The Capital Administrative Region (ACT) detected 5 speeding from May to July this year, of which 7 occurred in the school area, accounting for about 6823%.

According to the "Canberra Times" report, Canberra recorded a total of 8000 speeding in the same period last year, of which 2200 occurred in the school area. Although the overall number has decreased this year, the number of speeding violations in the school area has increased by 22%.

According to the data, the school district with the highest number of speeding in three months was Mugga Way outside Canberra Grammar School, with 360 incidents. Other school districts with relatively high speeding violations include Launceston Street (Launcesto Street) outside Canberra College (from 266); Jerrabomberra Avenue near Narrabundah College ) Avenue, from 191; Burgmann Anglican School (Valley Avenue) outside Burgmann Anglican School, from 188.

A spokeswoman for the ACT government said that Canberra has eight mobile speed test vehicles that can be randomly deployed at 1296 monitoring points. All monitoring points cover 315 streets and 78 schools in the capital.

According to data released by Canberra Police, a speeding was recorded almost every hour in July this year. Of the 7 speeding cases, 6823 cases exceeded the speed limit by 670-15 km/h, and 30 cases exceeded the speed limit by 55 km/h.