One non-Australian citizen Brisbane couple rejected by construction subsidy

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Just because one of the applicants was not an Australian citizen, a couple in Brisbane who were busy preparing to build a new house were told that they could not get the construction subsidy of $2.5, which made it difficult for the two to accept.

According to the Express Post News Network, 27-year-old Ben Skinner and his wife hope to move into a new home early next year before the birth of their first child. They have already purchased a piece of land in Upper Kedron, North District of Burundi, and plan to start building houses within a few weeks. However, they were told by officials from the Ministry of Finance that because Mrs. Skinner is a New Zealander and only holds permanent residency in Australia, she cannot receive the Australian government's subsidy of A$2.5.

When he found that he did not meet the conditions, Skinner considered removing his wife's name from the property, but his lawyer said that this would cost A$1.5 and might affect their loan.

In this regard, Skinner expressed his disappointment. “We all pay taxes, so it’s very disappointing. It makes us feel that the government is a bit unfair to us,” he said. “When (the aid) goes to companies or people who don’t have jobs, we don’t get a cent of encouragement. ."

A spokesperson for Housing Minister Michael Sukkar confirmed that everyone listed on the relevant property ownership must be an Australian citizen to be eligible for the government's HomeBuilder construction subsidy. He said: "We will try our best to cooperate with the government's first successful construction subsidy to ensure that the delivery of the plan is as efficient and effective as possible."

The Master Builders Queensland said that construction subsidies are working, but they are calling for some adjustments, including the provision of lenders to take the subsidy into account when evaluating loan applications.

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