At present, the South Australian government can give up to 1500 Australian dollars "isolation fee" to eligible employees who have tested positive for the new crown virus and need to be quarantined; at the same time, they will restore a 40-kilometer buffer zone for communities across the border between South Australia and Victoria.

According to the "Advertiser" (The Advertiser), for people who need to self-quarantine or need to take care of quarantined people waiting for test results, if senior health officials regard them as members of the "infected group," The Paid Pandemic Leave Scheme will also give them a subsidy of A$300.

Temporary employees and part-time employees who are 17 years old and above who have not received JobKeeper or JobSeeker or other paid leave are eligible for the aforementioned "isolation fee". Those who have returned from overseas or out of state do not meet the requirements.

South Australia's Minister of Health and Welfare, Stephen Wade, said the economic stimulus measures will encourage temporary employees to follow public health recommendations. "Insufficient leave of employees, especially temporary employees, is an important risk factor for non-compliance with the quarantine requirements." He said, "We have seen that in out-of-states, people continue to work while showing symptoms of infection or waiting for test results. Serious consequences."

The state government recruited 40 employees to double the manpower of the state's epidemic prevention command center. At the same time, Governor Steven Marshall warned that the health and economic impact of the new coronavirus will continue for several years.

40km buffer zone restored on the border between South Australia and Victoria
Due to the recent relief of the Victorian epidemic and the strong rebound of cross-border communities between the two states, starting from midnight on Friday, August 8, the 28-kilometer border travel buffer zone between South Australia and Victoria will be restored, and the cancellation of the Victoria’s hard border.

Within the prescribed buffer zone, residents can move around freely and are not restricted by border isolation. In fact, it is temporarily moving the border of South Australia to Victoria for 40 kilometers to provide convenience to residents of border communities.

The upper limit for family gatherings will be increased to 50 people.

People from open border states who transit at airports in NSW or the Capital Territory no longer need to self-quarantine for 14 days. This refers to people from Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Nicola Spurrier, director of public health at SA Health, said the transitional committee has been constantly evaluating new data to decide whether to lift the ban.

37 merchants violated the regulations of the epidemic prevention administrator in the first three days

From Friday, August 8, South Australia requires that all licensed liquor stores, cafes, supermarkets, hardware stores, gyms, sports clubs, churches and other places must have an epidemic prevention manager (COVID-21) on duty during business hours. marshal), this is the person responsible for monitoring the capacity of the premises, social distancing, infection control and hygiene rules.

However, in the first three days of the implementation of the regulations, in the 638 compliance inspections conducted by the police, 37 businesses were found not to meet the requirements of the epidemic prevention administrator, but no one was fined. The approach chosen by the police is to educate owners about their obligations.

According to regulations, businesses that repeatedly violate the rules will be fined 5000 Australian dollars.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said that more than 63,000 people have completed the training of epidemic prevention administrators, but "there is a lack of knowledge or understanding of how to apply this duty."

The police have published new infographics on their websites, social media platforms, and state government websites to help people better understand which businesses and organizations need to set up epidemic prevention administrators.

Editor in charge: Chen Ziyu