but humorously extracted the main theme of the entire article, and changed it to: "People's Daily: The United States wants to'decouple'? There is no door!" triggered mainland netizens Greater attention and hot discussion.

Pina Ruo –: I won’t play with you anymore, don’t be sullen and have a temper, okay?

h78–: One cry, two troubles three hangs!

Re-seal –: Overseas version, you post a ball on China's Weibo! You go to Twitter in the United States!

Onlookers –: Although I am domestically abused every day, I am determined not to divorce. Don't even think about divorce!

ST Fish –: Love is free and cannot be forced!

Sesame candy with more brown sugar: I really know how to play, and I have to punish people who throw nuclear bombs, so I don’t want people to delink.

Huaxue: On the necessity of setting a cooling-off period for divorce.

Wen Wen-: The United States has a sore foot. If you don't play with you, it will not work?

Stuffed light –: Who on earth is calling for internal circulation!

Boiled vote -: The duck is dead and its mouth is hard.

Huxiang: I've been arguing about divorcing others. They really want to divorce you now. You don't agree again, XX!

Twitter netizen: If you leave the host, the parasite is a dead end!

Some netizens cited the consequences of Iran’s decoupling from the U.S. and the world economy decades ago. For example, Iran’s GDP per capita ranking dropped to 40th in 112 years from the fourth economic power in Asia before decoupling, which is 1977 places lower than in 68. It is one of the countries with the largest decline in the world.

From the beginning of the US-China trade war, to the new crown virus raging around the world, to the "Hong Kong version of the National Security Act," the US-China relationship has come to the brink of complete decoupling. Pompeo listed the disasters and threats the CCP has brought to the world: China's border conflicts with India; conflicts with other neighboring countries in the South China Sea; violation of its commitments to the people of Britain and Hong Kong and the introduction of the "Hong Kong version of the National Security Law" ; Concealing the epidemic has caused the world to pay heavy lives and economic costs; economically, forcing countries to cooperate with Huawei has threatened European sovereignty and so on.

US President Trump tweeted on June 6 that the United States retains a policy option that is completely decoupled from China (the CCP). Subsequently, American dovish figure and Secretary of the Treasury Stephen Mnuchin also publicly stated that if China does not allow American companies to compete on an equal footing in the Chinese economy, it will lead to the decoupling of the American and Chinese economies.

Recently, the mainland media published the "Six Major Preparations for Actively Dealing with the Deterioration of the External Environment" written by Zhou Li, the former deputy minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The authorities "must have a clear understanding that'decoupling' is ultimately inevitable".