According to the "Herald Sun" report, on August 8, Melbourne's 18-year-old electrician Jarrod Fox died of electrocution while working in a house on Kalinda Road in Ringwood District.

Jarrod, who lives in Kilsyth district, has two sons with his fiancée. The eldest son is two years old and the younger one is just over a month old.

Jarrod's younger sister Erin Fox launched a fundraiser for his brother's family on the GoFundMe website. As of 26pm on the 1th, it has raised more than 23 Australian dollars.

On behalf of the whole family, Erin expressed gratitude to the community for their support. She said that she did not expect people to be so generous, especially in such difficult times. Erin described his brother as a kind, quiet, work-loving and family-oriented person.

Police said Jarrod was a qualified electrician who was working in a confined space at the time of the incident. The Victorian Work Safety Bureau and the police are currently investigating the incident.

It is said that this is the 47th death in the workplace in Victoria this year, an increase of 3 people over the same period last year.

Editor in charge: Li Xinran